SEO and the most important factors affecting it

SEO and the most important factors affecting it

You may have heard on many websites and blogs about SEO and its importance for every website or blog owner on the Internet, and how it can be a huge source of traffic (visitors) to your blog, and can you rely on it as a primary means of bringing visitors to your site  

In the Profits Expert blog, we seek to help novice bloggers understand everything related to blogging, and of course to share our experiences. Therefore, when we talk about this topic about what is SEO, you may find the topic very popular and well-known to you as a blogger for a long time on Blogger, but consider this topic an opportunity to share your experiences with us if Did you have any information that might be useful in the field of blogging and I am also sure that you will find some new information for you

Every day, about 6 billion searches are conducted on the Google search engine, according to the statistics of the website So how can we neglect this huge source of traffic? Therefore, SEO teaches us how to get traffic from the search engine as it is a huge source. For visitors, no e-marketer or blog owner should neglect it

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What is SEO? 

SEO means preparing your site or blog for search engines, and this is the literal translation of the term SEO or (Search engine optimization). Simply put, SEO is concerned with how to make your site responsive and ready for search engines. Through SEO, it determines which topics appear in search engines in advanced results for those blogs or sites. Those that are interested in SEO will find them at the top of the results on search engines, while other blogs that are not interested in SEO and preparing the site and preparing it to be suitable for the search engine appear in the late results of search engines.

SEO means that your site or blog will appear in advanced search results for free without paying any money in advertisements

. You may hear when you read in some topics on other websites or blogs terms such as (on page seo or internal seo) and (off page seo or external seo), which is a set of steps that you implement in order to raise the ranking of your site or blog in search engines.

internal seo. Or on page seo:

internal SEO for your site, or preparing your site from the inside so that it is compatible with search engines and begins to appear on advanced pages. That is, internal SEO is concerned with internal factors on your site, and the

most important of these factorsare briefly and will be discussed below:1- Content
2- Internal links ( internal links)
3- Speed ​​of your site
4- Attractive topic titles
5- Customized topic links
6- Use of keywords
7- Responsive website with all devices
8- Use of sub-headings in topics
9- Use of images in topics
10- Good description of topics
11- Appearance Your blog must be good and comfortable for the reader and use colors that are comfortable for the eye so that the visitor does not leave your site quickly.
These are not all the factors that on page seo depends on, but the most important of them is

external seo or off page seo:

It is also called off-site SEO, and it means everything related to events or factors outside your site that have an impact on your site and its ranking in search engines, or in simpler terms, external signals that have nothing to do with you and work to increase your site’s ranking and appearance in search engines.

This is done by more people or sites. Popularity on the Internet refers to your site through links and benefits the quality of the content that is presented on your site (more famous sites with a good reputation on the Internet).

Despite the continuous change in search engine evaluation factors for sites, external SEO and the reference of the most famous and credible sites to Your site still has a significant impact on your site’s ranking in search engines,
the most important factorsthat affect off-page SEO:1- External links (backlinks)
2- Signals from social media sites

 The most important factors of SEO  

As we mentioned above, SEO is preparing the site so that it is ready to appear on the search engine. Therefore, the importance of SEO is to

make your site in the first ranks of search results and thus obtain many visitorswho can be considered customers anda source of profit for you from your blog.The 10 most important SEO factors. Does it affect your site’s ranking in search results?

There are hundreds of factors that Google takes into account when ranking search results, but there are, and although it is impossible to know all the factors that affect your ranking in the search engine, there are some factors that have the greatest role and that have been identified by monitoring the sites that are at the top of the search engines. Study and the most important of these factors are:

The most important SEO factors

Each of these SEO factors requires its own complete topic, and these topics, along with personal experiences, will be discussed in the upcoming topics 

  •   Content 

One of the most important factors in ranking your topics in the search engine is the content, as is common among bloggers

 Content is king 

It is a fact that all bloggers try hard to provide useful content to visitors to their blogs so that they always remain at the forefront of search engines. I always make sure to provide good, appropriate, and useful content to your

visitors. Content is currently the most important factor in SEO factors after the updates made by the giant Google for the year 2019.

  •  User experience 

User experience is considered one of the important factors in ranking your site, as the user experience and the length of his stay on your blog or participation in your topics, of course, indicates the quality of the content that you provide.

If the content that you provide in your topics is weak content and does not benefit from it, the visitor will quickly bounce back. Your site thus decreases the ranking of your topics and the appearance of other topics for your competitors, as the visitor stays there for a longer period.
You can know the bounce rate of visitors from your site throughthe bounce ratein Google Analytics

  • Site speed 

Site speed is one of the most important factors that Google has begun to pay attention to. The faster your site is, the higher your ranking in the search engine

will be. Certainly, if the site is slow, the visitor will quickly bounce off your site and will not wait until the download is complete, and you will have lost that visitor.

You can measure the speed of your website or blog through Google’s

Page Speed ​​Insights

  • External links (backlinks) 

Although content has become the most important and first factor in raising a site’s ranking in the search engine and is one of the most important SEO factors, the external links that point to your site are of very great importance in improving your site’s ranking,

as there are many reliable and reputable sites. Good results in search engines indicate your site whenever this has an important role in improving your site’s ranking and your appearance in advanced search results.

Types of backlinks:
There are 3 types of backlinks and links that you can obtain, and this classification depends on how you acquire those links.

1- Links Natural backlinks
2- Manual built links
3- Links that you create yourself (self created links)
We will discuss each type of link when explaining backlinks.

There are many factors that help make these backlinks of great benefit and importance in SEO. Including:
* The popularity of the site that links to your site
* The extent of the similarity of your site’s domain to the site linked to it
* The domain and page authority of the site linked to you

  • Signals coming from social media sites 

Signals coming from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are considered one of the most important factors that greatly affect your site’s SEO.

Social signals, such as likes, shares, and comments on your topics, are of great importance in improving your site’s ranking and your appearance in search engines. Search where the search engine considers your topics good and useful to visitors

  • Long topics are preferred 

When writing a topic for your blog, try to focus on long topics of more than (800) words. There are many studies that confirm that long topics often occupy higher positions in search results than short topics.

As a personal experience, long topics in my other blog appear in a higher ranking in the search engine.

  • Use keywords skillfully 

Keywords are the words that people use when searching for a topic in the search engine.

Focus on one or two keywords in your topics and focus on long-tail keywords.

Note my personal experience
in a topic of my own about profit from the blog. Focus on the two keywords:

profit from your blog.Andhow do you profit from your blogand become the top search engine in these two keywords in my blog,The Profits Expert  ? By using those keywords that people use to search for the topic that you will write about, you are telling the search engine that this topic of yours speaks about what these people are searching for,

so the keywords are considered It is very important in improving your site’s SEO.Distribute keywords naturally in your topics. Do not stuff too many available words so that the search engine does not penalize you.

Ways to obtain keywords

: 1- Google search results (which appear at the end of the search page)
2- Google Trends ( Google trends)
3- Uber suggest
4- Google keyword planner
5- Semrush (paid tool)

I advise you to read what keywords are and how to use them correctly in your topics

  • Internal links 

Internal links are considered one of the most important SEO factors at all, as these links increase the length of time a visitor stays on your site, thus reducing the bounce rate and thus making your site appear in higher results in the search engine.

Use internal links wisely and in moderation, and link topics that are related to each other with links. Internal

  • Make your site responsive to all devices 

After the increase in mobile phone users significantly in the previous period, it has become necessary for every website or blog owner to improve his site and make it responsive to all devices so as not to lose the huge traffic coming from those mobile devices. Therefore, making the site responsive has become one of the most important SEO factors. Also get visitors 

  • Keep the content of your website or blog constantly updated 

One of the most important factors for SEO and obtaining visitors from the search engine is renewed content.

Write topics continuously on your blog at least 3-4 per week. Google prefers blogs with constantly renewed content and works to raise their ranking.

HUBSPOT website have proventhat blogs that You write more than 16 topics per week. You get 3.5 times more visitors than sites that write 0-4 topics per month.

: These are not all the factors that SEO depends on, but we have shared with you

the 10 most famous SEO factors that affect your site’s ranking.

Is there an alternative to SEO? 

Let’s agree that the goal of SEO is to get visitors, so in order for the question to be correct, we can ask that question in another way, which is: Are there other ways to get visitors ?

Of course, there are many ways in which you can get visitors to your site, and the most important of these methods that many bloggers currently rely on are: 
All of these methods are only useful if you provide useful and appropriate content to visitors

1- YouTube 
Many blog owners currently rely on YouTube as the primary source of getting traffic for their blogs 

2- Facebook (FACEBOOK) 
Many bloggers also rely on Facebook as an alternative to SEO through Facebook groups or by creating their own pages and posting links to topics on them. 

3- Twitter 
4- Create a mailing list 
5- Pinterest 

Important SEO tips 

SEO is not as easy as you think, but in order to be able to compete with other bloggers in your field, you need a set of tips that I will provide you: 

1- Read a lot about the topic you are going to write about 
2- Spy on your competitors, read their topics carefully, and learn how they blog 
3- Notice the keywords they use in their topics and use them 
4- Learn constantly and never get bored 
5- Always follow everything new in the field of your blog  

I apologize for the length of the topic, but I wanted to include most of the important aspects in it  

Did you like the topic? 
If you like the topic, share it with your friends so that everyone can benefit. If you have experience or experience, we are very happy for you to share it with us. 

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