Profit from Google AdSense $1000 per month – secrets and mysteries

Profit from Google AdSense $1000 per month – secrets and mysteries

There are hundreds of advertising networks that you can profit from, which are considered… Alternatives to the giant AdSense But the giant AdSense remains ranked No. 1. No other advertising network can move it even slightly from its position, perhaps because it is affiliated with the giant Google, the No. 1 search engine in the world, or because it truly deserves to be ranked No. 1 given the profits that you, as a content publisher, can achieve from its ads. If you can Profit from Google AdSense More than any other advertising network. 

Some people rely on profits from AdSense as a primary means of profit from the Internet,  as they can achieve from $1,000 to $5,000 per month, while others earn much more than that from AdSense.

So let us agree that AdSense is the first in advertising networks, and continue this topic with me so that you know all the details, how to profit from the giant AdSense, and what are the most important conditions that you must fulfill in order to startprofiting from AdSense. 

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The comprehensive guide to earning money from AdSense: What no one has told you before 

What is AdSense? 

Google Adsense is an advertising network that provides the content provider with the ability to profit from the content he provides by placing ads in it. 

* Google Adsense is the other side of Google Adwords. The difference between them is that Adsense is for content creators (bloggers and YouTubers), but Adwords is for advertisers through which they can request ads for their sites. 


* Profit from AdSense is available to content makers (publishers) and website and game owners
* AdSense takes ads from AdWords and places them with the publisher 

How to profit from AdSense ads?  

 A publisher can profit from AdSense (profit from AdSense ads) in two ways: 

CPM: cost per mille, which is the cost per thousand ad impressions  
CPC: cost per click, which is the cost per click on the ad 

The profit from clicks is much higher than the profit from views 
The cost per click ranges from 0.01 cents, sometimes less, to $300, sometimes more, depending on a number of factors. 

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The most important factors that affect cost per click? 

1- The country from which visitors come 
2- Advertising requests 
3- The field and specialization of your site (and therefore the type of advertisement that appears to the visitor). In a field such as Forex, the price per click differs from the field of cooking and eating, it differs from the field of real estate, and it differs from the field of insurance. 


Ways to profit from AdSense are through viewing ads or clicking on ads  

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What does AdSense benefit from these ads?

Just as you can profit from AdSense ads, AdSense also profits from those ads, as AdSense takes from the money paid by the advertiser its own commission, which is 32% of the cost of what the advertiser pays

* The advertiser pays $100:
– AdSense takes $32
– The publisher takes $68

Conditions for subscribing to AdSense? 

You need to apply to AdSense to work as a publisher and wait for your application to be approved,
meaning you need to

* own any of the following three things:

1- A website or blog
2- A YouTube channel
3- An application

* Create your own exclusive content (from your personal creativity)
* Get real visits to this website, channel, or application.

In conclusion,

you need to be a content creator and get visits to apply for AdSense.

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Types of AdSense accounts that you can subscribe to?

There are two types of AdSense accounts:

1- A hosted account
, which is affiliated with the free Blogger platforms. You can apply to register with it from within the platform.

2- A regular account
, which is for blogs that are created on platforms other than the Blogger platform, in addition to websites and channels as well.

What are the registration conditions so that you are accepted into AdSense (for blogs and websites)

There are no specific steps that you must take until you are accepted into AdSense, despite the many topics that tell you the most important steps that you must take to secure your account, but nothing is certain, but they are all things from the personal experience of the blogger or For YouTubers, and it may differ from person to person

* The most important general conditions set by AdSense

: 1- The content you write must be exclusive and not copied or stolen
2- The content must not be sexual or related to weapons, drugs, and other foreign matters
3- You do not have another AdSense account
4- You must be 18 years or older
5- It does not contain virus or hacking programs or anything that harms the user.

You can view

all the AdSense program policies* The most important steps that you take from personal experience to approve your AdSense account

1- A paid domain is not necessary, but a domain is preferred Paid
2- At least two or three months have passed since you created the blog
3- Exclusive and distinctive content
4- Get visits to your site, even if they are very few
5- Get a quick template for your blog
6- Create a privacy policy page
7- Publish on your blog continuously, twice a week At least, when sending the request, publish one or two topics on the same day. 

The most important conditions for subscribing to AdSense for YouTube channels (2019)

After the strict conditions that came this year in AdSense policies, profiting from AdSense from channels has become not an easy matter, so the only conditions for qualifying for the AdSense program are: :

1- That your videos obtain 4,000 viewing hours
2- That you obtain at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel
3- Your exclusive, non-stolen content
4- Do not use copyrighted videos or sounds

How much do you earn from AdSense for every 1,000 ad views? 

Profit from AdSense 2019

Although we cannot calculate profits like this because the payment rates / 1000 views vary from one ad to another, but on average it is

$0.5 – $5 / 1000 views

, but with clicks the profits may reach $10 or more.

Profits from views cannot be estimated accurately because Owners of foreign content can earn hundreds of dollars from a few clicks, while owners of Arabic content suffer from low profits.

What is the cost of one click on AdSense ads?

The cost of one click varies from one ad to another depending on the type of ad and also depending on the country of the visitor who clicked on the AdSense ad and also the ad requirements. What are

the best and most profitable fields from AdSense?

There are many specializations for websites or channels through which you can achieve very good profits from AdSense, but in the beginning you should not look for the best specializations to profit from AdSense, but rather search for the specialization or field that you want to create content about, because when you have a passion for a specific topic, you can provide Your best

1- The field of insurance

is one of the highest areas of profit from AdSense. The cost of one click in this specialty may reach about $300 in some cases.

2- The field of Forex

is also one of the distinguished fields in profit from AdSense, and the rate of profits from AdSense in this specialty

3- The field of real estate

is one of the very profitable fields from which you can achieve very large profits from AdSense only

4- The field of pets

is one of the fields that is very famous among foreigners and which they search for a lot, so you can achieve very large profits from AdSense with this specialization In this field

5- The field of sports and fitness

is one of the very profitable fields in which, when you create content, you can achieve very good profits from AdSense and also from affiliate marketing.

Which is better for earning money from AdSense, blogs or YouTube channels? 

What do you prefer, writing or appearing and speaking in front of the camera?

If you prefer writing, then blogs are the best for profiting from AdSense,
but if you cannot blog and write exclusive and attractive content, then the YouTube channel is the best for profiting from AdSense.

YouTube channels are easier than blogs because Google SEO is much more difficult than YouTube SEO

, but applying for AdSense from YouTube is more difficult because you need To 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours, will you be able to get that or not?

Will I be laid off from work if I create a successful blog or channel?

It depends on whether you want to leave your job and start freelancing or not. Whether you will be able to continue blogging or creating content on YouTube or not.

Profiting from AdSense is a very well-known matter and you can achieve very large profits from AdSense only. Bloggers and owners of famous channels that many follow earn an average of 100-200 dollars per month.

Some other bloggers have stated that they earn up to 1000-2000 dollars per month from AdSense only

if you can do without. About your job if you can make good profits from your passion

What is the minimum amount for withdrawing profits from AdSense? 

AdSense pays profits to publishers when they reach the minimum withdrawal limit of


Is it possible to earn $1000 per month from AdSense? 

When I searched on the Internet and watched many videos, I found one of the bloggers earning 20,000 euros a day from his blogs. Therefore, I think that the matter is not difficult for anyone. All that is needed is:

1- Patience
2- Effort
3- Learn

what AdSense Arbitrage is and how to profit. from him ?

Facebook ads and AdSense Arbitrage

AdSense Arbitrage is a term given to profit from AdSense ads after purchasing traffic (visitors). In short,

that is, you buy visitors so that they can access your topics. Therefore, you can profit from AdSense ads.

In order to profit from AdSense Arbitrage, you must buy visitors for an amount less than what you profit from. AdSense ads:

Not any content that you publish is consistent with the concept of AdSense Arbitrage, but there is a specific type of content that you can buy traffic for, which is

viral contentor viral content, which is content that spreads very quickly.Viral content is content that is strange to users who have not heard about it from the public. Before that, they share it Faisal to a very large number of users. You can profit from AdSense at that time from paid traffic and free traffic.

We will make a comprehensive explanation of AdSense Arbitrage and how you can profit from it.


* AdSense is the best advertising network that you can ever profit from
* AdSense and AdWords Two sides of the same coin, belonging to the giant Google
* You can profit from AdSense and you can make it your primary source of income
* In order to profit from AdSense, you must be a content creator
* The conditions for qualifying for AdSense for blogs are unspecified, but they are all the efforts of bloggers
* The conditions for subscribing to AdSense for YouTube are difficult, so choose Distinctive Niche
* There is no need to leave your job unless you earn what is equivalent to the job and more than AdSense
* AdSense Arbitrage through which you can earn tens of thousands of dollars.

I apologize for the length of the topic, but this was important to explain most of the important matters related to profit from AdSense.

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