What does the supporter benefit from on Tik Tok? (in detail)

What does the supporter benefit from on Tik Tok? (in detail)

What does the supporter benefit from on Tik Tok?

Gifts worth thousands of dollars are sent in live broadcasts. What is their purpose?

I often wondered about this, and after deep thinking I found that the benefit of the supporter lies in 4 basic things that I will tell you in detail.

Therefore, if you are as passionate as I am about knowing the purpose of sending these gifts, then continue with me because this is the purpose of this article.

But first, let me answer a very important question, which is…

Does the supporter benefit financially from Tik Tok?

In order for us to be in agreement, it is important to know that the supporter does not directly benefit financially from anything.

Actually he’s the one paying, you know.

But if we look at the matter indirectly, support on Tik Tok may be just an investment made by supporters in order to obtain amounts greater than what they paid.

In fact, this is what I’ve found many really strong supporters doing.

One of the strongest supporters on TikTok. After a series of continuous support for months, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers to his account, he began to go out on a live broadcast and receive strong support.

Therefore, indirectly the supporter may benefit financially.

But let’s go back to the purpose of this topic…

What does the supporter benefit from on Tik Tok?

5 things the supporter gets by sending Tik Tok gifts to the content creator, and the greater the value of the gift, such as a lion , for example, the higher these five benefits.

The beginning, which I believe is the goal of many supporters, is…

1- Fame

One of the most important benefits of supporters on TikTok is fame.

Once support is sent to content creators – especially celebrities – the supporter gets a huge opportunity to appear in one of the recordings that are recorded for broadcast and then re-published.

Such videos, especially those about Tik Tok tours, often receive huge views.

From here, many people will learn about the supporter’s account, and most likely they will start following it.

This was the first benefit, but the second, which many people consider very important, is…

2- Forming relationships and friendships with content creators

You’ll often find that TikTok celebrities know their supporters well.

In some cases, this knowledge even develops into friendships or personal acquaintances.

Here I am not talking about these relationships and whether they are correct and built on a sound foundation or not.

All I’m trying to tell you is that the supporter and content creator here benefits from these personal relationships or friendship relationships in one way or another.

3- Goodness

Despite the disadvantages of Tik Tok and its great ability to waste your valuable time, there is one of the biggest advantages that you can do with it.

Here I’m talking about doing good.

I don’t know whether these cases are cases that really need support or not.

But Tik Tok and the support during the live broadcast have opened up the possibility for many people to donate or provide their zakat to people who are truly in dire need of money.

You can find many supporters who already provide support for such cases, and here I do not need to tell you what the supporter on Tik Tok benefits in this case.

4- Enjoying and satisfying an inner feeling

Do you know that temporary feeling of pleasure and joy when you accomplish a simple accomplishment?

This is what many supporters are looking for on TikTok.

A state of inner feeling of contentment and satisfaction with themselves.

Once there is support, the content creator often exclaims the name of the supporter and begins to thank him.

This is what gives a feeling that some people sometimes describe as arrogance, and at other times it can be considered a feeling of contentment.

Whatever the names, through support the supporter benefits from this feeling, which for some people may be priceless.

5- Obtaining future support

As I shared with you, some supporters treat support on TikTok as a future investment.


They support celebrities’ accounts until they reach a good number of followers, and then they start doing live broadcasts and starting Tik Tok tours in which other people support them.

Sometimes the support they receive may be many times the amount they have already paid.

This was my detailed answer to the question, “What does a supporter benefit from on Tik Tok?”

I hope this answer provided what you were looking for.

Finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comment or contact us.

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