The best areas of freelancing online ($999+ per month)

The best areas of freelancing online ($999+ per month)

Knowing the best areas of freelancing will help you a lot in making the right decision to start.

No one prefers to start working in a field and not know whether it is a good field or not.

Therefore, in this topic, I decided to share with you a group of fields that, based on experience, are the best and most appropriate.

Not only that, but you will also learn detailed steps to get started with each of them.

Now, if you are ready, let us first get to know me….

The correct definition of self-employment

I think the most appropriate definition is:

Any job in which you do not receive a monthly wage is self-employment.

This makes the options before us very wide. There are certainly many things that you can do yourself and get the entire return for yourself.

But in general, we can divide these areas into…

  • Freelance work on the ground: This applies to all commercial projects that you can undertake (factory – company – shop – etc.)
  • Freelance work via the Internet: Here the options are much broader, but we can divide them into (services that you provide on freelance sites – any business of your own, such as your website, blog, or YouTube channel – your store – even your Instagram account).

Here we will not talk about projects that you can do on the ground.

But we will take advantage of the information and technology revolution that has occurred in recent years and tell you about some areas of freelancing on the Internet that will earn you amounts that you may not believe.

Most of these fields I have tried myself, and others are friends of mine who have achieved huge sums of money from them.

So if you are ready let’s get to know me….

Part One: 5 areas of self-employment (you need capital without experience)

These areas require investment , effort and experience .

But since I recently became convinced that:

Successful people exchange time for money, but poor people exchange money for time

I think it is better to put some money and use professional people and save the time that it will take to learn another skill or another job that has better value in your life.

For example: If you intend to launch a company, you will certainly not do everything alone, and you will only choose the necessary matters (administrative and leadership) that add the greatest value to the company.

This is what I want you to do in the freelance specializations in this part.

Skills that you cannot do, put some money into them, save time, and use it to do the most important organizational things.

I don’t want to be long for you, so let’s get to know the first field of freelance work, which is…

1- Creating blogs

You are now in one of my blogs.

A blog is a form of a website, although many Arabs do not prefer it because it is somewhat slow in return.

But I am a fan of this field.

This is simply because it is an ongoing field and will continue.

This is definitely one of the most profitable fields if you intend to continue.

Here, for example, are some of the profits of a foreign blogger >>>

jon-dykstra's earnings from his foreign blog

Although you certainly will not be able to earn 100,000 dollars per month in Arabic content, you can earn between 150-2000 dollars per month if you continue to work on your blog and download many excellent articles.

Blog features: 

  • A source of passive income. You can sit without working for long months and still make a profit.
  • The best way for those who do not prefer to appear in front of screens.
  • You can manage it and learn its basics very easily.
  • You can use dozens of ways to profit from your blog, including (advertising – marketing products – selling your products – selling advertising space – paid topics – and others).

the cost: 

  • If you intend to do everything on your own, the cost will not exceed $70 annually .
  • But if you intend to hire people to do the writing for you, you will need at least 30 topics per month, and the cost of each topic is approximately $5. This means $150 per month for at least 3 months until you start seeing some return.

How to start?

  1. Determine the niche of your blog with high profits : What will you write about in your blog? Choosing a profitable niche is not easy, but with a little research you will find it (the general rule says that any field in which there are products purchased from the Internet is a profitable niche). But you can simply use our services on Fiverr for only $5 to help you choose the appropriate niche.
  2. Determine your budget: Know how much you can spend monthly on your blog and thus you will determine the number of topics you can purchase. If you do not have a budget of more than $70, learn to write articles and start writing yourself.
  3. Learn the basics of creating a blog: It is very important that you know the basics that you must do in order to create a professional blog. Fortunately, I talked about this in detail in the article on how to create a blog and profit from it. Be sure to check it out.
  4. Analyze and make improvements: After launching your blog completely, it is very important that you analyze the results and see the extent of your progress and whether the profits are good or can you improve them, and so on.

This is very briefly.

But if you intend to start in this field of freelance work (which I strongly advise you to try), you should read the topic that I put for you above.

2- Create cash cow channels

YouTube is definitely one of the best areas for freelancing online.


Cash cow channels are considered one of the areas that also depend on your investing some money more than it needs your personal skills.

So I highly recommend it.

What are these channels?

Have you ever gone to YouTube and found a video in front of you about:

  • Top 10 racing cars.
  • The 10 richest people in the world.
  • 15 tips to be a better person.
  • And so on…..

These are cash cow channels.

In short, channels that do not require you to appear and get a very large number of views.

Simply put, you can purchase these exclusive videos from freelancing websites .

How much does it cost to create a channel like this?

Here too, it depends on whether you intend to learn how to make these videos or whether you want to invest and devote yourself to something else.

  • If you intend to learn on your own: In most cases, it will not cost you anything, but you will need to learn editing programs and also obtain short videos and make a voiceover.
  • If you intend to invest: You need at least 15 videos per month in the first three months, and if the cost of one video is $10, you need approximately $150 per month (similar to the method above).

Note 1: You can greatly speed up this process through YouTube ads to gain followers

Note 2: Focus on creating a foreign channel (the return for every 1,000 views in America reaches $20) in the Arab world, not exceeding $5.

3- Electronic commerce

Within e-commerce, there are 3 wide seas that you must choose from in order to start swimming.

These three lakes are: 

  • Sell ​​your own products on your own store.
  • Selling your own products on Amazon and other commerce sites (known as Amazon FBA).
  • Drop shipping: Here you display the products found on wholesale sites on your store without purchasing. Once you purchase the product through your store, a purchase request for the product is sent from the wholesale seller’s website and you get the price difference.

Each of these areas has very many details. There are dozens of courses that exceed 40 hours to explain each of the above areas.

So I certainly won’t be able to give you any great details here.

But if you are just beginning your journey, my recommendation is to start selling products in your region or country on your own store.

Just make sure to buy small quantities at first, do a good study of the market, and then test the product.

The most important steps to start: 

  • Study the existing stores (Amazon, Noon, Jumia, etc.) and find out the most important products that are in demand and purchased online.
  • Now, look for more than one supplier from which you can purchase these products and negotiate the price with them.
  • After that, you need to develop a marketing plan before even purchasing the product and know which methods you will use to promote your product (social media influencers – Snapchat ads – Instagram ads – etc.).
  • After that, you must purchase your products and photograph them professionally .
  • Now is the time to launch your store . You can do so through one of the ready-made platforms in the Arab world (Sale). However, if you are promoting to foreigners, you can use (Shopify).
  • Now implement the plan you made above and study and analyze the results well.


Are stores profitable? 

If it was not very profitable even in the Arab world, then Amazon certainly would not have bought a market with a budget of 650 million dollars, right?

There are many people who see it as unprofitable for several reasons, including:

  • They do not have enough capital to follow a professional marketing strategy.
  • Or they lost some money and stopped before they noticed any results.

Therefore, you must know that trade takes time for people to trust you and start buying from you.

The most important tips for your success in this field of freelance work: 

  • Make customer satisfaction your first goal.
  • Do not risk bad products and make sure to provide the best.
  • Establish a friendly relationship with the customer and communicate with him at least once a month without asking him to buy anything.
  • Do not put yourself in competition on price and set a high profit margin, but provide other services that make the customer prefer you over any of your competitors.
  • Make sure to specialize in only one field (hair care products – skin products – slimming products – and so on) so that you make the customer see that you are the best because you are the specialist.

People often do not prefer to buy from small stores, but if they find a friend in you, they will definitely buy from you.

Make sure of this.

4- Field of service provision

Whether you intend to launch:

  • Electronic services company.
  • A site where you present your skills and the skills of your friends.
  • Or a platform like freelancing platforms.

Certainly, this is one of the best areas of self-employment that I advise you to start if you have a relatively large capital (minimum of $4,000).

But only if you do it correctly.

What do you need here?

  • Determine the type of services you intend to provide (content writing, design, marketing, etc.).
  • Choose the freelancers who will make up your team.
  • Determine your target audience (the people who will buy your services) and know where they are located online.
  • Create a good marketing plan.
  • Launch a website where you showcase your services.
  • Start offering simple free services to establish good relationships with buyers and make you the right choice for them.

This is quite simple, but in order to reach sales faster and attract more buyers, you must:

  • Provide what your competitors failed to provide (overcome their weaknesses).
  • Make the quality of the services you provide a natural matter and do not talk about it as a competitive advantage.
  • Provide continuous support to your clients until they achieve their goals.

These are all simple things and you may find them useless, but they are the basis that will determine whether you will succeed in self-employment in its various fields or not.

Note: You can launch the site, market it, and employ a team through freelancer sites, thus making the matter automatic.

Now we move on to…

Part Two: Areas of freelancing that depend on your skills

In the section above, you could easily use the capital as an investment to launch an entire domain.

But here it is different.

In this part, we will learn about some of the best areas of freelancing ever, but they require experience and skill.

Therefore, you must learn each of these specializations that we will mention until you reach professionalism, and after that you can work in them.

Note: You can use any of the specializations below to launch a website or company to provide services and become a company completely specialized in one field.

Now let us learn about the best specializations, which are…

5- The field of social media advertising

Or launching advertising campaigns on various social media sites.

Believe it or not, but this field is one of the most sought-after fields of freelancing on the Internet.

Look at the volume of requests for this field on Fiverr >>>>

Preparing advertising campaigns for social media on Fiverr

Although many large companies prefer to deal with companies, thousands of product owners who do not have a huge budget or small emerging companies prefer to deal with or employ a direct person.

The methods of work in this field are: 

  • Selling campaign launching services on freelance websites.
  • Applying for a job in a company.
  • Dealing directly through communication sites with product owners.
  • Launching your own advertising company.

How can you start?

There are two ways you can get started:

  • Free: via YouTube (which I do not recommend at all).
  • Paid: Through specialized courses that teach you everything from scratch to mastering models and all the small details that you will not find on YouTube.

The best source through which you can master social media advertising is: Hani Hussein’s Facebook Ads Course, priced at $49, in addition to the Google Ads Professionalization Course, priced at $49 as well.

But because $98 may be a bit high, we contacted them and got an exclusive offer:

The two courses together (approximately 40 hours of videos) you will get them for only $50 if you use the code ( HALFOFF )

Purchase Hani Hussein's courses for Google and Facebook ads

6- Media Buying specialization

The Media Buyer from the name is the person responsible for purchasing advertisements for advertisers or the company.

His responsibility is to ensure that sites, channels, or influencers who have the target audience are chosen at the lowest possible cost.

Although this field is somewhat difficult, it is one of the best fields of freelancing that you can specialize in, simply because it requires special skills and public relations, and many people stay away from this.

It is also one of the fields in high demand. See jobs on one of the famous employment sites>>>

Media buyer jobs

Basic skills required in this field:

  • Negotiation skill.
  • Planning campaigns and knowing the biggest role of those campaigns in the final picture of the client’s strategy.
  • Mastering some tools such as (comscore – Google Analytics – Nielsen net ratings) and others.
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills.

What does the media bubyer do in detail?

  • Determine the appropriate target audience and plan to advertise to it.
  • Negotiating prices and rates for advertisements.
  • Create a plan with excellent prices that includes more than one advertising method.
  • Follow up on the cost and return on the amount paid and make improvements.
  • Provides reports to clients about those campaigns and the revenue they achieved.

The best free course you can learn from is:Media buying by digital marketing institute

7- Programming

There is no need to tell you how much programming fields are in demand in the labor market (according to the Freelance World website).

It is enough for you to know that:

  • The salary of a new international programmer reaches $60,000 annually.
  • In our Arab world, and Egypt in particular, the programmer’s salary starts from 5,000 pounds per month and reaches 25,000 depending on the years of experience.

Therefore, if there is a field of freelancing that I strongly advise you to start with, it will certainly be programming.


You must define the field of programming that you intend to specialize in well. For example: 

  • Specialization in front end and user interface development: It is considered the easiest in terms of learning and getting started.
  • Back-end field: in which the programmer is responsible for databases and servers.
  • Full stack specialty: Here the programmer has experience in dealing with both the user interface as well as servers and databases.
  • Mobile application development: It is also one of the fields in high demand that you can work on because its profits and payment rates are very high.

Note: Programming is considered one of the difficult fields to learn, so if you decide to start with it, do not back down.

how do you learn?

There are many free and paid sources through which you can learn, the most famous of which are, for example, YouTube or the Codeacademy website.

These sources differ from one programming field to another, so you will be responsible for determining the field and then you will know where to start.

You may also like:The best sites for learning programming for free

8- Specialization in search engine optimization (SEO).

According to Statista, there are approximately 1.88 billion websites on the Internet .

Whether this is true or not, there is certainly a percentage close to this number.

The most important thing that you should be sure of is that Google will not show all of these sites in the search results when someone searches for something.

Therefore, the field of SEO emerged, which is the function through which we perform some practices to make the site more likely to appear in search results when a person searches for something.

For example, here I am trying to show you when you search for anything related to “freelance work areas,” and since you are here now, you have succeeded in that.

But is the field profitable?

Of course, you can earn a lot by specializing in SEO.

  • Globally: An SEO employee receives the same salary as a programmer, and sometimes more.
  • Locally: In the Arab world, the salary also ranges between 6,000 Egyptian pounds and up to 30,000 depending on your skills.
  • If you intend to launch your own company: the minimum monthly transaction amount with the website owner is $400.

But I will not deceive you. SEO is not easy at all. I have been trying to learn it for two years now, and I cannot speak of myself as an expert, but I can certainly tell you that I am achieving results over the past years.

There are 3 areas of SEO that you can specialize in one or all of, which are: 

  • Internal SEO: It is the easiest type and is concerned with all the things you have to do within your site.
  • External SEO: It is considered the medium type in terms of difficulty, and here your responsibility is to publish your site on other reliable and similar sites to your site.
  • Finally, technical SEO: it is the most difficult and most in demand in the labor market, and here you do things such as improving the speed of the site, solving code problems, etc.

You can choose the field that suits you, and of course you can learn some simple skills and start providing them as services on microservices platforms.

The field is very rich in opportunities and you can achieve an excellent income if you can master certain skills in it.

Where can you learn?

9- Specialization in content writing

Although it is one of the areas of freelancing that is widely spread abroad, there are few people who can be called distinguished content writers.

To be honest with you, I started to lose hope that I would find a suitable person to work with me on my blogs.

However, people know absolutely nothing about writing distinctive, creative content.


You find people offering ridiculous prices and you will still adjust a lot of things after they finish.

This is only because they were able to place some articles on popular sites, and I am sure that there were people who modified their content after they finished.

But you will not become like them.

Content writing is an excellent skill through which you can make an excellent income, but at the same time it is important to develop your skills before starting to place orders for huge sums of money.

Look, for example, at what you achieved when you provided excellent service at a good price>>>

Content writing profits

Let me tell you something else. It is also important to set acceptable prices, even if the articles are excellent.

Because in reality, if you raise your prices above the return that can be achieved from your articles, you will definitely not be hired.

Where can you learn?

There is more than one source, but I prefer the following:

  • Go to Google, search for something, read all the articles on the first page, and learn from the method.
  • Choose a topic from these topics, rewrite it, then leave it for two days and go read it and see if it was a good topic or whether it needs modifications.
  • Finally, you can search for content writing courses, or you can just search on Google for “how to write a creative article” and you will find many excellent resources to help you.
  • There are also foreign sources such as Hubspot Academy. I advise you to go and get some courses on marketing content from them for free.

10- The field of design

In fact, it is not a single field of design that includes dozens of other fields and specializations, all of which can be considered among the best fields of freelancing online.

But the best of these specializations, according to the research we conducted and the job applications we reviewed, were:

  • Design and production of various types of videos (motion graphics, whiteboard, screen capture, etc.).
  • Logo design.
  • Infographic.
  • Designing advertising images for advertising campaigns.
  • Website interface design.

If you go to any employment site, any company, or even a freelancer site, you will find that these fields are in high demand.

So if you want one last tip: 

Learn design and start filling your work gallery with your designs, whether videos, pictures, or logos, and start getting the highest amounts in the job market.

Thus, you have learned about the 10 best freelancing fields through which you can make profits.

Now tell me…

Which of these specializations do you think is suitable for you and will you start with?

Is it blogging, programming, or content writing?

Whatever you choose, make sure to stick with it and give your best.

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