Profitable home-based project for men (top 10 from my experience)

Profitable home-based project for men (top 10 from my experience)

I decided to talk about a profitable home-based project for men in a slightly different way.

Here you will not find a bunch of projects that you can start with.


A collection of projects that I already have experience with.

This means that I will share with you my personal experience and the cost I paid.

Surely, is the project profitable or not?

Starting now with…

The best profitable project from home for men online

Most of my personal experiences were here…

I started 5 years ago and now I have enough experience in electronic projects, so what I will tell you here make sure that it has actually been done.

Starting with…

1- Online selling project

There are many forms of selling online. You can choose any of them depending on the cost. For example, you can sell via:

  • Online store: medium to high cost.
  • Your website: medium cost.
  • Social Media: Low to medium cost.
  • Marketplaces such as OLX and OpenSooq: Low cost.
  • Amazon: commission on sales.
  • Facebook Store: 0 cost.

Each of these methods is suitable for some people and some not.

Of course, launching your own online store is the best, but do you have enough budget?

Most likely, the cost of launching the store will be at least $1000.

Therefore, it may not be the best method for you, so you can choose what suits you.

The products may be: 

  • Digital: courses, books or services (which are better and cost less).
  • Tangible: T-shirts, abayas, kitchen utensils, etc.

You can start with or without any products through affiliate marketing for other people’s products.

My experience was through affiliate marketing .

I already tried tangible products through Facebook and paid ads.

Although the experience was not bad, it was not the best, so I started selling digital products.

I started marketing for different sites and platforms, and from here it was my best experience ever. Through marketing for one site, I was able to achieve more than $1,000, as you can see:

Affiliate marketing results for ysense

All this is through creating my own blog and starting to promote this site through it.

Therefore, I definitely recommend selling or promoting on the Internet in general.

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2- Services website project

Service websites are one of the best projects that have a future and you can start them from home, whether for men or women.

But men have the ability to somewhat persist, try, and fail better.

This is what a project like this needs.

Here we have many ideas that you can start with. For example, you can launch a website: 

  • Follow up on food prices.
  • Specialized in tracking gold and metal prices (one-page website).
  • Employment (and creates job opportunities).
  • Electronic services such as Khamsat.
  • And others…

Lots of ideas waiting for someone to implement them.

As for me, I am currently planning to launch a mini-services website for buying and selling services online.

My experience in this project is not complete, but I know very well that this project is very profitable.

Just look at the sales of a site like Khamsat in 2013, to know the size of the opportunities in this market:

Profits of the Khamsat microservices website for the year 2013

All you need in a project like this is: 

  • Budget at least $500.
  • Good knowledge of wordpress.
  • Find a unique idea and start implementing it.
  • Start promoting your website well.
  • Add appropriate profit methods.

Thus, you have a distinctive website that you can easily make into your project that generates passive income.

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3- An electronic blog project

A blog is the best electronic project for beginners .

Hence the beginning of my real work on the Internet.

Although this is a long-term project and you will see returns from it after a while, it is worth the wait.

I already shared the profits of one of my blogs, which I started 6 months ago, and now let me share them with you here as well:

E-blogging profits

As you can see in the previous picture, the monthly profits are approximately $100.

It is certainly not the best, but if I told you that the cost did not exceed $200 and currently it brings me this income without working on it except for one day a week.

The profit has become good, right?

What is unique about blogs is that they can be developed to generate a distinguished monthly income by constantly sharing content on them.

What do you need to start a blog project? 

  • Initial budget of $150.
  • Learn to write SEO-compatible articles (to make your blog appear in search results)
  • Learn how to use the WordPress content management system.
  • Choose the method of profit from blogging that best suits your blog’s field.

As I shared with you above, advertisements are not the only way to make money. Affiliate marketing, for example, brings me more profits.


All you have to do is choose the most appropriate methods and start exploiting them.

Want more? To you:  

4- YouTube channel project

YouTube channels are one of the very profitable projects for men, and you can certainly launch them from home.

What’s special about YouTube channels is that you can start them with no capital at all.

But it is definitely better to invest in your project and develop the equipment you use.

In a previous guide on YouTube channel profits, I already shared how much YouTube pays for 1,000 views, whether Arabic or foreign content.

I definitely advise you to check out this article to learn more about the returns you can achieve.

But, are YouTube channels profitable?

I have already shared the profits of some foreign and Arab channels, and to learn more, let me share with you some pictures of those profits.

Starting with foreign channels: 

Video side hustle channel profits

In the previous picture, the profits of a channel in which the person does not appear as himself. Imagine monthly profits of 27 thousand dollars???

Arabic channels: 

Earnings from Iyad Abu Ghosh channel

From just one video, Iyad Abu Ghosh was able to earn approximately $11,500.

Hence, I was definitely convinced that the YouTube channel project was profitable and worthy.

Want to get started? Here are some resources to help you:

5- You are the project

All of the projects above would not have been successful without investing in myself and my skills.

So in the world of the Internet, the real project is you.

You need to develop your skills as much as possible in the project you intend to start.

Each field requires a different set of skills, so you must research everything related to your project and then start investing in yourself and the skills you need in order to become the best at it.

Or at least…

To become special in it.

So make sure to: 

  • Buy courses, but make sure that these courses are actually useful to you.
  • Buying books (for me, I prefer paper books, but depending on your desire, there are also electronic books and you can get them for free).

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And now with the projects that I don’t prefer after entering the world of the Internet.

But we certainly don’t all have the same choices and preferences, so here’s…

The best profitable project from home on the ground

I chose projects that cost little, and also before adding any project, I tried to share only those that I had experience with or that someone close to me had done.

Starting with…

1- T-shirt printing project

Printing on T-shirts is one of the unique projects that you can start from home and make a good return.


You need good capital and good relationships in order to find clients.

Alternatively, you can create your own T-shirt brand and start selling online.

One of the models that was able to do this is: Instaprint

Who was able to transform a simple project into a distinctive brand.

The capital here is not huge, but you need good capital.

Mostly the cost will be:

  • The cost of the printing machine: approximately 500 dollars or 10 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Marketing cost: At least monthly, you need 5000 pounds.

But if you want to buy T-shirts and start the brand, you can add another cost depending on the quantity.

Is the project profitable? 

Yes, but as I told you, you need strong relationships and a huge effort in the beginning in order to get clients.

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2- Photocopier project

The photocopier project for papers and documents is one of the very profitable projects that you can start from home.

What is special here is that the cost is very simple.

I have a friend who actually started this project, and it turned from the idea of ​​a home machine into a huge store.


You first need two skills:

  • Communication and persuasion: Here I advise you to go to educational centers, communicate with teachers, and make a good presentation to them.
  • Choosing the right place: Yes, this is a skill you will need in the future when moving from home to a store. The advice is to choose a place close to centers or schools.

The best way to double the profit from your investment in this project is by providing writing services, saving teachers time.

This will ensure profit from two sources of income, and thus additional profits.

3- Tarazi project

The women’s and men’s tailoring project is a project worth thinking about now.

The profits from this project are fabulous, and I did not think it might be that way until I learned the details from one of my friends.

Every day, my friend makes an income of no less than 300 Egyptian pounds.


Sewing and detailing initially require taking a pattern course from a professional in the field.

In addition, you also need good capital in order to purchase the machine and other necessary tools.

All I can assure you is that you can make a good income from it.

Here you will also need to have good communication with others in your area and have good relationships in order to start well.

After many people in your area get to know you, you will definitely achieve the holiday you desire, and after that you can develop your project into a small store, and then a huge store.

4- Bird breeding project

5 years ago I started raising pigeons at home.

Therefore, I always share it as one of the special projects that I definitely recommend starting.

You can start here with less than 1000 pounds , and you can definitely double the amount.

This is what distinguishes this project and makes it one of my favorite projects.

In addition, pigeons are distinctive birds that can withstand many harsh conditions and their production cycle is fast, and they are certainly desired by many people.

Is the project profitable? 

In my experience, the project is definitely profitable.

I started with only 3 pairs, and I was able to develop the project to 20 pairs, and then I started selling and achieving excellent monthly profits.

Project requirements

Here you need some things, including:

  • Suitable place in the home.
  • A good budget to buy pigeons and also grains.
  • Finally, you need to go to stores and markets in order to sell.

These are the basic requirements for the project, simple right?

And profitable too.

5- Electrical appliances maintenance project

Technical skills, such as maintenance and repair, are highly in demand.

The beautiful thing is that only a few have the ability to learn these things and develop their abilities with them.

So, you will definitely find good profit here.

The experience I have of the father of one of my friends, who specializes in computer maintenance.

When I asked my friend about the profitability of the project, he told me that it is very profitable.

But it requires experience and learning a lot of techniques about different types of devices.

Here you do not need anything except your experience and knowledge, and then some simple tools to start your project from home.

Just decide what devices you intend to maintain, and in my opinion the best area is:

  • Mobile device maintenance.
  • Computers maintenance.

Everyone now owns computers and phones, and therefore you will not search for the client. He will search for you if you are already a professional in your field.

These were 10 profitable home business ideas for men.

Choose what suits you and go.

Now tell me…

What project did you decide to start? Do you have any questions about starting it?

I am waiting for you in the bushes to share with me what you have discovered.

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