What is the product (with 9 features to double your sales and commissions)

What is the product (with 9 features to double your sales and commissions)

The characteristics of the product are what determine whether it will bring you profits or losses.

Although you expect a bunch of quick features from me, I decided to delve deeper into this topic.

The characteristics of the product in general are not the focus of the discussion. What is the benefit of getting to know some of the traditional characteristics?

But the specifications of the winning product are definitely the most important.

What makes this product achieve more sales while the competing product suffers huge losses?

This is the goal of our topic: to know the characteristics and specifications that your product must possess in order to achieve the highest conversion rates.

whether you: 

  • Product owner.
  • She works in the field of affiliate marketing
  • She works in the field of drop shipping.
  • CPA marketer .
  • Or work in any field of e-commerce.

This topic is definitely for you and you need to pay close attention to what I will discuss below.

Now let us learn about these properties in detail…

But first, let me tell you the definition of the product and its most important types.

What is the product and its most important types?

A product is every service that can be sold to achieve a specific goal, satisfy a specific desire for the customer, and certainly achieve a profit for the seller ( source ).

In short, a product is everything that can be sold.

It includes two basic prices:

  • The cost price is what the product owner pays.
  • The selling price is the total cost price plus the profit margin.

In general, there are two basic types of products:

  • Physical products : Any item that can be held with the bare hand and includes various products such as clothes, books, cars, etc.
  • Sensory services or products (Services) : These are virtual products such as courses, e-books, digital currencies, and various technologies, such as applications and others.

But sometimes the two types are combined together to represent another different type, which are called Hybrid products.

The most important example of hybrid products are electronics that include programs and services inside them and at the same time are a tangible product.

It is also possible to divide products into types according to the users of those products, for example there are:

  • B2B (Business to business): These are products that primarily target companies.
  • B2C (Business to customer): These are products that are designed to target individuals, not companies.

But owning a product does not essentially mean that it is a good product and you can sell it, so it is important to study in detail how to market the product effectively.

Now let’s get to know the specifications that make one product a winner and the other a loser…

Characteristics of the winning product

There are general characteristics that should be present in most products, and the most important of these characteristics are that:

  • Designed for a specific purpose: The product must be based on an actual problem to be solved.
  • Effective: It is certainly important that the product achieves its intended goal and is of good quality.
  • Understandable: It is important that the product you manufacture or promote is understandable enough so that your potential customers know what the product they will buy does.
  • It has a name: It is natural for any product to have a distinctive name that will always remain before the eyes of buyers so that they remember it by it.
  • Withstands time: Not completely, but it is important that the product remains stable for a long period of time, has a continuous audience, and can continue in light of the increasing trends that occur constantly.
  • Its price is appropriate: Every product must have an appropriate price. I do not mean high or low, but appropriate for the segment of customers that the product targets. If you are targeting a high-income segment, it is very natural for the price to rise, but targeting the low-income segment makes you forced to lower the price.

These are the basic characteristics of any product.

But what makes the product profitable is what I will tell you now…

1- Product goal (value)

Product value is the most important characteristic that makes a product profitable.

Imagine you are a marketer for a product that does not offer anything and has no purpose at all. Why would anyone buy anything?

The more solutions the product provides are suitable for a large segment of society or customers, the greater the profit from this product.

Whether you are a marketer, manufacturer, or trader, you must first understand the true goal of any product you have so that you can focus on this goal when selling.

The more difficult the problem your product solves, the higher your profit margin can be.

The most famous example of value is Apple or Mercedes corporate products.

Here, these products do not provide the traditional solution for the mobile phone product or a means of transportation like cars, but they also provide real value to every person who owns these products and has an internal sense of self-confidence.

This is what big companies promote and this is what you should look for (the inner feeling that the customer gets from your product).

2- The nature of using the product

The nature of using the product is also very important for you to pay attention to.

Is your product going to be a one-time business purchase? Or is it a renewable consumer product that customers will constantly purchase for themselves?

Consumer products that are purchased many times are considered the best in terms of profits.

Do you want a customer who will buy a product that earned you $2 20 times in his life? Or do you want to sell a product only once for a profit of $20?

Once you determine what you really want, you can choose the appropriate product to market or manufacture.

3- Product commission

This section is more specific to product affiliates.

But you, as a product owner, can consider this commission as your profit margin.

Back again to the marketers…

Tell me, would you like to market a product that provides you with a commission only once? Or do you want to get a commission every time the person you brought to the show or product pays money or makes a purchase?

So that you can understand more clearly, let me tell you what I mean

There are two types of commissions:

  • One-time commission: This is provided by CPA companies, and here the site offers you a commission the first time a person registers on the site or makes a purchase
  • Renewable or recurring commission: This is usually a lower commission, but continues as long as the customer uses the product

The most famous example of a one-time commission is hosting companies that give you up to $100 once someone buys hosting through you.

While there are other hosting companies that offer you 40% of the amount that a person pays for life.

Imagine with me a client who signed up through you and continued to use the hosting company for 10 years and paid $100 annually.

Your commission in this case is 40*10, which means 400 dollars, but in the first case you got only 65 or 100 dollars.

Both commission systems are excellent for some people and bad for others, but for me I prefer continuous commissions because I more prefer what is called passive income, which allows me to continue earning even if I have no desire to work.

Another thing you should pay attention to in this part is the commission amount…

Some people prefer products with a cheap price in marketing because a large number will buy them, but others prefer products with a higher price because their commission is much greater.

  • You sold 1000 products and the profit from each product was $1. Here your profit is $1000.
  • Another person sold 10 products, and his commission from each product was $100. He also made a profit of $1,000.

Both cases have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose what is best for you.

4- Product fame

Traditional products are marketed and sold guaranteed.

But can you make big profits from it?

This question depends on another element, which is the popularity of your brand.

But basically, if your product is somewhat new and unconventional, then your profit margin, which you can determine and object to, will most likely not exist.

Therefore, one of the most important characteristics of the product is always and forever newness.

Look, for example, at companies that provide electronic payment services…

Most of these services usually have fairly large commissions because few other people and companies can imitate them.

One of the most famous practical examples of this is the Dancing Cactus product.

Do you remember this product that was very popular in the previous months?

In the beginning, the price of the product was approximately 200 Egyptian pounds, and many people were buying it, but after a while, and due to its wide spread, its price did not exceed 60 pounds.

Therefore, if you intend to work on a product, always make sure to think of something new or unconventional, even if it provides a solution to a traditional problem.

5- Reviews of previous customers

Many marketers and product owners do not pay enough attention to this element.


It is very important if you are a marketer to look at other customer reviews of the product you are marketing.

If you are a seller, it is necessary to put your customers’ reviews in a clear place on your website.

Reviews are one of the most reassuring things for a potential customer and encourage them to continue the purchase process.

Not only that, but reviews are also the most important things that push some companies or service providers on freelance sites to raise the price of their services and products.

Evaluations are direct evidence of the quality of the product. The higher the quality, the higher the price and thus the greater the profits.

6- Product quality

This is very obvious.

Quality is certainly one of the most important characteristics of profitable products that buyers flock to.

The higher the quality, the higher the price. Therefore, we find Rolls-Royce cars among the most expensive cars in the world. We also find Apple products whose prices are very high compared to the products of their competitors.

Therefore, if you want to increase your profit margin, you must raise the quality of your products.

But what is more important than that is to know your audience and target segment carefully so that you know whether the price is suitable for them or not.

7- Product brand

Brand is also one of the most powerful factors in determining product profits.

Have you ever heard of Rolex watches?

Rolex is one of the most expensive watches in the world.

If we look at it superficially, it is just a watch through which you know the time. Any other watch can tell you the time, right?

But here the brand, the quality of the product, and the nature of those who use it are what determine the price and thus the profits.

Therefore, before you think about increasing the profits of your products or want to increase its price, it is important to ask yourself: Do customers know the name of your company or your brand?

Are they looking for it and want to know about news and new products?

If you have reached this stage, which depends mainly on brand marketing, then at this moment price is the last concern of your customers, thus ensuring that your product will achieve great profits.

8- Product price

I know I already talked about the price above, but how could I leave out one of the most important features in any product?

the price!!

But not only the price, but the right price .

The price of your product must be very precisely proportional to the goal of your product, your program, and also its quality.

Imagine, for example, you created a new phone and talked about its great features and set a price of 1000 pounds for it.

This price will make doubt grow in the minds of most people who reach your product advertisement.

You can also make the price 10 thousand dollars!!!!

But do you know what will happen in this case?

It will become a site product that is ridiculed by most people.

Therefore, choosing a price that is appropriate for what your product offers and its quality, in addition to your company’s reputation, is very important.

9- How to promote the product

Some products can be promoted in some ways and cannot be promoted in other ways.

For example, I cannot market a Mac device in a paper newspaper.

I also cannot market a product targeting Egyptians on Reddit or Snapchat, for example.

This is simply because your audience does not exist in these places.

But that’s not what I mean…

In fact, this is not considered a characteristic of the product, but it is considered one of the means that helps your product double its sales.

Imagine with me promoting a product through influencers…

You go to a celebrity and offer him some money in exchange for promoting your product.

In this case, will the price be similar to the price of your product if you marketed it by distributing some papers in the streets?

of course no.

Therefore, the marketing method you use is also important in determining whether you can raise the price of your product and thus increase profits through it or not.

This was a very simplified guide to explain what the product is in addition to the most important characteristics of the winning product.

Now tell me…

Do you think there are other characteristics that distinguish these successful products that achieve a lot of sales in the markets?

Now if you have anything you would like to contact me and inquire about, do not hesitate.

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