YouTube channel profits (case study of about 149 channels)

YouTube channel profits (case study of about 149 channels)

How much do YouTube channels earn?

How much does a YouTuber earn?

These questions are asked a lot, so we decided to answer them.

But in a different way than any other website or channel that may share this information with you.

We studied and analyzed the profits of 149 different YouTube channels in various fields to learn more about the amount of profit.

Therefore, I promise that at the end of the topic, you will get a bird’s-eye view of what you can get if you decide to create a YouTube channel and profit from it.

All channel profits mentioned here are random samples chosen to represent each field

Wrong information about YouTube profits 

There is a wrong image that is always presented to followers in most videos that talk about this topic.

In the majority of the channels that we analyzed and determined their profits (certainly based on their videos), all methods of profit from YouTube to advertisements only.


There are actually many other sources of income, which rarely any YouTuber mentions his profits from, such as: 

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Sponsored ads 
  • Paid subscriptions 
  • Donations (collected by some, especially gamers)
  • And others

All of these methods can make profits many times greater than what you get through video ads.

Another false piece of information is that content makers on YouTube profit from the number of subscriptions to the channel , but this is not true at all.

The number of subscribers is not directly profitable, but it helps in obtaining a lot of views and thus a lot of profits from advertisements or other methods.

Let’s get rid of this…

I know you want to know their profits from views.

This will become the focus of the conversation now.

So let’s first talk about…

Why does YouTube give them profits? 

  • YouTube is Google’s video network.
  • Google has its own advertising network called Google Ads .
  • Brand owners want to advertise their products, so they go to Google Ads
  • Google places ads on the content creator’s videos after he meets the conditions for the AdSense program .
  •  When people watch the videos of the content creator, YouTube gets a percentage and the YouTuber gets a percentage.

Now let’s move quickly to…

How much do they earn from YouTube? 

After studying and analyzing these channels, I discovered many factors that greatly affect the amount of profit.

These factors may make some people achieve $0.5 / 1000 views, others achieve $10 / 1000 views, and others achieve $26 / 1000 views 😲😳😲.

Don’t worry, I will put all these factors for you at the end of the topic.

But now part is statistics.

I will divide this part according to specialization, and in each part I will put the profits of some channels and tell you the average profits for each category (e-commerce – marketing – entertainment content – cooking content – and so on). 

The purpose of the breakdown is to help you know the average amount you can earn if you decide to start in this specialty.


The last channel on the list reached $11,400 in profits from one video (Arabic content).

So stay until the end of the topic because after that I will show you how to increase your profits

Let’s start now with…

YouTube channel profits (foreign content)

Surely you already know that the profits of foreign content are much greater than Arabic content.
This is mainly due to the presence of a foreign audience.
 Here you will find the earnings of the top 10 foreign YouTubers in 2020, according to the Cshlady
YouTube channel profits from foreign content


Column B, red:  number of subscribers to the channel
Green column:  estimated annual profits for the channel
The black column: the profits of one video on the channel

How much do they earn from YouTube for women’s and lifestyle content? 

Since many girls and women tend to create their own channels, perhaps we should start with them.

After analyzing dozens of channels in this specialty, we chose 4 examples for you.


1- Rawan Darwish Channel 
  •  She is considered one of the most famous Egyptian YouTubers in this field specifically.
  • The channel has more than 160 thousand subscribers.
  • The main content in the channel is directed directly to girls.
  • She made a group of videos about making money from the Internet  


Now to know the profits, observe this picture >>


Win Rawan Darwish's channel



If you are good at mathematics, you will know that from the image, the profit for 1000 views is 1.26 $


If we now look at this following picture >>>


You will now notice that the channel’s CPM is ( $2.84/1000 views ).

Through a very simple reverse process, we can find out the number of views of ads.


  • If $2.84 = 1000 views 
  • How many views do you get $93.25????!

Number of actual ad views = (93.25 * 1000) divided / 2.84

It will become clear to us that the number of views for the videos containing ads was not 73 thousand views as shown in the picture above.


32,834 views generated $93. 

Thus, every time you listen to a video, you can apply this method to know the number of actual views.

There are many reasons why the number of ad views is lower than the number of video views.

 The most important of these reasons are:

  • Some videos may not be ready for profit (copyright)
  • Some YouTubers add one or more videos per month without ads. If these videos get views, they increase the channel’s views but do not affect profits.
Rawan Darwish channel link :


2- Ismahene Lifestyle Channel 
  • A small Algerian channel with about 20 thousand subscribers.
  • The channel includes a group of entertainment videos, shopping videos, and other women’s videos.


Now to know the profits, observe this picture >>


As you can see in the picture in the red box on the right of the screen, the CPM for this channel is 2.11 euros / 1000 views, which is about ($2.47 / 1000 views)


Channel link:


3- That’s so Rachel channel 


  • The channel currently has about 600 thousand subscribers.
  • The channel specializes in women’s content, skin care, and shopping.
  •  It is considered one of the most famous women’s channels.

Now to know the profits, observe this picture >>>


As you can see in the picture above, the channel’s CPM is  ( $2.63 / 1000 views)


Channel link:


4- Spain channel with soso 


  • The number of subscribers to the channel is not available 
  • Like the rest of the channels, it is one of the lifestyle, shopping, and women’s content channels.

As you can also notice, the CPM for this channel is ($2.47/1000 views)

There are many other channels that talked about their profits, but without any screenshots, so they were not added.
All of this can be summarized in the following picture >>>>>>
Earnings from women's content on YouTube


YouTube profits from entertainment content 

 As you know, entertainment content on YouTube is one of the most popular content.

You may already follow many entertainment content makers and know that they often top the YouTube trend.

But on average, how much do YouTubers earn in this field? 

This is what we will try to find out now through more than one example. 


5- Nader Omar channel 


  • The channel has more than 86 thousand subscribers 
  • The channel contains Vlogs and challenges with entertainment content.



Now to know the profits, observe this picture >>>


YouTube channel profits from entertainment content


You also notice that the CPM for this channel is 1.83 euros, which is equivalent to ($2.15 / 1000 views).
6- Ali Almeshaal Channel 
The title of the video in which the famous and oldest Arab YouTuber in the field spoke was ( How I earned a million riyals from YouTube ). In this video, he tells us the amount of wealth he accumulated by starting to create content.
  • The channel has more than 688 thousand subscribers (the majority are from Saudi Arabia) 
  • Ali creates many videos that are considered Vlogs in which he shares his various experiences and experiences abroad.

Now to know the profit rate, we can look at this picture >>>



In fact, it is not possible to rely on the profits in that image because they are profits specific to one video only and not profit rates in general.

But we can take these profits as an approximate average only.
As you can see in the picture above, the channel’s profits from this video are $371, and it received about 388 thousand views.

That is, the CPM rate for this video is ( about $1 / 1000 views )

Channel link:


7- Mahmoud Anwar Channel 

Mahmoud Anwar is considered one of the hardworking YouTubers who provide entertaining content, but it is far from trivial content. There are a group of good videos in which you may find something you like.


  • At the time of writing this topic, the channel includes more than 1 million and 50 thousand subscribers.
  • Mahmoud is an Iraqi YouTuber, so many of his followers are our Iraqi brothers.

As for profits >>>

In fact, Mahmoud did not set the channel’s CPM for a specific period, but instead he set the CPM for more than one video, which you will find here in these pictures: 

First video

Here in this video the amount of profit was / 1000 video views 2.14 $ 


The second video 


The profit rate for 1000 views here was $1.79


Channel link:

8- Mohamed Elhady channel 
Muhammad Al-Hadi is also one of the well-known YouTubers in the field of lifestyle and entertainment.
  • The channel has about 310 thousand subscribers so far. 
  • It offers many videos in the form of Vlogs for visiting different places in Egypt and other fun experiences.
As for profits >>>>
In fact, according to the profits that Muhammad published on his channel, he is considered the lowest on our list so far in terms of CPM, as the profits for his videos range between ( 0.25 – $1.10 / 1000 views) .
See the following picture from his channel >>>>>

9- Fadi Younes Channel 
Fadi Younis is also one of the famous YouTubers whose channels can be included as entertainment content, even though they contain other types of content.
  • The channel currently has more than 262 thousand subscribers.
  • In addition to the entertainment content, the channel also offers a group of very useful videos about immigration and different customs and traditions in countries, especially Canada.

As for profits >>>>

The video about the channel’s profits is from 2018, but as usual, what we will focus on is the profit rate / 1000 views……
As you can see in the image below, the channel’s CPM is ( $2/1000 views)
10- Ahmed Ghoraba Channel 
There are a lot of big channels up there, it’s time for one of the smaller ones.
Ahmed Gharaba is considered a new YouTuber. He started one year ago, and despite that, the quality of the videos is excellent.
  • The videos currently have about 7,000 thousand subscribers.
  • The videos are diverse, including photography, montage, challenges, and daily Vlogs.
According to his video, his channel’s profits were as follows >>>
All of this can also be summarized in the following image >>>>
Earnings from entertainment content on YouTube

How much do they earn from YouTube for technical content? 

Technical content is one of the types of content that enjoys good popularity on the Internet, whether in blogs or YouTube channels.
We will now start with the small channels and then graduate to the channels with the largest number of subscribers.
11- Smile1cute
It is one of the small channels in the technical field, but despite that, it provides very good content.
Alia, the owner of the channel, is considered one of the most hardworking people who provides unique information, so I advise you to enter her channel and follow her.
  • The channel has about 6,000 subscribers so far 
  • 95% of the content is technical, explaining programs and how to work on them.
Now it’s time for profits >>>>>
The channel’s profits are not large due to the small number of views, but what matters to us is the CPM
($1.75/1000 views) which is a good rate for technical content.



12- Engineer Academy Channel 
Currently, the channel is considered one of the medium channels in terms of the number of subscribers (about 48 thousand subscribers), but when the earnings video was created, the total number of subscribers was 14 thousand subscribers.
Engineer Ahmed Qutb pointed out in the video (with statistics) that he achieves daily visits reaching a maximum of 5,000, and the profits for 4 consecutive months were as follows: 
  • 117.5 $ 
  • 91.37 $ 
  • 95 $
  • 117.66 $ 
If we now calculate the number of monthly views of the channel (5000 * 30 days) = 150 thousand monthly views.
So the channel’s CPM = 105 (average profits) / 150 ( about $0.70 / 1000 views  )
13- YouTube Network – Networks tube 
It is also one of the very famous technical channels in which Mohamed Sarghini talked about his profits and revealed them to his followers.
  • The channel has about 460 thousand followers 
  • Most of the videos focus on various technical applications and explanations.
Channel profits >>>>
As you can see in the image below, the channel’s CPM is ( $1.52 / 1000 views )
14- Imad tech channel 
Imad Tech channel is considered one of the most famous technical blogs in the Arab world currently, and although the video about profits is almost two years old, it also gives us a good example of making money for 100 views.
  • The channel has more than 1,500,000 subscribers
  • Most of the channel’s videos are phones and reviews.
Channel profits >>>


As you can see in the image below, the channel’s CPM rate is ( $0.88/1000 views )
15- Huhu Channel 
Houhou channel is also considered one of the most famous Arab technical channels, which includes a huge number of videos.
  • The channel has more than 2 million 700 thousand subscribers.
Channel profits >>>>
As shown in the video on profits, only the channel’s profits have been shared since its inception, without reference to the number of views or profits, so we will put them for you only for motivation.
The total profits in about 3 years according to the chart were ( $127,500 )



Average profits of YouTube channels for technical content >>>>
How much do they earn in technical content?


Profits in profit content and e-commerce

Profit content and e-commerce are also among the most famous areas that have killed content on the Internet, whether websites or channels.
Here we have selected for you only a small sample of those channels that shared their profits.
16- Yasser selim channel 
Yasser Selim is considered one of the pioneers of e-commerce and e-marketing in the Arab world.
  • Founder and former CEO of the e-commerce platform Expandcart.
  • The current founder of the Pioneers Now website, which offers e-commerce and e-marketing courses. 
  • His channel has about 225 thousand subscribers.
  • Many topics include business, website creation, and marketing.
YouTube profits, as indicated by Yasser Selim in his video >>>>>
Yasser Selim indicated the profit rate for 3 of his videos, which ranges between ( $1.5 and $5.5/1000 views )
Here is proof of his CPM in two images: 
Proof 1 


Proof 2
17- Muhammad Al-Kuwaifi Channel 
Muhammad Al-Kuwaifi is also considered one of the most famous Arab YouTubers in the field of profit and e-commerce.
  • The channel has more than 310 thousand subscribers.
  • Al-Kuwaifi is famous for his videos about trading on Amazon FBA, and he also has many videos in areas of business on the Internet .
Al-Kuwaifi’s profits from his videos on YouTube>>>
Muhammad Al-Kuwaifi shared the profits of only one of his videos, which is entitled (Earn from Google Maps), and the CPM of the video was ( $2.26 / 1000 views  ).
We calculated that rate here by knowing the profits and views.
18- Eyad Abu Ghoush Channel 
In fact, I only knew about the channel for a very short time, but I was surprised when I found that it offers Arabic content and gets this CPM.
I can say that this is the highest rate of profits/1000 views I have ever seen in Arabic content.
  • The channel has more than 170 thousand subscribers.
  • The channel contains videos in the field of profit, e-commerce, and e-marketing.
Iyad Abu Ghosh’s YouTube channel profits based on his video >>>>
As you can see in the picture below, from just one video, the profits were approximately $11,0001,500,000 .
This means CPM ( approximately$10 / 1000 views  ).
 See this picture: 



That is, the average profits in this field are…
Profits of trade and profit channels


It was supposed to start with these profits in order to motivate you to read the topic to the end
I decided to make it for those who will complete this part, and from it I also moved on to the most important part about…

The most important factors that increase YouTube profits 

Through our study of all these channels, in addition to many foreign channels, we noticed common factors in the videos with the most profits.
Some of these factors you already know and others you may not have heard about. In short, they are: 
  • Video duration : We noticed that in the highest CPM videos, they are often longer than 15 minutes.
  • Average viewing duration: It is very intuitive that the longer a person listens, the more advertisements will appear to him and, consequently, more profits, so always make sure to make your videos interesting.
  • Visitor countries:  This appears very clearly in foreign content due to the large number of advertisers in it.
  • Video field: You have certainly already noticed that e-commerce and profit content is one of the highest contents in terms of profits, unlike, for example, technical content that is lower in terms of profits.
  • Number of ads on the video: The more ads you add, the more likely those ads will appear, and thus your profits increase.
Now let us move to another important part that some people are also wondering about, and perhaps you are wondering too, which is…

Is there a website to find out the profits of YouTube channels? 

You have surely heard of many sites through which you can place the link to the channel and calculate the monthly or annual profits for each channel.
There is no site, no matter how accurate, that can calculate the profits of YouTube channels, except for only one site, which is (AdSense), which is actually responsible for the profits and distributes them.
All of these widespread sites give you an approximate view (it may be completely different from what the channel actually achieves).
 If you want to try any of them, these are the most popular sites: 
A final overview of YouTube profits 
As you learned from the profits of all of these channels above, the majority of content makers on YouTube earn between $0.5 and $10/1000 views on Arabic content.
Some of the foreign content creators we analyzed had a CPM of $26 per 1,000 views.
If we conclude from this the following…
  • YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online , but it requires a lot of effort.
  • The best type of content is content that you are an expert in, so know your passion and be creative with it.
  • In order to start earning money from YouTube, there are some conditions that your channel must fulfill in the beginning, which are (4000 hours of viewing your videos in addition to at least 1000 subscribers). 
  • Targeting foreign countries, or at least Arabs living in those countries, is the solution to increasing YouTube profits per 1,000 views.
Now tell us…
Will you create your channel and start submitting content on YouTube?
 Or were these profits not what I expected!!!!
Did you like the topic? 
If you liked this information about YouTube channel profits, share it with others interested.

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