Ways to promote affiliate offers and CPA for free

Ways to promote affiliate offers and CPA for free

Do you want a personal opinion on this topic?I do not preferfree promotional methodsat all, and I think that if you are a serious person in
working on the Internetin any field, you will not look for something free, but on the other hand, I know that some do not have enough money to start with paid methods, due to the large demand. Onthe best ways to promote offers for free,we found here that it is a good idea to start adding some effective methods that you can exploit to promote whetheraffiliate marketingorCPA.But I must tell you that it is better for you to try to collect some money and then start in the various fields of electronic marketing. Indeed, we have talked about many ways that you can start and raise capital, the best of which I consider to be the best of all:

Writing articles( Or microservices sites in general)

task performance sites.  These are two ways through which you may be able to collect some money that you can use inpaid promotion methods.Indeed, we all know the advantages of paid promotion, and now do you still want some free promotion methods?


The best free ways to promote affiliate offers and CPA offers

Promoting CPA offers on social media is more difficult than promoting affiliate offers. Therefore, the best way to promote CPA offers on social media is to create a landing page and then send traffic (visits) through it to the offer.

Just know at the beginning that: (Free promotion = more effort + more time)

1- Forums Forums

are considered one of the best areas on the Internet that contain a large audience of followers and members, but how can I use forums as a way to promote affiliate offers?!

As some of you already know, most forums do not accept

the promotion of CPA offersoraffiliate offers, but on the other hand, there are some forums that accept this, which I certainly cannot post in this topic!You just have to search for foreign forums and learn about the conditions for publishing in them, and you are sure to find some of them. Now let us get to know this free method.

This method is considered one of the famous methods in forums, and many sites have already talked about it, but it may be a good method for you. All you have to do is follow these steps until you reach good profits:

– Look for forums that have a good number of members
– Register in those Forums
– Start posting and answering questions in one field without posting any links or promoting anything so that the forum administrator trusts you.
Most foreign forums provide a field called signature. In that field you can put a link to your CPA or affiliate offer, but I definitely prefer putting a link to a landing page, and if it is a blog, it is definitely better.
– Wait a while after adding the site to your signature and you will find some conversions to your offer from people whose questions you have answered before.

This method is not exclusive or specific to me, but it is a good and effective way to promote CPA offers and also affiliate marketing offers for free.

2- Facebook groups:

There is a huge difference between Facebook groups and pages in terms of people’s interaction.
All you have to do now is choose a CPA offer or a good affiliate offer and start joining groups that are related to the offer you are promoting.

Start proving your presence in the group by responding to other people and helping them until a large number of members get to know you, then after a while you can present this offer or product as a solution. For example:

You are now promoting a course related to weight loss, and all you have to do is make people enter Email (View CPA) The steps that you must follow now
– Search for some information about weight loss and learn about it
– Start searching and joining groups (groups) related to weight loss on Facebook.
– Share your experiences with these people and talk about the importance of exercise, and you can mention some good diets.
– After proving your experience and knowledge in this group, start presenting this course offer that it will actually help in changing their lives for the better, and you can try the course by sending their email.
– You will now find some interested people who will register, and thus you will profit from this CPA offer.

The same steps apply to promoting affiliate offers if you are promoting, for example, a weight-loss product, a treadmill, or even a course.

The best way

to join is to own a group on Facebook and work to gather the largest number of people interested in it and start managing it yourself, because some administrators of the groups on Facebook will not agree to your promotion of these offers.3- Quora website

Many foreign and Arab bloggers have recently talked about the possibility of

promoting offers for freeon the Quora website. For those who do not know Quora, it is one of the most famous foreign websites for answering questions and has thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers, and its topics are read by millions of people.free promotion

via the Quora websitedepends– In the beginning, you must try to gather a lot of people to follow you
– Make sure to answer the questions that people ask, but quickly, so that your answer appears to the largest possible number of people, and you place a link inside your answer. By converting the visitor to the offer (but the offer must be related to the person’s question).

I actually tried Quora, but not to promote CPA offers, but rather as an affiliate, and it yielded positive results for me.

It is very important that you know that all of these free methods of promotion are not guaranteed, and Quora may delete some of the links that you place, so you must make a great effort to gain the trust of the sites that publish CPA or affiliate offers.

4- YouTube channels:

If you are a content creator on YouTube, the opportunity to profit from

promoting affiliate offers and free CPAis very widely available to you.You can search for the best products that specialize in your field, then start making reviews for them, and every time someone comes in to listen to your video, you send them to the link at the bottom of the video to be converted into the offer, and you earn a commission from this.

If you do not have a YouTube channel, there is no problem at all. Creating your channel is very easy and free. All you have to focus on is choosing the field in which your channel will be created. The most important thing you should think about now is choosing a niche (field) to find. If you are interested in a field, start with it because you will be creative and give your best in it.

5- Pinterest

Pinterest is the best for affiliate offers, and if you do not know Pinterest, it is one of the most important and famous social networks in the world. It relies primarily on images, and when a person clicks on an image, it is transferred to the site (the display in this case), so if you If you want to profit from

promoting offers for freeon Pinterest, you must now follow these two basic steps after choosing the niche:– Start searching for the best images ever in the field in which you will specialize.
– Start paying attention to your Pinterest account and try to attract more followers by making some follows and likes on other people’s photos.

When you have a good audience, you can now start promoting some offers on your account and start making good profits.

Some people actually rely on Pinterest as the best way to bring

free traffic to affiliate offers, and they make large sums of money from it, but they were initially interested in the power of their personal account.6- Twitter

Twitter is considered one of the most famous social platforms in the world, and the most important thing that distinguishes Twitter is its spread in America and the Gulf countries. Therefore, whether you want to rely on

CPA or affiliate offersfor the Gulf countries or America, you can do so with ease.Twitter, like the other methods above, you must initially pay attention to the strength of your personal profile and increase the number of followers after definitely choosing the specialty of your account, and then after that you start searching for offers and promoting them for free on your personal account.

The most important thing you can exploit on Twitter is hashtags and trends. You can exploit hashtags to attract visitors and conversions through the trend.

7- SEO:

I was actually surprised when I found a large number of famous bloggers in the Arab world talking about

SEOas a free means of promotion.Although you can actually learn it from free sources, you will need many paid tools.

SEO in short for those who do not know it is (
preparing your website, blog, or YouTube channel for the search engine), but how do I use SEO if I do not already own a website (that is, you need a domain, hosting, and a template),and if we say that you will rely on free blogging platforms, then I tell you, in addition to the fact that you will appear completely unprofessional, you will need some tools that will help you:

– Obtaining
keywords– A good template so that you can get conversions and thus profits
– Purchasing articles (if you do not want to blog yourself)
– Purchasing Backlinks in order to improve the appearance of your blog on the search engine,

so I do not consider SEO at all a free way to promote offers.

But to be more precise, sometimes it is possible to use SEO,

create afree blog, and get visitors, but you will face many obstacles, the most important of which are:
Getting visitorswill not happen until after months (4 months minimum).

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