The best digital currencies for investment in 2024 (10 to start with)

The best digital currencies for investment in 2024 (10 to start with)

Would you like to know the best digital currencies to invest in in 2022?

No one can tell you that.

But there are many indicators through which we can nominate some currencies over others.

So all I want you to know is that no one can be 100% sure that this currency is better than others.

Of course, this means that this list is not investment advice for you.

But it can be considered a sharing of my thoughts and the thoughts of many investors in crypto.

This is what I would like to stress before starting: This is a high-risk and volatile market that no one can predict.

You are surely tired of the long introduction, so it is time for the best digital currencies to invest.

are you ready?

How to determine the best digital currencies?

There are thousands of digital currencies in existence and hundreds of modern tokens and projects.

Therefore, in order to nominate the best digital currencies for investment, there are many indicators that are relied upon.

This prompts you to do simple research to determine the reassuring factors before investing in the currency, the most important of which are:

1- The age of the currency

From the date of creating the currency project until the launch of the currency until its launch, this is an important matter.

The longer the currency is in the market, the better.

Therefore, many investors often avoid modern currencies despite their potential for growth.

In the case of investing in a new currency, it is necessary that the investment amount be small.

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2- The performance of the currency-releasing company

We cannot determine the best digital currencies for investment without learning more about who is behind that currency.

So before thinking about putting a single dollar in any currency or token.

Research the company’s history and learn about the information it provides, how its performance was in previous periods, and certainly what problems, accusations, and doubts are directed against them.

3- Currency performance over a long period

In order to determine the suitability of that currency for investment, it is necessary to see what the performance of that currency has been previously.

If the currency is deteriorating, it is natural for an investor to avoid investing in it.

But if you find the indicator somewhat promising and the value of the currency continues to rise, perhaps you should consider that currency in your list of currencies.

It is also necessary to follow the currency price so that you know well the appropriate time to buy and the appropriate time to sell.

4- Currency technology

What the coin will offer what is the project behind it and what technology it uses.

This means that you have to know a lot about the ease of using the currency, the time of transfers, and security.

But I think that the most important thing is always the speed of the conversion, i.e. (how long does it take to convert over the network?)

It is also very important to ensure that the currency is safe and secure for your transfers.

As for future technology and solutions, there is certainly no better example than the Ripple currencies XRP and Ethereum Eth in terms of the technology they provided, so it is definitely preferable to invest in both.

5- The Market cap

The amount of market value that is invested in the currency is one of the most important things that you must take into consideration when determining the best digital currencies for investment.

In short, market cap is the easiest way to determine the size of the currency and the extent of its spread.

The higher the currency, the better it is in terms of investment.

6- Daily trading volume

It is very important before investing in any currency to determine whether there are people who are already investing in this currency or not.

Certainly, are they many people or a small group of investors?

The larger the daily trading volume of the currency, the better.

Therefore, the advice now is to stay away from those currencies with low daily trading volume, because the prices of these currencies will most likely not rise in the near term.

7- The Maximum supply of the currency.

The more currencies that can be mined, the more this will increase the market value of the currency in the long run.

Because the maximum amount of Bitcoin that can be available is only 21 million coins, it is natural to find the price rising to 63 thousand dollars, and we are close to mining all of that amount.

So the wisdom concluded here is that:

Currencies that have a maximum limit that can exist may have some opportunities in the future.

Therefore, you should consider the maximum amount of the currency as a factor when determining the best digital currencies to invest in.

But after all that it’s clear that you want to know…

What are the best digital currencies for investment?

Now, these are the currencies that are considered the best, depending on their fulfillment of some of the factors above, in addition to the opinions of experts about them.

Note: There are many sites from which you can buy currencies, but if you intend to buy with Visa, our recommendation is the Binance platform. You will get the best purchase price with the lowest commission.

But if you want to purchase via electronic banks , bank transfer, or other means, you can do so easily through the Local Bitcoin website (it is the best).

1- Ethereum currency (ETH).

Although it was launched only in 2015, its market cap currently amounts to 262 billion and about 800 million dollars, making it the second currency in terms of investment volume after Bitcoin.

Almost the strongest competitor.

The Ethereum network is called the world’s computer, and some believe that it may replace the Internet.

What is special about Ethereum, or to be more precise, Ethereum, are several things, the most important of which are:

  • Smart contracts (an automatic contract created electronically between the seller and the buyer that governs the transfer and implementation process and is non-returnable.
  • NFTs (in short, they are private property that cannot be used except with permission from their owner).
  • And of course the network itself.
  • The Ethereum network can be used to build other currencies.
  • It can also be used to build various decentralized applications.
  • Huge companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and others have used Ethereum to build various applications.

Therefore, it is believed that Ethereum will have a very strong future (please do not take this as investment advice).

Disadvantages of Ethereum:

  • There is no maximum currency limit.
  • Sometimes there is a delay in the conversion process due to pressure on the network.

2- Bitcoin BTC

No matter how much time passes, never neglect investing in Bitcoin.

Unless there are a lot of laws passed that try to prevent it, of course.

Bitcoin is the mother currency of all these currencies and the basis for their establishment, and despite the degree of fluctuation in the price of the currency, it is still the most famous currency among them.

Not only that, but it is also the largest in terms of market value, amounting to about $929 billion so far.

Therefore, everyone around the world in the crypto world advises not to neglect Bitcoin.

But is it really worth investing in?

Yes, the maximum limit for Bitcoin is 21 million currencies, of which currently about 19 million have been mined.

Therefore, once these currencies expire, it is natural for the price to rise, and expectations were that the price of the currency would reach 100 thousand dollars.

But these are certainly expectations, and it cannot be proven whether they will become a reality or not, and the investment will remain at risk.

Note: If you invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2017, it would now have been $5,000.

All of this information above makes placing Bitcoin on the list of the best digital currencies for investment in 2021 very natural.

3- Ripple XRP

If you want a currency that is unique in everything and at the same time one of the cheapest currencies, then Ripple is your choice.

The most important feature of this currency is the high conversion speed, in addition to the small commission.

But in fact, this is not the main factor, but rather its dealings with major banks around the world is what made it one of the best digital currencies for investment in a very short time.

Ripple occupies fifth place in terms of market capitalization with an investment volume of $50 billion.

There is a maximum limit to the amount of currency that can be available, so this is another advantage.

The price of the currency jumped in less than a month from $0.40 to $1.63 and has now fallen to 1.07 at the moment of writing this article.

Note: Many experts believe that the currency will not achieve gains like those achieved in the near term.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine when you want returns on your investments in order to invest them properly.

4- Litecoin LTC

One of the most famous digital currencies in the world, which was launched by a former Google engineer.

  • Its speed of conversion made it among the best digital currencies for investment
  • However, it is not popular among traders and investments in it represent only about $15 billion.
  • In fact, it is now the No. 10 currency in terms of ranking.
  • It has a maximum coin limit of 84 million coins.

Therefore, if you want a currency that has a good reputation and fast transfers, perhaps you should start buying Litecoin.

5- USDT currency

It cannot be considered one of the best digital currencies for investment, but it can be considered a good way to obtain currencies quickly.

The USDT is a digital currency whose value is stable, which is 1 US dollar and will remain so.

Therefore, if you are trading and want to keep your currencies until the next day, it is necessary to convert them to this currency and be completely confident that your currencies are stable at a certain price.

The next day, return to trading again, and so on.

It is said that for every dollar of currency there is a bank reserve of $1.

But to be fully aware there are a lot of doubts about it.

6- Cardano currency

I remember about 10 months ago, I intended to buy the currency at a price of only 28 cents, and I thought its price was a bit high.

Now the price of the currency is $1.12.

There are many opportunities that I have already missed in the digital currency market, so I hope that you will not lose many opportunities as well.

  • The currency claims that it consumes less energy than Bitcoin, so transfers are faster.
  • It has a maximum currency limit of 45 billion coins.
  • Its market value is somewhat high, estimated at about $36 billion.
  • It also claims to be safer than other digital currencies.

Despite the great ambitions of those in charge of the currency, it will most likely not be able to compete with currency giants such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, so be careful to study the possibilities before investing.

7- Polkadot coin

Many experts believe that Polkadot is considered one of the best digital currencies for investment in 2021.

Although I am not completely convinced of this, it may actually be an opportunity.

So let’s not get ahead of ourselves and tell you a little about this token:

  • It was launched by a group of Ethereum developers who defected from it.
  • Transfers are faster and with lower commissions.
  • There is no maximum limit on the number of tokens.
  • The market capacity of that currency is about $28 billion, ranking it 8th in terms of investment.

8- Stellar currency (XLM)

Stellar is also considered one of the best digital currencies for investment. Some experts even consider it akin to PayPal in the field of digital currencies.

  • Of course, the transfers are very fast and the commissions are also low.
  • The network was originally established for companies and those with large financial transactions to save them difficult transfers and achieve them in a short time instead of taking days.
  • The currency was originally founded by a former Ripple developer.
  • Its market investments are approximately $10 billion.
  • As for the maximum amount of currency, it is only 50 billion coins.

9- Chainlink currency

Chainlink works in the same way as Ethereum through smart contracts, but with other improvements.

The possibility of off-network transactions was provided through the Chainlink network, which does not exist in Ethereum.

Therefore, some consider it one of the best digital currencies for investment, and some believe that it has a very promising future.

  • The price of the currency is not high, so it is believed to be a good investment opportunity.
  • The currency has a maximum limit of 1 billion coins.
  • It occupies 12th place in the currency rankings with a market cap of approximately $13.5 billion.

10- Bitcoin Cash

Although it is one of the currencies resulting from the Bitcoin split, it was able to have a strong presence in the market.

  • Its market price exceeded $1,000 in the previous period, and it is the 11th currency in the ranking.
  • The market cap of the currency is $14 billion.
  • The maximum number that can exist is 21 million currencies such as Bitcoin.

Therefore, it is also necessary to keep your eye on that coin when thinking about currencies, not only because it is the oldest, but also for its value.

Other digital currencies for investment

There are some other currencies that can be considered among the best digital currencies for investment, but these currencies, from my point of view, are in addition to what happened with them in previous periods.

Therefore, I stress that you should not invest in any currency before studying it.

The most important of these currencies are the following:

Bonus: You can follow all the information about the currency in addition to its statistics through the Coinmarketcap website .

Be careful : Although crypto is one of the best ways to make a quick profit online , it is extremely dangerous, so never trade what you need.

These were the best digital currencies to invest in 2021.

Do you have any questions?

If there is something you want to know, do not hesitate to contact us through the comments or through our Facebook page.



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