The most profitable investments in Egypt (top 12 in 2024)

The most profitable investments in Egypt (top 12 in 2024)

Before you ask about the most profitable investments in Egypt or the best in general after the current wave of inflation, you must ask yourself first….

Are you really ready to invest?

Do you have sufficient conviction that “even the most profitable projects and investments may cause losses?”

If you know the basics of investing, you know very well that you have to think carefully about every investment that someone or a website tells you.

Of course, you must carefully study whether this project is suitable for you and the environment in which you intend to launch it or not.

Because most profitable investments for certain people may be failed investments for others.

Now, if you are ready to start, let me tell you in detail about…

The most profitable investments in Egypt 2022

All I need you to know before we start with the group of profitable investments in the current period in Egypt is that:

  • You should research every detail of the investment that you think is suitable for you.
  • You also need to do a detailed study of the required capital and the resulting profits and consider whether you have sufficient qualifications to start with it or not.

1- Investing online

In a period of continuous rises in the price of the dollar, in addition to the lack of opportunities available on the ground…

It is very important that you start thinking differently and see the great opportunities that you can invest in online.

The great thing here (and the bad at the same time) is that the matter is not limited to Egyptians only.

The Internet has a group of investments that can be considered among the most profitable investments in Egypt.

There are two groups of online investments:

  • Trading and investing in stocks, bonds, digital currencies, Forex, and finally binary options.
  • And create your own project and business on the Internet.

What I mean here is creating your own business or electronic project.

Among the most important types of businesses that you can invest in online are:

  • Content sites (blogs): The most famous example here is Mawdoo3, the largest site on the Internet with monthly profits exceeding $100,000.
  • YouTube Channels: Thousands of people started on YouTube and were able to achieve the best returns on their investments (you can invest in Cash Cow channels without having to appear ).
  • Service sites: The most famous example is the Khamsat website, which achieved profits exceeding $200,000 in 2013 alone.
  • Recruitment sites: The most famous and Egyptian example is the Wazedf website (which achieves huge profits from contracting with companies).

You can also invest in launching a company that provides electronic services such as:

  • Content writing
  • graphic design
  • E-Marketing
  • And others

All of these ideas have become very profitable in recent times after many people turned to the online world.

So think carefully and do not miss this opportunity.

2- Investing in gold (bullion)

Before starting to write this topic, it was natural to search for other sites that talk about the best investments in Egypt.

Unfortunately, I found a website that talks about investing in gold.

What is strange is that despite the site’s reputation as an economic site, the writer decided that investing in gold is through purchasing jewelry.

In fact, this is very wrong.

If you intend to invest in gold (although I consider it a type of preserving the value of money and not an investment), you should buy bullion.

Bullion is the first and last option if you intend to invest in gold.

Bullion weight starts from 10 grams, then 25 grams, then 50, and you can buy bullion up to 100 grams or more.

So even if your capital is small, you can definitely invest in bullion.

What is special about investing in bullion in particular is the very small commission, which does not exceed 25 pounds per gram.

Unlike gold jewelry, the commission may reach 80 pounds per gram.

In gold jewelry, the workmanship is completely lost, unlike bullion, which only loses part of it.

3- Investing in apartments

In the current period, construction has been stopped in most parts of the Republic.

This made the existing apartments the focus of attention for many people, due to the delay in reversing the decision.

Therefore, in the current period, those who own residential apartments in distinct areas are like those who owned lands 10 years ago.

Because apartment prices are constantly rising during this period.


When investing in residential apartments in Egypt, it is very important that you choose:

  • Excellent apartments in terms of finishing
  • Or apartments in desirable areas.

4- Investing in administrative offices and shops

Whatever the circumstances, administrative offices and shops will continue to exist.

Therefore, the best investment in Egypt that you can resort to is to buy administrative offices or shops in excellent places and then resell them again.

Everyone now wants to build their own business.

But the eternal problem for all projects will remain finding a suitable location.

Since you now have the right place, you have one of two options:

  • Resell the office or shop that you purchased at a higher price and then buy again.
  • Or rent the shop or office, and here you will get passive income and at the same time own one of the assets whose price increases over time.

5- Investing in trade

Commercial projects are profitable no matter how low the demand for them.

There are many commercial projects that were started and through which their owners were able to achieve very large monthly sums.

Therefore, investing in starting a small or large business may be a unique opportunity.

In the area where I live, a person built a very large hypermarket and was the first in this area to think about this matter.

The project became one of the most successful and profitable projects.

Therefore, even if you think that the project is not suitable or the trade is unprofitable, just think about a project and start with a simple beginning, then move on gradually after you see the return.

6- Investing in bank certificates

After the rise in the price of the dollar against the pound, interest was raised on almost all bank certificates.

Now, the Talaat Harb certificate with a fixed return of 18% in both the Bank of Egypt and the National Bank.

Therefore, if you are a risk averse and seek to preserve your capital away from any type of projects or investments that contain risk, these certificates are the ideal solution for you.

Although the return is small when compared to the return from other investments, it is a suitable solution for many, so I mentioned it to you.

7- Investing in agriculture

Investing in agricultural projects may be one of the best profitable investments in Egypt in the current period.

There are many profitable agricultural crops that you can grow.

The most important of these plants are:

  • Medicinal plants
  • decoration plants
  • Nuts
  • Legumes such as soybeans
  • Grains such as wheat
  • And others…

At one time, the future project that I sought to start was to grow nuts with high prices and then export them or package them and sell them in stores.

After that organic crops were the next investment I wanted to start making.

All agricultural projects are profitable, but only if you can know all the secrets of agriculture or hire a distinguished agricultural engineer to help you, and certainly about exploiting huge areas of land.

8- Investment in manufacturing

If agriculture is one of the profitable investments in Egypt, then manufacturing is certainly one of the most profitable investments in the whole world.

What made Germany one of the first developed countries?


Therefore, thinking about a specific commodity that a specific country needs or even your country needs and knowing how to manufacture it is the best investment you can start with in Egypt.

Whatever this product you intend to manufacture, all you have to do is just start.

But you should always pay attention to: 

  • The quality you provide is the secret to your success.
  • Exporting abroad is the next step to grow your investment exponentially.
  • Labor is the main factor in the success or failure of your investment, so be sure to choose them very carefully.

9- Long-term investment in the stock market

Many people lose hundreds of thousands in the stock market on a daily basis.

This is certainly mainly due to a wrong strategy, which is short-term daily trading.

This is what Warren Buffett has already warned about and that it is a high-risk principle.

What you’ll want to learn from Warren Buffett is the principle of value investing, which basically means:

Long-term investment in stocks that are valued at less than their actual value in the future.

So all you have to do is find stocks whose current prices are lower than the value they offer and which you expect to rise in the future as their market grows.

Then buy those shares and leave them for years until their value rises and you achieve the return you seek.

Note: You can now trade on the Egyptian Stock Exchange directly through your phone or laptop through the Thndr .

10- Investing in wedding supplies

Have you noticed the number of weddings in recent times? Or just me and my friends?

Recently, almost not a day has passed without joy, marriage, or engagement.

Therefore, what do you think of one of the most profitable projects in Egypt ever?

Definitely wedding supplies.

But here I do not mean that you buy decorations, but rather that you invest in: 

  • Create a distinctive wedding hall in your area.
  • Building a distinctive session for wedding photography
  • Investing in decorations and event preparation as well.
  • Finally, you can buy a camera and start learning and photographing for money.

Everything related to weddings in Egypt is profitable, so why not take advantage of it and get started?

11- Investing in animal projects

Animal projects are among the best projects in Egypt ever.


The problem with these projects is the high risk of death and diseases that occur to them.

If you decide to start this project, do not worry, the profits are good, but you need an excellent study of the project and certainly the help of a veterinarian to manage your farm and be present if any problems occur.

You can work here in two ways, both of which are highly profitable: 

  • Fattening and feeding livestock in large numbers and then reselling them.
  • Purchasing a number of females for the purpose of breeding and then reselling (here the profits are greater).

12- Investing in lands

In light of the decisions prohibiting construction on land, land prices decreased significantly.

If you think it is a bad investment, it is exactly the opposite.

One day in the future, construction will be available again, and thus prices will rise like crazy again.

Therefore, the smart investor is the one who finds opportunities where others do not think about them.

This is what Robert Kiyosaki was actually doing during the economic depression in the United States.

He bought land and houses at low prices, then waited until economic conditions improved and made a large portion of his wealth from reselling those assets.

These were the most profitable investments in Egypt and the best from my personal point of view and depending on the market situation.

But you are certainly free to choose what suits you.

So if you have any questions or would like to share something with us, do not hesitate to contact us through the comments.

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