The meaning of balloons in Tik Tok (and their benefits)

The meaning of balloons in Tik Tok (and their benefits)

What are the colors in Tik Tok?

Is it useful?

Why do content creators constantly try to maintain it in live broadcasts?

There are many questions you may be looking for an answer to, and this guide I wrote for you to know all this information.

Every day a new term appears on the famous Chinese program and soon turns into a strong trend. In addition to Win, we have Piston , Explore, Tours , and others…

So let’s get to know the term Win in Tik Tok broadcast…

Meaning of balloons in Tik Tok

Balloons, in short, mean winnings or winning times, and it is one of the famous terms that is frequently used in Tik Tok rounds during live broadcasts.

Every time one of the content creators wins over another in broadcasting with him, he is counted one win.

When these times accumulate, they form a certain number called won.

That is, it means the number of wins that this Tik Toker was able to obtain.

If the content creator enters a round and loses to another celebrity, he loses all the wins he obtained.

Therefore, we find content makers in Tik Tok broadcasts trying as much as possible to maintain their earnings in the rounds to maintain this.

Note: The number of won is not related to the rounds you entered with the same person, but whenever you enter a round and are able to win it, whatever the number of content creators you compete with, it will be counted for you.

It is also important to know that sometimes the letter W is used in broadcast comments.

This letter is an abbreviation for the word Win, and some consider it a tribute to the content creator for his victory over the other person.

Now that you know the meaning of balloons, let us learn about the benefits of obtaining them.

What is the benefit of balloons in Tik Tok?

Financially, Tik Tok logos are of no benefit, but morally and due to popularity, the logos are considered one of the excellent indicators of the strength of your account’s supporters.

This means that you were able to win 10 rounds – for example – that you have a strong audience that supports you strongly.

And therefore…

You will find many broadcast viewers filming the broadcast and publishing it with their friends and others…

Hence, the fame of the content creator increases even more.


The more won a person earns in a live stream, the more popular their account will become by having viewers share their live stream and the results they got.

Another benefit of balloons is that viewers support more to maintain the number of balloons for their favorite content creator.

This was, in brief, the meaning of the balloons in Tik Tok, in addition to the usefulness of this number.

If you have a question regarding any term or feature in the TikTok program, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.

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