YouTube keywords (a comprehensive guide with 4 years of experience) 2024

YouTube keywords (a comprehensive guide with 4 years of experience) 2024

Want to get keywords for YouTube?

Mostly, you are looking for sites that enable you to do that, and you will definitely find it here.

But in addition to that, I decided to share with you some other things resulting from my experience in searching for keywords.

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So I want you to be completely confident that you will find the best here.

Let me also tell you that once you finish this topic, you will learn:

  • The nature of YouTube keywords and why we use them.
  • How do you use these words on your channel?
  • The best keyword sites for YouTube.

Disclaimer: A great deal of effort was made to produce this topic in this form and with information, so if it is useful, help us and refer to it on your channel or website .

Are you ready to get started?

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What are YouTube keywords?

Simply put, it is every phrase or word that anyone types in the YouTube search box.

The simplest way to classify keywords is by the number of words a sentence contains:

  • One word : the most difficult in terms of competition (profit) and requires effort in order to excel in it.
  • Two words: It is also difficult, which is as follows (quick profit), and it also requires time and a work plan.
  • 3 words: Mostly moderate competition (profit from the Internet) and it takes time.
  • 4 words and more: the best because it is mostly not used by the owners of major channels ( areas of profit from the Internet ).

This is the simplest division that can be done.

But in fact, this division works better with blogs and websites in the world of YouTube. There are other factors that make you be able to lead with keywords consisting of only two words.

Bonus: The most important thing you should focus on is choosing the words with the highest price.

Additional bonus: After we studied the profits of YouTube channels, we discovered that the highest-priced niches are e-commerce, profit from the Internet, and digital currencies (this applies more to Arabic content).

Maybe you can work on any of those areas.

Now let’s move on to a more important question, which is…

Why do you use keywords for YouTube (importance)?

If you didn’t know, there are about 3 billion searches that occur monthly on YouTube.

Since using keywords for your videos is the main factor in improving YouTube SEO .

Therefore, you should start using these keys in your videos in order to benefit from these searches.

In fact, improving your channel’s SEO will naturally lead to:

This is definitely the most important thing you want when creating a new channel.

Note: If you do not intend to pay attention to YouTube keywords, you will lose a lot because you will have to turn to paid methods, which are considered very expensive, and whose cost we explained in detail in our topic: How to buy YouTube subscribers .

Now let us move to the next part of this topic, which is….

Where do I use these words correctly in 2021?

Now, where should you use these keywords in your channel?

Knowing the importance of keywords in addition to having a list of them is definitely not enough.

Therefore, your skill in using these words is necessary in order to benefit from their results.

Basically, you will use these words in two main places:

  • The channel itself.
  • Every video you upload.

But certainly using it in the video is the most important thing, so we will focus on it in detail.

Now let’s get to know these places…

Special places on the channel itself

The relationship between channel keywords and search appearance is not significant.

But it certainly helps in one way or another. See the following image when searching for the word forex:

Use keywords in the channel

Therefore, using the main keywords in your channel will help.

Bonus: Using the main sections of your channel as keywords (up to 10 words) will help YouTube identify the general topic of your channel and begin promoting you to those who want your content.

Where will we use those words?

There are two sites where you should use your channel keywords:

  • Channel Description Description

All you need to do is identify the 8 most important sections that you will talk about on your channel and start adding descriptions and placing those sections in them.

Just see this picture for the steps:

Use keywords in describing the channel

Now the second place to use those words is…

  • Channel Labels Tags

Here, all you have to do is follow the steps and write the most important keywords for YouTube channels in your field. After writing each word, press Enter, type the next word, and so on.

Use keywords in labels

Bonus: If your channel’s niche is very small (micro niche), and let’s say (Keto Diet), adding this word when choosing the channel name may help you greatly in improving the visibility of your channel.

Now let’s move on to the important part…

Locations for each video you upload

Using YouTube keywords in every video is the most important thing.

Bonus: Target only one key per video.

There are 5 basic places where you should use the keyboard, which are as follows…

  • Repeat it in your speech 

You may think that repeating the word you chose is not helping.

But the evidence that it is important is the process of automatic translation (subtitles) of videos.

This means that YouTube’s algorithms and artificial intelligence know that your video targets that keyword.

Note: You will find that this matter has a greater impact on foreign content at the present time, but certainly in the future it will enter this Arab game as well.

  • Use it in the video title

The title is very important for YouTube algorithms to understand what your video is about.

The more the target word is at the beginning of the title, the better the impact on your appearance.

Therefore, do not limit yourself to bringing keywords for YouTube and putting them at the end of the title, make sure to put them at the beginning.

  • Description of each video

At the beginning, middle, and end of the description, placing the target keyboard is essential.

Also make sure that the description is detailed and not less than 300 words, mentioning the target word at least 5 times.

  • Pay attention to video tags

When you upload each video, you will be asked to add some labels to this video.

It is said that using the keyboard as a tag for the video also helps.

But these are just expectations.

  • Pay attention to the hashtag #

Below the description of each video, you can put the target keyword for this video below, preceded by #.

What is unique about this is that you will find this hashtag appearing directly below the video.

These were the best ways to use keywords for YouTube.

Now let me take you to another important part, which is…

Get YouTube keywords ready

If you want ready-made YouTube keywords without any research, we have come up with the solution for you.

We have started providing a YouTube keyword service on Fiverr, in which we will provide you with everything you need for a very small amount.

Typically, our team provides 25 YouTube keywords for $5 .

But we have provided you with a coupon that will help you a lot…

If you send us the word (profits expert) when requesting the service, you will get the best 50 keywords for YouTube instead of 25.

Get your own keyword list


If you want to search for yourself, I have certainly brought you everything you need in the last part of the topic.

Are you ready for it??

How to get keywords for YouTube?

Now to the part you want, which you will certainly not find in its comprehensiveness on any other site.

Here I will give you 5 methods in addition to 5 sites that you can use to generate keywords for YouTube.

Now pay close attention to me, let’s start with…

1- YouTube keywords from YouTube itself

What better site than YouTube itself can provide us with information about searches on YouTube?

This is the simplest way to get an initial idea of ​​what people are searching for in your field.

But certainly there are many methods that are more accurate and more informative.

In short, here we will use the auto-complete feature on YouTube.

All you have to do is:

  • Go to YouTube and search for a word in your field, and let’s say make money.
  • YouTube will start filtering some other phrases that people use that you can use because it will definitely not filter something that does not have a good search rate.

Use the autocomplete feature on YouTube

Now let’s move on to…

2- Use the Tubebuddy chrome extension

If I told you that the Tube Buddy add-on is the best thing you can buy in order to raise your channel to another level, you will not believe me.

Despite this, it offers a free plan. It is free and has huge statistics that you can benefit from to improve your channel in general and obtain keywords suitable for YouTube in particular.

The most important things you can get from the add-on for free:

  • Know the minimum and highest search rate for any word you are searching for.
  • How difficult the keyword is in terms of competition.
  • Get all the labels your competitor uses in their video.
  • A quick evaluation of the channel in terms of SEO and whether its performance level is good or not.
  • You don’t get a lot of keys, only 3 in the free plan.

For example, when we search for “make money,” you will find very important statistics:

Use the Tubebuddy add-on to get keywords for YouTube

These statistics will help you decide whether to work on that word or not.

Not only that, but you can also obtain a lot of information for each of your competitors’ videos.

For example, if we use one of the videos of the Best King Affiliate channel:

Analyze Best King channel to obtain keywords

We will find 3 important information:

  1. The SEO Score of the video clearly needs improvement.
  2. Best practices The most important thing you can do to improve the appearance of this video.
  3. The Tags that are used in this video (these are what concern us).

All you have to do now is get the labels used by your best competitors and use them.

Note: There are paid plans for the tool ( the lowest price is $7.20 ) and they have very huge features, but if you do not have a good budget, you can be satisfied with the free version until you have a good income.

Install tubebuddy extension for YouTube

3- Try the Word tracker website

You want keywords for YouTube for free and at the same time get a lot of statistics with them, such as:

  • Search volume for the word.
  • The competition.
  • Other words related to the word.
  • Finally, the number of videos that used the word in the title and description.

If you want that, you should try Word Tracker.

Note: If you want detailed information, the monthly price of the tool is $27 .


If we compare its progress with other tools, it will be the cheapest tools.

(If you are really interested in improving your channel with this tool, I have brought you an excellent offer below).

All you have to do is specify: 

  • The search engine you want to extract keywords from.
  • Target country.

You write a word related to your field and wait for it to generate many other words for you.

Word tracker website for generating keywords for YouTube

Note: You have a limited number of monthly searches, estimated at 12 times only.

Bonus: If you purchase the first month from this link, you will get a 25% discount on the price.

Register on the Word Tracker website

Now let’s talk about another solution that you can do to get keywords for YouTube.

4- Vid Iq website

A tool that was launched specifically to help you improve the SEO and visibility of your YouTube channel.

The tool enables you to obtain keywords for YouTube with ease.


In the free plan you can only get 4 words per search.

So if you have a budget of $7.5 per month, this tool will be worth every dollar you pay.

All you have to do is:

  • Register on the site
  • Then you link your channel to the site for potential improvements.
  • Now you can just put a keyword in the search box to get a set of related words.

Use the vid iq tool to get keywords for YouTube

Note: Some of the links in the topic are affiliate links from which we receive a small percentage as a reward from these companies. It does not affect what you pay at all , but sometimes they offer you some discounts. I hope this does not bother you because it is our source of income. thanks for understanding .

5- Soovle website

I talked before about this site, but in short, it is the easiest site to generate keywords for YouTube.

All you have to do is:

  • Go to the Soovle website .
  • Write one of the words for your niche.
  • The site will start generating more search terms that people want.
  • You can now start preparing a video about each word and use it in the way we mentioned above.

Use the soovle tool to generate keywords

Now to the next method…

6- Google Trends

This method is very simple and inaccurate in terms of numbers.

But its main goal is to provide you with indicators of interest in the keyword.

Are people still interested in it and searching for it, or is the trend declining and interest decreasing with time, and so on?

The closer the number is to 100, the higher the interest and search for that keyword on YouTube.

Google trends and YouTube keywords

In the image above, I adjusted the settings and obtained statistics for the image.

Now all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page to find a set of related keywords that people use to search on YouTube.

YouTube keywords through Google trends

Now let’s move on to a very easy and free method, which is…

7- Spying on your competitors

One of the easiest ways to get keywords for YouTube.

Although it is uncommon and not very useful in Arabic content (because they often do not use keywords).

However, this does not mean that you cannot benefit from it.

Therefore, you must now begin implementation as follows:

  • Go to one of your competitors’ channel.
  • Go to the videos and filter them according to the most popular.
  • Now all you have to do is analyze these videos and find out the keywords used in each of them by noting the different places to use the keywords that I mentioned above.
  • Now why don’t you record all those words you collected?

But you must not forget the professionalism in using these keywords and distributing them better than this competitor.

Now why don’t we move on to the next method…

8- Your channel statistics are a treasure trove of keywords for YouTube

Now why don’t we use what we already have to get more?

This method is excellent for getting ideas for chords, but this is only if you already have some videos on your channel.

So this means that this method is not for new channels.

All you have to do is:

  • Go to your channel’s YouTube studio.
  • Now go to statistics, then (audience reach level) and scroll to the bottom of the page to find (visit source: YouTube search).

Know the search terms through your channel statistics

  • After that, all you have to do is click on (see more) and find out what people are searching for.

So I consider it a very easy method and at the same time a treasure trove of information.

9- Rapid tags website

Rapid Tag is considered one of the easiest sites for generating free keywords.

But the statistics on this site are very weak and cannot be relied upon in deciding whether the video is desired by viewers or not.

In short: The goal of the site is to help you collect some labels to add to your video.

Just enter a keyword and dozens of similar words will be generated.

Get keywords for YouTube through rapid tags

And now the site for generating keywords for YouTube is the last in our topic…

10- website

Although it is the best site that gives you keywords for YouTube, I left it at the end of the topic.

The main reason for this is the price of the tool, which is $69 per month for the first plan.

It is worth noting that the first plan does not contain price data for the keyword.

So you surely knew why I left this site in the end despite its high quality.

You can use the site only twice at a free price, and you will not get data on the number of searches or even the competition. is a site for generating keywords for YouTube

Now we have reached the end of our topic and it is your turn.

Tell me…..

What site or method did you decide to work on?

Was the information useful and clear?

Feel free to reach out and share anything you want with me

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