The most profitable trade in Saudi Arabia (excellent return)

The most profitable trade in Saudi Arabia (excellent return)

The most profitable business in Saudi Arabia is the one in which we sell in-demand products.

Therefore, in this article, I have collected for you the 10 best selling products in the Kingdom.

You can start any of the following businesses through either an online store or a store.

It is always better to combine selling online and on the ground.

Let’s cut the long introductions short and quickly get to know…

The most profitable business in Saudi Arabia (top 10 ideas)

The projects that we will talk about below range in cost from 2000 riyals to 100 thousand riyals .

So if your amount is within this amount you will find what suits you here.

Starting with…

1- Honey trade

Honey business is the most profitable business in Saudi Arabia that you can start with with a fairly small amount.

The cost of the project can range from 1000 riyals to 50 thousand riyals .

This basically depends on your trading method.

I started this article with honey due to the experience of one of the clients I already work with who has a very successful business in this product.

The client I worked with relied on an online store, and he started with only 3 products:

  • Sidr honey.
  • Black seed honey.
  • And finally, Black Forest honey.

I do not know the actual cost of the project, but it did not exceed 30 thousand riyals at first.

Then the project began to expand and this client set out to create his own apiary to produce honey himself.

Thus, the project’s profits increase.

The profit percentage in this trade ranges from 10% to 30% of the product price.

Given the huge demand for honey products in Saudi Arabia, the return from the project is indeed worthy.

Here you can: 

  • Deal with existing apiaries, buy wholesale honey from them and create your own brand.
  • Starting your own apiary and producing honey on your own account will cost you a lot of money.

It is important that you obtain approvals from the Saudi Ministry of Health for your product, and obtain project licenses at the beginning.

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2- Abaya trade

The Abaya project is one of the profitable and excellent projects in Saudi Arabia.

Abayas are among the official fashions in Saudi Arabia.

I talked about this before in a previous topic in detail.

But in brief…

Trading abayas, especially women’s, can provide you with an excellent return on your investment.

The project cost varies depending on how you work:

  • If you want to sell directly after purchasing from factories, the cost of the project will range between 10 thousand riyals and 25 thousand riyals.
  • If you want to start manufacturing yourself, you will most likely need 150 thousand riyals as a minimum.
  • You can also do affiliate marketing and the cost will not exceed 5000 riyals .

In affiliate marketing , you market other people’s products, so the cost will be just a cost:

  • Create an online store.
  • And paid advertisements.

Therefore, whatever your capital is, you will be able to start this trade.

The most difficult thing you will face in marketing other people’s products is finding good products. In order to find the best products, you will need to register on affiliate marketing sites and find the best product.

3- Perfume trade

Perfumes and oud are indispensable products in the Kingdom.

Thus, starting to manufacture and trade perfumes is a profitable business in Saudi Arabia.

The best way to start this trade is:

  • Start manufacturing your own perfume.
  • Create your own distinctive brand.
  • Then launch an online store for your products.
  • Finally, marketing your products via Snapchat.

The cost of this project will be somewhat high, given the necessity of starting the manufacturing phase yourself.

As an initial cost, you will need approximately 20 thousand riyals.

Also, do not forget the cost of registration and licensing, and certainly renting a store to sell through if you prefer.

4- Rose trade

You may think that the flower trade is an unprofitable business in Saudi Arabia.

But it is the most profitable business you can start, according to the experiences of many entrepreneurs in the Arab world.

The worst thing about this trade is that it depends heavily on occasions, especially Valentine’s Day.

Therefore, if you want to start this trade, it is important to keep in mind that the best income you will achieve from it will be during special occasions.

Here I also recommend starting a professional online store.

And an additional tip: You can also add ornamental plants as an additional product in your product to maintain a good sales rate in your store.

5- Car trading

Cars are also one of the products in high demand in the Kingdom.

Therefore, car trading, whether new or used cars, or maintenance and resale of repair cars, is one of the most profitable businesses in Saudi Arabia.

At least you need 60 thousand riyals to start this project in its simplest form, which is car recycling.

If you intend to start a huge car trade showroom, you need at least one million riyals.

Therefore, if you do not have sufficient capital, all you have to do is gradually start trading in used cars, then move on to start your own showroom.

6- Trade in coffee and its tools

Coffee is one of the products that is very popular in Saudi Arabia in particular, the Arab world and the world.

If not, how can a brand like Starbucks become so popular?

In the Kingdom alone, more than 100,000 people search for coffee and its products every month.

Here we are talking about a project to sell various types of coffee, and you can add some coffee tools.

The best way to start this project is through an online store.

After study and analysis, I found many stores in Saudi Arabia that started this trade and achieved huge sales.

Therefore, do not worry, this business is profitable in Saudi Arabia and is worth your investment.

7- Organic food products trade

A few years ago, I came across a Healthy Life store that sells healthy food products in Saudi Arabia.

At first, the store’s sales were not good according to the statistics they were providing.

But with the right promotion, and the development of awareness of the importance of healthy foods…

Many people in the Kingdom have begun to invest in their health and buy healthy food products from the store.

Hence, the store’s profits doubled hugely.

It has now become one of the most popular products sold in the Kingdom.

The nice thing here is that this field is not yet saturated with many traders.

Therefore, starting a project like this is a very profitable business, which I highly recommend.

You can start with some simple products, then increase the products after that and contract with other people with their own products.

The most important step in this project is good marketing of your products.

The most important thing is your personal conviction in the importance of these products, because this will greatly help you continue with the project even if it does not generate sufficient income.

Advice: Launch an online store first to reduce costs, then move to sales outlets.

8- Dates trade

Dates are one of the basic products in Saudi homes.

Hence, the date trade began as one of the best business projects that can be undertaken in Saudi Arabia.

This business is one of the easiest projects you can start.

Here you only need to buy good quantities of dates in bulk from good farms.

After that start the packaging phase of your products.

You can then start the selling phase in front of different mosques, and you will find good demand for your product if it is of sufficient quality.

You can also contract with commercial centers in order to add your product to their product list.

The cost of the project is very simple, as you can start the project with only 300 riyals .

9- Ornamental plants trade

The project of selling ornamental plants is the most profitable project in Saudi Arabia and in almost any country.

Everyone prefers to add an aesthetic appearance to his home or garden.

Hence you can start this project and expect a good return on your investment.

But before anything, it is important to study the Saudi market, and know the best desirable ornamental plants.

The cost of this project may range from 10,000 to 20,000 riyals, depending on the number of products you intend to trade.

You can also start the cultivation phase of these plants after increasing your capital.

10- Insulating materials trade

The temperature is very high in Saudi Arabia, as you know.

Therefore, the trend began to buy insulating materials for roofs and homes in order to improve the temperature.

Hence, the insulating materials trade emerged as one of the projects that have a good future in the Kingdom.

The insulating materials trading project is one of the huge projects, and therefore requires huge capital in order to start.

Mostly, the cost will be between 100 and 250 thousand riyals.

What is the best trade in Saudi Arabia that I recommend?

All types of trade previously mentioned in this article are profitable, and what is best for me is different from what is best for you or someone else.

Therefore, choose the project that suits your circumstances and personal convictions.

The most important thing is that the project is suitable for your current capital.

For me, I prefer projects such as trading coffee and its tools, and also food products.

But it may definitely be different for you.

So tell me…

Which trade is better for you and do you think it is more profitable?

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