Khamsat website for working from home (your comprehensive guide for 2024)

Khamsat website for working from home (your comprehensive guide for 2024)

You are here now because you want to know how you can use the Khamsat website to work from home.

You are now on the right track…

By completing this topic, you will learn what no one else will learn on any other site.

Freelancing sites are an excellent opportunity for many people who want to obtain additional income in exchange for some simple services or even employ their own skills.

Among the most important of these sites isthe Khamsat website, through which you can profit from providing your various services and skillsfrom homewithout the need to go to work.

In this topic you will learn the following: 


  •  Who is Khamsat website for? 
  •  Why work on Khamsat website? 
  •  Explanation of registration on the Khamsat website 
  •  How can you add a service to the Khamsat website and display it in a distinctive way to generate sales?
  •  How to increase your sales on Khamsat website? 
  •  Small but important details on the site (rank – rating – speed of response) 
  •  Mistakes try to avoid as much as possible 
  •  How to receive your money from Khamsat 
  •  Is Khamsat website a scam? 
  •  The 10 best services you can start providing on Khamsat (most in demand)

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A comprehensive guide to working on the Khamsat website 2020

I do not wish to prolong this topic for you, but excuse me, as I want to provide you with all the information that will benefit you in the beginning.

Therefore, if you find yourself bored while reading, please leave a comment telling me the parts that could have been shortened and help me improve this topic.

Now let’s move quickly to…

1- Who is Khamsat website for? 

Khamsat website is a microservices website affiliated with the Hassoub network, which includes many projects.

The site provides a safe link between business owners and creative independent talents (or those who can provide any required services in general).

So we can summarize that the Khamsat website is for:

– Anyone

who has a job that he cannot do and wants to entrust someone elseto do itThis is for a small sum of money.

Hardworking young men and women who want additional incomeand have found the means for that on the Internet.Therefore, if you are a business owner and want to deal with an Arab person or you are one of those who possess a certain skill, then Khamsat website is the best place to be.

2- Why Khamsat website? 

There are actually dozens of Arab and foreign freelance sites, all of which we have mentioned, but

why do most freelancers start working on Khamsat?  The answer to this question is very simplebecause…

  •  Oldest site 
  •  The largest number of buyers 


anyone who wants to work on Arab job sites knows very well that he must start through Khamsat and not any other site.
(Despite the advantages of other sites, which may be better than Khamsat).

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3- Register on the Khamsat website and are there any conditions? 


So far, the Khamsat website does not require any conditions to register on the site and start offering your services on it. You can register directly and start adding your services.

You can register simply by following these steps below:

  • Go to the Khamsat and click on the word (new account).


  •   Fill in the data in the image below (an account will be created for you on a computer network, which is an account that includes all the services affiliated with Hassoub, including Khamsat). 


Subscribe to Khamsat website


  • After that, go to the email address that you entered and click on the link sent by the Khamsat website to activate your account so that you can access it, and then log in.


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4- Adding a service on the Khamsat website and the most important steps to obtain sales. 

Before I tell you how to add a new service to your Khamsat account, let me tell you some important things that you should take into consideration before adding your service: 

  •  The address of the service that you add will not be changed, so you must choose the address carefully.
  •  The category to which you add the service cannot be changed either, so you must carefully choose the group to which the service belongs.
  •  The image of the serviceis very important in obtaining sales, so design an excellent image.
  • You should study other vendors who provide the same service that you will provide and add more to what they offer (in other words, differentiate from them in the beginning).
  • There is a trick you can do that will help you get more sales, which is to write a large number in the service title and reduce the service from within the description, meaning…………. (If we are talking about a service such as writing articles, in the title of the service, call it writing 5 articles, which is a large number, and in the description, put the number of words in the article at 250 words, and so on for the rest of the services)

Let us now move on to how to add a service to your Khamsat account:

– When you enter the Khamsat website, you will find in front of you this interface as in the picture. Click on (+ Add service).


– After that, this image will appear to you, and in this part we will add (the title of the service – the main and sub-section to which the service belongs – your description). 

– We now move to the second part of adding the service, in which we will add (a picture or video of the service – keywords – delivery period) as in the picture. 

A gift for you:

The best site for designing images and determining their size,Spark Adobe, which is a free site that you can register and start using (or you can use Photoshop).Keywords:

They are small sentences such as (writing an article – articles – reviews – writing topics – etc.) and these words are separated into fives by (,).– After that, we will add instructions that the buyer must follow until we carry out the service for him in a manner that satisfies him.

The second part is: adding developments to the service, such as (writing 10 additional articles – designing 3 videos), and

this additional service is performed in addition to the original service,as shown in the following picture:

– Then save and your service will be reviewed by the Khamsat team and it will be accepted or rejected within a maximum of 24 hours. 

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5 – How do you increase your sales on the Khamsat website? 

In the beginning, when you register with Khamsat and are added to the service it provides, most likely, if you wait without doing those things that I will put for you here, you will feel frustrated because you do not receive someone requesting your service.

then ….

You will start to move away and stop providing services, so I collected for you

6 methods that areactually effective with me and other freelancers.>> These methods helped me and my freelancer friends,

soI think they will help you too.– Fill out your work gallery

Although it will not bring you people, adding examples of the work you have done makes it much easier for the customer to make a decision before contacting you.

This helps you ensure that the largest number of people make purchases, because the business models you have added are the best.

You can add your business models to the Khamsat website with ease through:

– The section called (
Business models that I have implemented)

The business gallery on the Independent website.  There are many ways through which you can add your own business models and they differ depending on the nature of the service that you are implementing, for example. (Blogger blog – YouTube channel).

– Provide more than your competitors.

The most important step to guarantee yourself a chance in the competition is to study your competitors who provide a service similar to what you will provide.

For example…

when I started offering the “Keywords” service, I searched for that service on Khamsat and found that the most words offered by competitors was 50.

 How many words do you think I gave?

 100 keywords,

which is twice what other competitors offer.what happened after that ?

I received my first service

after only a weekwithout even promoting it in the ways I will tell you below.– Use the non-existent requests section on Khamsat.

Many business owners do not search for the service, but rather directly request the service directly through a section inside the Khamsat website called (

non-existent requests).Then people submit offers to them, which is actually a way to ensure that you reach business owners and thus obtain sales.


First, you must formulate your offer well so that the employer is sure that you are the only one who offered his service who was able to specifically understand his request and that you are the best.

– Use

Facebook to obtain salesafter determining the service (or services) that you will implement on the site. Join 

Facebook groups for those interested in this field.If you are designing videos or increasing viewing hours or subscribers (join the groups of YouTube channel owners).

If you are a designer or an article writer, or you are improving the SEO of blogs (the most appropriate way is to join groups for bloggers), and so on in all other specializations.

Then start promoting yourself and your services in those groups, and when someone requests what you offer, ask him to order your service from the Khamsat website (

offer him an additional bonus) as a gift for him to motivate him to do so, because in most cases he will want to buy and pay directly to you.– Search for sites specialized in your field.

This step is considered expensive and carries some risk, but it is definitely worth it.

If you are sure of the quality of your service, why not search for the owners of websites that are directly related to your service and request an advertisement from them (a banner for a month, for example).

It is offered for a small amount of money as an experiment in the beginning, thus ensuring access to people who are actually interested in your service and increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase, and you, they, and the blog owner profit.

Ask your friends to buy.

This method is considered somewhat fraudulent, but you can benefit from it to obtain sales.

The goal of this method is not profit, because what you will get from purchase orders is equal to what you will pay (and sometimes less).

The real goal of this method:

  •  Obtain good reviews for your service so that it begins to appear on the Ali Khamsat services page with an excellent rating.
  •  Reaching the rank of an active seller , which helps you obtain services easier.

A gift for you>>>>

You can make the purchase equal to the sale by:

Using your referral link and having your friends buy. This will make (the purchase is $6 for the service) = the sale (the seller gets $4 + $2 for your friend’s registration and purchase ).

Thus, you will get excellent reviews in addition to moving to another rank, but this method is somewhat deceptive to the buyer and to the Khamsat website, because the reviews are considered fake, so leave this matter to your conscience in the end.

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6- Important things on the Khamsat website that you should know if you want to work from home

– Rank:The Khamsat website contains within it ranks or levels by which the seller is evaluated, which are:


  • A new seller who has not completed 10 sales on the site is allowed to add 5 services to perform.
  • An active seller has sold more than 10 services and is available to provide up to 10 services
  • A distinguished seller who has sold at least 50 services on the site and received a rating of 95%
  • A reliable seller , which is determined by Khamsat management.

These levels are very important if you want to make more sales. The higher your rank on the site, the more purchase orders will increase.


you can consider the Khamsat website as a real opportunity to work from home, like many people.

– Evaluation:

Evaluation is also very important to obtain more applications.Although there are shortcomings in this system from my point of view (as the evaluation depends only on bad and good)?!

However, this always makes you think about providing your best and dealing with the customer in a good manner so that he evaluates you with a positive evaluation.

Now here is my personal experience with this problem…

I had a very bad experience with a person who gave me a negative review only because he was willing to pay an amount less than the price of the service offered.

So I refused…

He told me that he wanted to cancel the service, and as soon as I did that,

he gave me a negative ratingwithout any justification, andI was not able to removethis rating from my account even though this person had never received the service in the first place.– Response speed rate:

This is also very important if you are thinking about working on the Khamsat website.The faster you respond, the more you can keep the buyer from turning to another seller, and thus you lose.

7- The most important mistakes that you should avoid as a seller on the Khamsat website 

I would like to help you avoid those things that were really frustrating for me and are bad experiences, but I definitely benefited from them and I will not fall into them again, and this is what is important.

is not it ?!!

Therefore, if you have already decided on your way to

profit from the Khamsat website,consider these things and memorize them well:

  • Never complete the service if the buyer does not provide complete information about the service he wants 


  • If you provide a distinguished service and know that it is well worth its price, do not make any offer to someone who will break up with you. 
  • Sometimes a person requests impossible services that are much greater than the amount paid. In this case, avoid dealing with him because he will most likely give you a negative evaluation and harm you. 
  • Never provide information that enables the buyer to contact you outside the Khamsat website, as this exposes your account to closure.


  • Ask the buyer to extend the service termination period and never deliver the service after the delivery date.


8- How to receive your money from the Khamsat website? 

Surely you would now like to know how to withdraw these amounts after

working on the Khamsat website,right?  Here are the steps to receive your money from the Khamsat website:

– Wait 14 days after the service is delivered
– Sell 3 services at least $12 (minimum withdrawal is $10)
– PayPal account to receive profits

How to withdraw profits

– After logging into your account on the Khamsat website, go to the balance As the following picture

– After that, all you have to do is fill out the data for withdrawing profits in your account, as shown in the picture.

All you have to do now is wait a few hours and your profits will be transferred to your PayPal account. Then you can easily withdraw the profits to your bank account or your Visa. 

9- Is Khamsat website a scam? 

Even now, a lot of rumors are still spreading that the

Khamsat website is a scam?!!!Most likely, these people may have violated Khamsat’s privacy policies and therefore their accounts were closed.

But let me tell you my personal experience.

More than two months ago, I started working from home through the Khamsat website as a new experience away from blogging.

Indeed, I was able to collect some good amounts of money, which actually helped me start my own business.

In conclusion

, I started working with Khamsat months ago and I was able to earn approximately $150, and I have already withdrawn them without any problems to my PayPal account. Here is the proof in the picture below that the Khamsat website is honest.


Is Khamsat website a scam?

From what I told you from my personal experience and my own proof, we can say to every person who says about the Khamsat website that he is a fraud, that the site is actually honest and makes payments. Just adhere to the site’s policies.

10- Some disadvantages of the Khamsat website 

After studying many aspects of the Khamsat microservices website, I found 2 flaws that, in my personal opinion, might have been better to improve.

These disadvantages concern both the seller and the buyer:

– Disadvantages for the seller (service provider):

If you want to work from home on the Khamsat website, know thatthe evaluation is very important.But …….

Some people, after purchasing the service, want to get all the features on the planet, and if you do not provide it to them, they ask to cancel the service, or they pick it up and then give you a negative evaluation, and therefore I think that this really needs improvement by the Khamsat website management.

Disadvantages for the buyer:

The price of services on the Khamsat website is $5. However,

when you request the service, you will find that the price of the service has become $6 as a result of adding $1 as a fee for the service, and it is not present on other microservices sites, and it was not present on the Khamsat site before either.

11- The 10 best services you can provide on the Khamsat website 

As I told you before,

the Khamsat websiteis an excellent opportunityto work from home,whether for girls or young men, but starting with a service that no one needs or a service that few request is extremely frustrating.Therefore, I searched for you about the 10 best and most in-demand services in Khamsat so that you can learn any of them and start providing them.

I will not be able to explain every method and how to learn it in this topic, so you will find a link to a topic for each separate method so that only those interested in it can benefit from it, and if you want to explain a method that does not exist >>>

(I would be very happy to find your comment below the topic on the method and I will make a topic for it As soon as possible)

Now let us move on to the best methods that you can provide in order to start working from home through Khamsat:

Writing articles: This is indeed the most requested service on the Khamsat website. You can learn it and know many details about this method of work through the two guides. The following:

– The comprehensive guide to profit from writing articles 2020 

– Profit from writing Arabic articles 2020

Voiceover services: Many YouTube channel owners want people with distinctive voices who can comment on their videos.Therefore, if you think you have this advantage, go to Khamsat and provide this service, as it is in very high demand (and it is very suitable for girls as well).

Motion graphic video design: It is not only one of the most requested services on Khamsat, but also the most expensive in terms of price.You may not believe this, but the price of the service is very high.

The cost of creating a video (

1 minute) is$60for some people on Khamsat, so why not learn to create this type of video and present it.

Feasibility studies: If you are a graduate of commerce or can conduct feasibility studies for projects and calculate costs, then these are also among the most in-demand services on Khamsat.Some people have sold this service more than 200 times so far, or about $800 in profits.

Of course, you must submit an accurate and distinctive feasibility study in order to get good evaluations.

Website advertisements: Website and blog owners, whether they are beginners or professionals, want to advertise their site on other powerful sites or receive many visits.This is where this service came from…

Where website owners provide advertising services (links – promotional articles) to other website owners or companies, which is one of the most requested services, but you need to own a website first.

Legal consultations: If you are a lawyer and want additional income, you can use Khamsat to obtain additional income from your home.This is done by providing legal advice to those who request it. You can imagine that hundreds or even thousands of people have requested this service.

Creating websites and blogs: There are hundreds of people who start blogging every day. Some of these people do not want to enter into some of the processes that, from a blog point of view, are difficult to create.Therefore, he wants someone to create a blog or website for him, and you can learn to create blogs easily (Blogger – WordPress) through YouTube. There are hundreds of videos that explain this and start working

on Khamsatin this way.

Design services: If you are a graphic designer or want to learn that and work on Khamsat.You should know that design services are also required.

The two most important services that you can work on developing yourself with are (Logo – Infographic). Infographic is still a new service in the Arab world, but it will spread quickly in recent days, so perhaps you should seize the opportunity and master it, and I will become your first buyer.

Translation: If you are fluent in two or more languages, why don’t you take advantage of that talent and start providing these services on the Khamsat website?!Although translation services on Khamsat have become somewhat rare, they are still in demand, and you can use your skills to work on them.

Fixing script errors: Service No. 10, which is considered very suitable for those who have programming skills.This service has been sold by one of Ali Khamsat’s employees more than 80 times, so why don’t you also provide it with additional features such as technical support?!

Start offering what you donated: Maybe this is not a service on Khamsat, but I think that if you provide what you donated, even if the demand for it is low, you will enjoy this work. Just try to present your service in an attractive way that will make the customer buy.Did you like the guide to working from homeon the Khamsat website?

If you find useful information on the topic, share this topic and help us deliver it to more interested people.

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