A-ads website explains the best AdSense alternative for beginners

A-ads website explains the best AdSense alternative for beginners

If you want to make a profit from your blog and are looking for a company that accepts beginner bloggers, you will find yourself faced with this topic, which explains one of the best sites for making money from blogging for beginners, but it is not only beginner bloggers who canProfit from A-ads company Rather, all website and blog owners interested in Bitcoin and collecting it. Here I present to you an explanation of A-Ads, which is considered one of the most important alternatives to AdSense for making profit from your blog.

Introduction to the A-ads website 

The A-ads website is an advertising network that is an alternative to AdSense that pays in Bitcoin through which you can profit from placing ads on your blog.

The A-ads website is a site specialized in advertising Bitcoin and other digital currencies, so the profits and returns from the site’s advertisements will be better if your blog is in the field of digital currencies, but do not worry, all bloggers in various fields can profit from the A-ads website. 
Features of the A-ads website 

1- Accepting all blogs in various fields 
2- Accepting blogs with a free domain  
3- Banner ads, mobile ads, and affiliate links for advertisers 
4- You can choose the type of content that is displayed on your blog and block ads for gambling, nudity, or other things. 
5- Accept blogs regardless of the number of visits they receive daily 
6- Different banner sizes (728*90 – 300*250 – 250*250 – etc.)
7- Ease of creating an advertisement and the ease of pasting it on your blog 
8- Accepts manual traffic

Disadvantages of A-ads company 

1- The return per 1,000 impressions is very low (low CPM), amounting to about 800 to 5,000 satoshis per 1,000 visits, depending on the content of the advertisement, the content of your site, the language of the site, and the country of the visitors.
2- Many visits are not counted if you place more than one advertising banner 
3- All banners other than the size 728 * 90 have very low profits 
4- There is no affiliate for publishers 

How to register on the A-ads website 

1- Go to the website from here A-ads
2- Fill out the registration form on the site 
3- You will receive a confirmation message to the email you entered. Enter the link that will be sent to you to complete the registration process. 
Thus, you have completed the registration process and can log in to your account 

Don’t forget to read the terms of service before registering 

How to place A-ads on your Blogger blog? 

After logging in to your account, click on create new ad unit or through the word Earn at the top of the page. These images will appear to you. Follow the instructions until you create an ad unit.

* Determine the size of the ad and the location where you will place the ad 

How to profit from the A-ads website

1- Determine the size of the ad you want to place on your blog 
The best size in terms of profits is 728 * 90 

2- Place a link to the site where you will place the advertisement so that it can be reviewed from time to time and to find out whether the advertising unit still exists or not (if you will place the advertising unit on only one page of the site, place a link to that page). 

* Choose the ad content (filters to prevent harmful ads) 

* Activating the filter means preventing this type of advertising, and not activating it means allowing it 

1- Content of nudity 
2- Content related to gambling 
3- Ads that pass content filters 
4- Advertisements containing investments with a high percentage of risk 

* As you can see in the previous image, the Cpm rate is 4753 satoshi / 1000 visits 

* Methods of withdrawing profits from the advertising unit 

Earn Bitcoin from your blog A-ads

There are two ways to withdraw the profits from your advertising units 

1- The first method: –
You can withdraw your profits from the a-ads website directly through your Bitcoin wallet, and the minimum amount for withdrawing profits here is 0.001 Bitcoin.

2- The second method: –
You can withdraw the profits to one of the mini-wallets, and the a-ads website provides two Faucetpay and Express Crypto mini-wallets, but I prefer to withdraw my profits on Faucetpay. You can create an account with it from herefaucetpay.io  . In the event of a withdrawal from one of the mini-wallets, there is no minimum withdrawal limit. The profits will be automatically transferred to the wallet, even if your profits are 1 satoshi.

If you choose to withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet, you are at 
1- You will enter your wallet address 
the minimumis reached

What then ? 

* After clicking on Create ad unit, the code for the ad will appear 

* Copy the code, then go to the Blogger blog to which you placed the link while making the ad 
* Go to layout 
* Add a tool (add budget) 
* Choose html/javascript 
* Then paste the ad code into the form 
*Click on Save Settings 

Thus, you have added an A-Ads ad to your Blogger blog and you can now start earning from the A-Ads website. 
* This was an explanation of the A-Ads website, an alternative to AdSense for earning Bitcoin from your blog, how to create an advertising unit on it, what are the best sizes of advertising units, and what is the minimum withdrawal limit.

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