How do I invest 500 riyals? (Best 9 methods)

How do I invest 500 riyals? (Best 9 methods)

An investment of 500 riyals is not a huge investment.

However, it is also a good amount through which you can achieve excellent returns.

Although some may tell you that it is a small amount…

However, I find it an excellent amount that you can double with a good investment plan in a few months.

So, let me tell you how to invest 500 riyals and make good profits.

But first let’s talk about…

Is it possible to invest 500 riyals without risk?

There is no investment in life that does not include some risk…

Everyone knows that.

Therefore, it is important that this investment be an amount that you do not need any time soon in order to meet life’s needs, otherwise you will be putting yourself in trouble and not investing.

In the next part, you will find me talking about investment methods on the Internet, and others on the ground.

Choose what suits you – despite my preference for the world of the Internet and its investments –

How do I invest 500 riyals?

Here you will find me grading the methods from the lowest in risk (and therefore return), to the highest in terms of risk.

So whatever suits you, you will find it in this guide.

Starting with…

1- Investing in sukuk and bank deposits

Islamic Sukuk, Islamic savings accounts, and even long-term deposits are all considered low-risk investment methods.

Therefore, it is at the forefront of this guide.

Although I do not believe that putting money in banks – or other similar activities – is considered an investment.

However, I see some people who do not want any risk, and therefore this method is suitable for them.

There are many banks and platforms that offer distinctive returns, such as:

  • Sukuk platform: It offers distinctive investment opportunities in Sukuk with returns of up to 14% annually.
  • Riyad Bank: offers distinctive returns on savings and deposit accounts.
  • Al Rajhi Capital: A subsidiary of Al Rajhi Bank, which offers sukuk with annual returns of up to 5.5%.

But if you are convinced, like me, that banks, bonds, sukuk, etc. are the last thing you would resort to for investment, and that they are only a good way to save, then let us move to the highest part in terms of returns, which is:

2- Invest in an electronic blog

A blog is a content site through which educational or marketing articles are published in a specific field or in various fields.

Yes, like this blog you are in now.

Of course, it is always better to launch your blog to specialize in a specific field, and the reason for this is to gain the trust of readers.

Blogging is the best investment method for me, and so far I own 4 blogs that generate passive income every month.

So if you want a low-risk investment, online blogging is what I recommend.


It is important to know well that this is a medium-term investment, meaning that you will not receive returns until after 6-10 months.

Let me share with you part of my own experience: 

  • The previous year, I started an Arabic blog, and continued it at different times for approximately 800 riyals.
  • I continued to work on it for 6 months, continuously publishing topics on it.
  • After 6 months, I applied to the Google Ads program (called Adsense).
  • Now this blog provides me with only approximately 149 riyals per month in ads.

I do not want to extend the explanation here, so I strongly advise you to read my experience in creating blogs and making money from them , and you will find there all the details you need to know in order to start a successful blog.

3- Invest in an online store

Every year, the volume of e-commerce in the Kingdom doubles dramatically.

Therefore, exploiting such a trend is the best investment you can start with.

The nice thing here is that establishing stores is no longer difficult and requires a huge cost as before.

Even manufacturing is no longer necessary in order to sell your own product.

With less than 500 riyals, you can start an online store in Saudi Arabia and start promoting and selling products through it and making good profits.

How can you?

  • Creating a store: Through the Salla platform , they have a free plan that you can try and then move to the plan at a price of 99 riyals per month.
  • Finding products: Through the Tajer platform , which will provide you with a huge number of products that you can sell on your store, then implement the products on the platform with your customer’s data, and the platform will take care of everything from shipping the product until receiving its money.
  • Promoting your store: The best way to do this is to understand your customers and know where they are located. If the product is somewhat upscale, Instagram should become your promotional channel, or Snapchat, and so on.

Through the Tajer platform, you will determine the profit margin from each product, and it will be added to your account once your customer completes the order and receives the product.

After that, you can easily withdraw this balance to your bank account.

As is clear above, the cost of this investment depends entirely on the paid advertisements that you will launch.


You must learn to create professional advertisements in order to ensure good sales, and not lose a large portion of capital.

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4- Perfume trade

In the previous months, a client came to me on my account on the freelancing website Khamsat, wanting some services for his perfume store.

Therefore, I began to obtain some information about his business in terms of profits, costs, etc.

Although he told me that the cost of this project was high and exceeded 500 riyals, I found from his conversation that it started with small numbers.


Perhaps you can start this investment by launching a perfume and oud store and perhaps producing just one perfume.

Start developing your project until you reach the profits you seek to achieve.

5- Trading prayer rugs and abayas

Using that 500 riyals to create some prayer rugs, or some simple abayas, then selling them in front of mosques may be a good investment.

Although I believe that it requires a capital greater than 500 riyals, some people have already started this project with a capital not exceeding 500 riyals and were able to achieve a good return.

The secret is here:

  • Learn to manufacture products by hand yourself.
  • Find some workshops that will agree to produce some carpets with this small capital.

If you can achieve these two elements above, you will most likely be able to sell products and obtain a distinctive return that enables you to expand your project.

6- Dates trade

The investment here is simple and required, but it requires some creative ideas in packaging and marketing.

Here all you need is:

  • Buy a good amount of dates in bulk.
  • Buy some special boxes for packaging.
  • Put the dates in these boxes and package them in a distinctive way.
  • Now go to the markets or in front of the mosques and start selling those cans.

Mostly, the cost of one box will range between 5-10 riyals. You can simply sell it for double this amount.


Make sure to maintain quality, and sell a worthy product.

The more your sales increase, the more you can later develop your project and obtain a store or build a distinctive online store to sell your dates.

7- Trading

Sure you can trade using 500 riyals.


What type of trading do you want to start with?

Do you want to:

  • Long term investment
  • Or a short-term investment?

Long-term investment depends on:

Buying stocks, especially stocks of well-known companies and brands that will largely continue in the markets for many more years, such as:

  • apple stocks
  • Alphabet stock (Google)
  • Microsoft shares.
  • And others…

In this type of investment, you will often see returns on your investments after a while, but the risk here will not be huge.

As for short-term investment, you have several options:

  • Forex trading: It is the trading of different currency pairs, and in most cases the deals will not last more than a day.
  • Binary Options Trading: Here trades range from a minute to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Cryptocurrency trading: These are high-risk investments, but many people and companies have already achieved huge returns from them.

Each of the trading methods above requires a comprehensive guide to explain it.

I have already made a simplified explanation of each of them. You can view each of them for more details.

These were my favorite and recommended ways to invest 500 riyals.

Of course there are more ways, but above you will find what I find to be a unique opportunity.

Now tell me…

What method do you choose to last your amount?

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