A project for 500 dirhams (5 profitable and simple projects)

A project for 500 dirhams (5 profitable and simple projects)

Are you looking for a project for 500 dirhams and many people tell you that the amount is very small?

The amount is really small, but you can still launch some small projects by investing it.


In this article, I have collected for you the best 5 project ideas that cost only 500 dirhams or less.

But it is important to know first that the choices before you will be less than those available to those with larger amounts.

We agreed on that?

Let me now take you on a detailed tour of my best projects…

The best projects for 500 dirhams

The group of projects that I will share with you here requires some effort from you in addition to investment.


You may find me pointing out some skills that you should learn, my advice is to start learning them because they will help you greatly.

Not only in the project, but you can start working online by selling it on freelance sites .

Let me avoid long introductions now and move on to…

1- A specialized Arabic blog project

You are now in the Profits Expert blog, an Arabic blog specialized in publishing financial information and everything related to profit and work.

A blog is an informational website through which content is published in the form of articles.

The best thing about this project is that it is profitable, and it is considered one of the most important methods of passive income, which I reached after a period of suffering with electronic projects .

At the beginning of this year, I created a new blog, and began publishing content continuously for 6 consecutive months, bringing the blog to approximately 150 articles.

My initial investment in it was approximately 300 dirhams, and after those first 6 months, the blog’s monthly profits were as follows:

New blog profits from advertising


Although this project is a bit long-term, it is worth the effort.

But since you probably don’t have any blogging skills, here’s the most important thing you need to learn:

  • How to use the WordPress platform.
  • Optimize articles and website for SEO.
  • writing articles.

These are the 3 skills that any blogger needs, and you need them too if you decide to start this project.

Did you decide to start?I advise you to read the article:How to create a blog and profit from it .

In this guide, you will find a comprehensive explanation of all the information and steps you need to get started, and even get your first income from the blog.

Note: It is always preferable to choose one field (you have some passion and knowledge about it) and start writing about it continuously, do not distract yourself in several fields.

2- Financial brokerage website project

Before starting this project, it is important to first familiarize yourself with electronic banks .

Fortunately, we already have a comprehensive guide to the most popular banks in the Arab world.

These banks are used in many online transactions, the most important of which are:

  • Pay advertising fees.
  • Trading.
  • Transfers abroad (due to the low commission).
  • And others…

The project now is to start dealing professionally with these banks, and create an account in those banks.

After that, start making sponsored ads showcasing your financial brokerage services.

You will find many people wanting to transfer between these banks and each other, or send you money by bank transfer in exchange for a balance on those sites.

Start calculating the commission that is satisfactory to you, preferably within the range of commissions found in the market, and then provide them with what they need.

Your amount is a bit small, so start first with Facebook groups to search for clients, and after you have enough capital, you can launch your professional website.

Very important advice: The most important step for success in this project is credibility. If your reputation is affected in any way, you will not be able to get clients in the future.

Now let’s move on to another project for 500 dirhams, which is…

3- A website project for reselling services

Resale of services or dropservicing is a term that is widely known in the foreign Internet.

But this matter is still somewhat weak in our Arab world.

Although there are some people who are already doing it and making excellent income from it.

The idea here can be summarized as: 

  • Search for skilled people who provide their services on freelancing websites.
  • Write down a description of those skills and links to those people’s accounts.
  • Go to another platform and upload those services as if you were the primary provider of the service.
  • However, you definitely need to add a good profit margin for yourself.
  • When someone buys the service from you, you can go and request it from the freelancer to implement it for you.

Another solution, which is somewhat expensive, is to create a professional website and start offering these services through it.

Then, promote these service pages through Google ads or social media ads.

In the end, he requests the service from the freelancer and you deliver it to the customer, and so on…

The Drop Service project is one of the distinctive projects that I encourage you to start with the dirhams you have now.

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4- A specialized YouTube channel project

In an article about the profits of YouTube channels, Iyad Abu Ghosh shared the profits from just one video, which exceeded $11,000:

Earnings from Iyad Abu Ghosh channel

These profits are often not talked about by many content makers on YouTube.


YouTube usually approximately $2 per 1,000 views (in the worst case scenario), if you choose unique content to start sharing it on your channel.

Therefore, the YouTube channel is the best project for 500 dirhams that you can start and get an excellent income from it.

The project cost can be summarized in: 

There is a lot to learn before starting this project, so here is the free YouTube course that I shared a while ago to learn everything you need.

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5- T-shirt printing project

T-shirt printing is one of the unique projects that you can start with a capital of much less than 500 dirhams.

Here I will not tell you to go buy a T-shirt printing machine, buy some T-shirts, and then start promoting them.

Although this method has already been successful for some projects such as Instaprint.

However, I will now show you a very easier idea, which is to take advantage of POD or print-on-demand sites.

Everything you need is here: 

  • Find a unique design idea.
  • Start implementing it on T-shirt models provided by the site electronically.
  • The site will provide you with its own cost, and you must add your own profit margin.
  • Once any customer requests your design, the site starts printing on the T-shirts, selling them, receiving money, and then adding your profit margin to your account balance.
  • Then you can withdraw it to your bank account or via PayPal.

The cost of the project goes to the design program that you will subscribe to on a paid basis to create designs through it.

Here I advise you to: 

  • photoshop
  • Canva pro

As for the sites you can work on, my advice is to start with:

  • Redbubble
  • Teespring

Now with the most important project for 500 dirhams, which is…

6- You are the project

500 dirhams is an excellent amount to invest in yourself.

Whether in acquiring a skill, or purchasing some books that can share with you practical steps to increase productivity.

Or even in developing your skills in the labor market or in your job.

Developing and developing your skills in an era in which most people live in laziness, indolence, and the lack of clear goals for their future is something that will greatly help you get many times the amount of your investment.

That’s why I always talk about the best project for a small amount of money being to develop your skills.

After you possess a specific skill through a distinctive course or training course, you can begin to exploit that skill in selling your services on the Freelance platforms that I previously mentioned to you.

Or you can use it to build your own project.

There are many options before you, but first you must define your passion and how you can turn it into a source of income.

After that, you start paying the cost of the project (your skills development fees).

Thus, you have learned about the 6 best projects for 500 dirhams.

I hope you have enjoyed it and found something that suits you.

In the end, our opinions may differ on which project is best.

So, tell me…

Which of the above projects do you think is the best and most suitable for you?

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