A project with a capital of 1000 dirhams (7 very successful projects)

A project with a capital of 1000 dirhams (7 very successful projects)

You can definitely start a business with a capital of 1000 dirhams.

Many may tell you that it is almost impossible, but there are actually some projects that can be implemented with this amount.

Many of these projects can be implemented online…

However, I will share with you a few projects that can be implemented on the ground with this small amount.

Note… Here we are talking about 1000 UAE dirhams, so these projects may not be suitable if you see this article in any other different country.

You can always use the guide to the best simple projects to increase income , and you will find projects suitable for various Arab countries.

Now let’s move on to…

The best 7 projects for 1000 dirhams

We start first with simple electronic projects suitable for beginners , and then we move on to other projects that can be implemented on the ground.

We started with my favorite project, which is…

1- Blogging project

Blogging means sharing written articles on the Internet.

Like any method of creating content, the easiest way to generate income is through paid advertising.

One of my new blogs, which I started about 8 months ago, generated approximately 250 dirhams in the seventh month.

New blog profits from advertising

You can start a blog for as little as 250 dirhams by purchasing Bluehost’s annual hosting and you will get a website in just a few clicks.

But before you go to buy hosting, you should know that you need: 

  • Know how to write articles and optimize them for search engines.
  • Invest the rest of the amount in purchasing articles from professional writers who have many positive reviews so that you can learn to write articles and start writing on your own.

If you would like more about this project, I advise you to carefully read the guide to creating a blog and making money from it .

2- YouTube channel project

YouTube channels are also very profitable projects that you can start with 1,000 UAE dirhams and achieve a return that exceeds this amount.

The capital of this project is put into filming equipment for the videos that you will publish.

You can also pay a small amount not exceeding 100 dirhams to one of the freelancers on freelance sites to configure your channel and adjust its settings for you.

After studying the YouTube profits of many content creators, I strongly recommend starting a channel, given the Arab audience’s tendency to follow video content more than written content.

If you want more about the channel project, my advice is to follow: the YouTube course that I shared a while ago, and you will find everything you need in it.

3- Online teaching project

If you have a skill, or you can teach a scientific subject, then one of the distinctive projects in which you can exploit your capital is to create educational content in the form of a course or training course and then sell it through course sites or your own website.

The most beautiful thing about the online teaching project – in addition to the fact that it will never cost more than 1000 dirhams – is that it generates a continuous monthly income without the need to create a new course.

This is called passive income.

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4- Aromatic candles project

Scented candles are one of the successful and profitable projects for women that I talked about before.

These candles have become widespread in recent times, and the demand for them has increased.


If you want a rare women’s project that generates excellent profits, this is a project I highly recommend.

Here we will combine: 

  • Marketing to those around us.
  • Paid marketing on social media.

This ensures access to a large number of interested customers.

But before anything, it is important to emphasize the difficulty of finding educational content on how to make these candles professionally in Arabic content.

Hence, you have to search deeply into the foreign content in order to find the best explanation, thus ensuring the quality of the final product.

5- Product photography project

Here I preferred to talk about product photography, rather than photographing events and weddings.

The secret is simple…

The trend towards e-commerce has increased dramatically in the past few years.

Hence, the need for professional product photographers has increased.

But that is not the main reason…

The main reason here is that that 1,000 dirhams may not be enough capital to buy professional photography equipment for events and parties.

While in product photography we may not need the latest photography equipment.

Note: It is very important to market yourself well so that you can get clients.

6- Handmade products manufacturing project

Manufacturing handmade products is an excellent project with a capital of 1000 dirhams.

The capital of this project may be much more or much less, as the project may not exceed 500 dirhams .

This project is very similar to the Aromatherapy Candle Makers Project in its promotion method.

Here we handcraft the products after purchasing the best raw materials. After that, the promotion phase begins through social media and the circle of people around us.

You have many options to start learning to make it, the most important of which are: 

  • Simple accessories.
  • Pottery and porcelain products.
  • Home decorations.
  • Natural leather products such as bags and belts.
  • And other ideas…

Choose what suits you from these ideas and start implementing it, and if you are good enough, you will ensure that customers buy your products at excellent prices.

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And now for our latest project…

7- Services resale project

Reselling services or dropservicing is one of the distinctive projects that you can start with a capital not exceeding 1000 dirhams.

Some even consider it an electronic project without capital , given the possibility of implementing it at no cost.

But the problem with this method will be that it is slow and difficult to implement.

So we’ll talk about a cost-effective way to make this project easier for you.

Always start with: 

  • Finding the best people who sell their skills online.
  • Find someone who needs these services.
  • Or you can launch a paid ad to target those who need this skill.
  • Now, once the client contacts you and informs you of all the details of the project, contact the freelancer and ask him to implement the service for a certain amount (usually 50-60% of the amount paid by the client).
  • When the freelancer finishes implementing the service, send it to the client for evaluation, and if he requests any modifications, request them from the freelancer to implement them for you.

Thus, we have finished with the project ideas and it is time for me to share with you my personal point of view…

What is the best project with a capital of 1000 dirhams?

For me, the best project with a capital of 1000 dirhams is to create a blog and invest part of your money in learning all the necessary skills, but recently I have begun to prefer YouTube.

Therefore, you have two good electronic projects: channels and blogs.

If you want a project on the ground, this depends on your gender:

  • For girls and women: The handmade candle making project is considered one of the excellent projects.
  • For men: You can enter the field of photography.

Your hero, I have shared with you a set of ideas that will help you start a project with a capital of 1000 dirhams.

Now tell me…

Which projects did you decide to start implementing?

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