What is affiliate marketing (my experience in earning more than $1,500) 2024

What is affiliate marketing (my experience in earning more than $1,500) 2024

Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to see a quick income.

However, some small details that you do not know may make online work a slope that may take your money and take it down into the abyss.

Therefore, it is important that you know all the details before you start and launch some advertising campaigns or create a website and place some links on it while waiting for a commission.

Here I will tell you everything you need…

Because this guide was developed specifically for beginners who do not know anything about the field of affiliate marketing.

I don’t know if you are a beginner or if you are already an affiliate marketer…

But all I know is that in both cases you will benefit greatly from this guide.

I will also show you a set of commissions that I earned from marketing some sites and products.

Now are you ready to start?

Let’s get to know me first…

What is affiliate marketing?

In the last year of college, because it is one of the most important years, I did not want to neglect and waste an additional year in it.

So I decided to go rent an apartment with a group of my friends.

Because I did not know much about this governorate, I decided to turn to one of the famous brokers in the region.

He actually found us a good apartment at a good price.

In return, his commission from me was half of the first month’s rent and the same from the apartment owner.

This is affiliate marketing in reality.

The nature of work in online affiliate marketing is also similar:

  • You find a product and know very well that some people need it.
  • You go to them (shop the product using different promotion methods).
  • When someone makes a purchase, the product owner gives you a commission.

The difference here is that you will not take a commission twice, as in the example of the apartment above, but once from the seller.

So, the affiliate system depends mainly on 3 elements: 

  • the seller
  • You (the marketer).
  • the buyer.

Sometimes two other parties join the system: 

  • Affiliate marketing sites (the intermediary between the marketer and the seller).
  • Promotion method (which often varies depending on the product and where the audience is located).

But why does the seller pay a commission?

Mostly, the seller will advertise the product to sell it…

But after thinking, he decides that he does not want to risk advertising expenses and is content with the idea of ​​paying a small portion (the commission) when the product is sold.

This, in short, is the main reason.

There is another reason, from my point of view, which is to increase the popularity of the product or its brand by increasing the number of people who market the product.

Therefore, I will always consider affiliate marketing as one of the best areas of profit from the Internet at all.

Now to the important question…

Is it possible to profit from affiliate marketing (and how much)?

No one can tell you how much you can earn from an affiliate.

But everyone can tell you that you can win.

My friend works as a social media advertiser, or in Arabic, he launches advertising campaigns for people on Facebook.

He has a client who finances advertising campaigns daily for $60, or about 800 Egyptian pounds.

What is strange is that his net profit from affiliate marketing for these products is approximately 1000 pounds per day after the price of advertisements and all other expenses.

So you can definitely earn good amounts of money from affiliate marketing.

For me, for example: 

Here I explain some sites for making money from the Internet for beginnersapproximately $767 through it .

Proof of profit from affiliate marketing for the ysense website

Another site that I recently promoted through which I was able to earn commissions exceeding $275 :

Proof of profit from affiliate marketing for Timebucks

And many other sites and services that I market and get very good profits.

So when someone tells you that you can win, you actually can.

But first you must determine your marketing method.

For example, I make these profits from marketing some services and sites on the blog.

Would you like to create your own blog and market some products, websites, and services on it?

Or do you think that marketing products directly on social media sites is a faster option for you?

It ultimately comes down to your personal satisfaction and the products you want to market.

If you, like me, love writing, you can do content marketing on your blog, but you first need to create one.

I think that the guide:How to create a blog and profit from it will help you greatly (be sure to read it)

Now let me tell you…

Advantages of affiliate marketing

What got you started in this field? Why is everyone trying to start it in the first place?

There are actually a lot of advantages, here are some of them in brief: 

  • One of the best sources of income on the Internet for many people.
  • It is an investment with a quick return if you choose to do direct marketing on social media.
  • You determine the commissions by choosing the product you prefer, which may start from one dollar up to $1000.
  • Ease of getting started in the field
  • The possibility of affiliate marketing for anything from anywhere in the world, even your own bed.
  • There is no time commitment and you can work at a time that suits you.
  • You will not have to buy a large number of products and pay amounts that you do not know whether you will get back again or not.
  • You are not responsible for shipping and receiving products or even receiving money and dealing with shipping companies.
  • You can start with a very small amount and launch advertising campaigns on Facebook.

The features are very many and I could add dozens of them to you, but let us not prolong the topic and move on to…

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

Despite all the advantages above, there are certainly some disadvantages that you should pay attention to before starting.

The most important of these problems or defects are: 

  • Building trust between you and buyers requires some time, whether on a page, group, or even a blog.
  • Some unreliable companies may not count some purchases made through you.
  • Minor violations may result in the closure of your account with all the commissions in it at the affiliate company (you are not in control in the end).
  • Competition for most products has increased significantly (due to the increase in the number of people entering this field daily).
  • Affiliate, especially if you do not rely on a blog, YouTube channel, or website, is not considered passive income, so you are forced to market daily continuously in order to achieve profits.

These were the most important flaws that I saw in this field.

Now let me take you to the next part of the topic and tell you quickly about…

Affiliate marketing basics for beginners

The basics of affiliate marketing are very simple and can be easily summarized in just 4 steps.

1- Determine the promotion method you will rely on

There are dozens of ways through which you can promote a product, each of which depends on many factors, for example:

  • Blogs are considered the best way to promote various digital products.
  • Social media, especially Facebook, is excellent at marketing affiliate products in Egypt.
  • Snapchat is the best in marketing affiliate products in the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia.
  • Email is considered an excellent way for foreign website owners to promote.
  • And so on…

From my personal point of view, I think that blogs are the best, and if you, like me, want to sit one day without working and achieve the same income without a major decrease or interruption, then blogs are the best way for you.

2- Join an affiliate site and choose an excellent product to promote

There are thousands of affiliate marketing sites in the world.

Some of them will be suitable for you, many of them you will not be able to join, and others you will not be able to promote their products.

Therefore, you must now choose a site that is available in the region or country that you want to promote and that has many positive reviews from other marketers.

After that, you need to choose a distinctive product that you think is in demand and desirable.

You must pay close attention when choosing the product because this is precisely what distinguishes the successful marketer from the marketer who does not achieve any profits.

You may want to know:Specifications of a successful product

3- Promote your product

Some products may find that they have an affiliate link, while others have special discount codes for you.

If you are from Egypt and join any Arab affiliate site, you will not need an affiliate link or code, just product pictures.

After that all you have to do is: 

  • Place the link or code in a topic you wrote on your blog to explain the product.
  • Create a video on YouTube in which you explain the features of the product or make a review of it and put the link in the description.
  • You can also use photos to launch an advertising campaign on social media and obtain purchase orders directly from the customer.
  • And so on…

The most important thing here is to become a professional in the way you promote.

You may also like: 

4- Get the commission after completing the sale

Once someone buys your product, you will find the commission for the product added to your account balance on the affiliate site.

Mostly, you will find that there is a minimum limit for withdrawing your profits, sometimes $100, $50, or less.

Once your commission reaches this limit, you can then receive your commission.

The most common ways to receive commissions will be:

  • Electronic banks: I have previously talked about them in a detailed explanation, the most important of which are (Paypal Bank – Payoneer Bank), which are the ones that most banks deal with.
  • Mobile wallets: You will find these mostly in the Egyptian affiliate platforms, which are the most widespread.
  • Bank transfer: But this option is mostly available to marketers with large commissions.

Now that we are done with the basics, let me tell you now…

The best methods of promotion in affiliate marketing

Now this part is the most important and the one that hinders many beginners.

How can I get people to buy the products I promote?

This is definitely something I wondered about.

The answer is simple: there are dozens of ways 🤣

But the most important of these methods, in brief, are:

1- Websites and blogs

Imagine that you own a website where you place product links, and every time someone enters your site, they click on the product they need and purchase through you, you get a commission.

Without any advertising campaigns at all.

This is actually possible through another type of marketing known as SEO or search engine optimization.

This is what I rely on in this blog and what many coupon sites on the Internet rely on.

You get visitors constantly who want to know something and then they end up buying a product through you for free.

Once again, I advise you to read:How to create a blog and profit from it

2- Advertising campaigns on social media

Launching advertising campaigns is a skill you need to learn if you want to work in the field of affiliate marketing in Egypt.

Most affiliate marketers in Egypt rely primarily on advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Also, many marketers in the Gulf countries rely mainly on advertising campaigns on Instagram.

Therefore, before you think about working in this field, it is important that you first master this skill.

You can learn through YouTube for free, but you will find the content weak and without details and in-depth explanation.

But if you want to master these campaigns and all the hidden and secrets in this field and learn about real experiences and campaigns that have already been launched and achieved unprecedented results…

There is one of the distinguished courses in this field.

Hani Hussein’s Facebook Advertising Course: Its price is approximately $99 (about 20 hours of detailed explanation).

The price is high?

How about getting an exclusive offer at a price of 47? 

  • Facebook Advertising Course ($99)
  • Google Ads Course (price $49)

Note: The offer price together is $77, and the price is constantly being raised, so try to take advantage of the opportunity while it exists.

A course for learning advertising by Hani Hussein

3- YouTube

YouTube is considered one of the excellent ways through which you can get excellent traffic and thus excellent commissions.

All YouTubers who own channels in the field of profit or e-commerce achieve fabulous profits from affiliate marketing.

This is certainly in addition to the excellent profits from advertisements on their videos.

Therefore, if you intend to start and want to confirm whether YouTube is a good source or not, my advice is to start now because it is an excellent source for affiliate marketing.

You can also view:The free YouTube course that I prepared (you will find a lot of information in it, starting from creating the channel to increasing its profits).

These are the three best methods for you to use in the Arab world.

There are many other methods that I have already talked about in other topics.

Now let me answer one of the most important questions, which is…

How do I start affiliate marketing?

Many beginners read a lot of articles or watch a lot of videos and ultimately do not know how to get started.

This is incredibly sad, but since this is a beginner’s guide, let me tell you how to get started as an affiliate marketer.

1- Choose one niche and start with it

The first mistake of most novice marketers is that they want to market every product in the world.

But if you want to succeed in this field, you must choose only one specialty.

During this period, another term spread, which is micro-niche, which means that you specialize in one very small field so that you can compete in it.

If you want an example of microneedling, you can consider (a website about oily skin, its problems, and products) excellent microneedling.

Here you will become the specialist who knows everything about his field, and therefore those with oily skin will trust you.

The result: you can market more and better products than non-specialized sites.

2- Create a suitable traffic source

Traffic means visits or your audience, and there are thousands of sources through which you can obtain an audience.

But for me and for most affiliate marketing sites, blogs or content sites are always the best.

Therefore, creating a blog specialized in a specific niche will make your acceptance into any company a natural result.

I talked in detail about how to create a blog and profit from it , so I strongly advise you to read this guide and apply what is contained in it.

3- Learn how to create marketing content

Creating a traffic source and even getting visits certainly does not guarantee that you will achieve commissions, nor does it mean that the products you market will be purchased.

Therefore, you need to master another marketing art, which is writing marketing content or content marketing.

Here you learn how to make a purchase by listening to you and your content.

This part is largely neglected in most Arabic content, so most of those who try to enter the field of affiliate marketing fail after spending a lot of money without results.

Content marketing is mandatory for everyone, whether you intend to work on a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, or anything else.

In the end, everyone creates content, but in different ways.

Therefore, you should pay attention to this skill as much as possible, as it is the difference between an excellent affiliate marketer and a good one.

4- Choose the affiliate marketing program that is best for you

There are many programs you can join, but which one is best for you and your audience?

In another topic, I collected the best 35 affiliate marketing programs that you can promote, in addition to my favorite options.

I strongly advise you to read this topic because it is the best in my experience with some of these programs.

But in general, the best program is not the one with the best commission, but the most honest one that has the best products and an excellent reputation.

5- Continue to provide interest and increase your followers

After you take the steps above, you must always continue publishing good content.

The goal of this step is to bring more and more followers to you.

In addition, you always need to show your audience that you have more to offer.

The general rule: the more followers are interested in your content, the more commissions you will receive from marketing products.

How to increase your sales in affiliate marketing?

Certainly, your goal in starting affiliate marketing is not to obtain 3, 4, or even 10 daily sales.

But if you intend to start seriously, you know very well that over time you will want to gradually increase your sales.

Because every time your requirements increase, thus the need for commissions and higher income increases.

Therefore, here are the most important steps that you can take in brief to increase your sales in affiliate marketing: 

  1. Branding is the most powerful factor in increasing sales, so be sure to establish a strong brand that has an audience.
  2. Compare your product with the products of others without discounting (just focus on your advantages and the distinction of your product).
  3. Improve the customer’s experience as much as possible (whether you are working on a website, page, or channel). Make him feel that you are the most professional and best in this field.
  4. Provide a real rating and review of the product based on your personal experience with the product. This will greatly increase your credibility.
  5. If you are marketing through a website, focus on gathering a strong mailing list with a large number of subscribers in order to retarget them more than once.
  6. Offer offers, coupons and discounts to your customers.
  7. Use more than one promotional method and experiment until you reach the best one and increase its budget.
  8. Promote more than one product at the same time.
  9. Use a page for all your nominations on your blog (if you already have one).
  10. Constantly monitor your competitors to learn what they are marketing and what are the best ways to do so.
  11. Finally, when you start making a good income more than other marketers, you can request an increase in your commission.

Now let me tell you…

The most important terms in affiliate marketing

When starting out in the field of affiliate marketing, especially with foreign websites, you will encounter many terms that you may not understand.

Over time your experience will increase and all these terms will become very natural to you.

The most important of these terms are:

  • Affiliate: An affiliate is the marketing person, and in this case you are. When you register in one of the various affiliate marketing programs, you now become an affiliate for this program.
  • Affiliate link: Your marketing link, which is a unique link for every marketer who works in the marketing company.
  • Coupones: One of the most important methods of affiliate marketing for products, as you offer discounts to your customers through it and it is your own special code..
  • Affiliate program: These are companies or platforms that allow you to promote their products in exchange for a commission.
  • Affiliate manager: The account manager is also called the account manager in some companies and affiliate programs, and he is responsible for helping marketers.
  • Payment methods: The payment methods provided by the affiliate site, through which you will be able to receive your profits, and they are different depending on the platform you are working on.
  • Affiliate ID: It is similar to an affiliate link, but it is a unique code for each marketer that can be placed on any product page on Ali, and you get a commission when you complete any purchase from that page.
  • Landing page: Improved and professional-looking pages that the visitor accesses by simply clicking on the affiliate link, aiming to increase sales and conversions.
  • Cookie policy: Cookies are stored on users’ devices when accessing websites. Each affiliate marketing program provides a different cookie period, ranging from 5 – 90 days, meaning that if anyone who previously clicks on your link makes a purchase during that period, you will receive a commission. .
  • Link cloaking: A term that means improving the affiliate link used. Its main goal is to make the affiliate link appear unobtrusive.

This was a guide to profit from affiliate marketing for beginners, which I tried hard to make as simple as possible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave your comment.

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