YouTube SEO 2024 (11 steps to top YouTube search results)

YouTube SEO 2024 (11 steps to top YouTube search results)

Want to rank at the top of YouTube search results but don’t know how? Of course the solution is YouTube SEO.

Whether you are a beginner or have been in the field for a while, paying attention to the SEO of your channel and videos is essential.

Therefore, try not to neglect the information that I will put in this topic and be sure to implement it all.

But will what you find here get you to the top of YouTube search results?


Because I will not provide you with a set of theoretical information, but we will analyze together the channels that are at the top of the search results to prove the validity of each of the factors present here.

Therefore, make sure that once you understand this topic and apply these steps that I will share here, you will be able to get a place within the first 3 places in the search results on YouTube.

Are you ready to conquer YouTube with your videos?

First let me tell you….

What is YouTube SEO?

In short, it is all the steps that you take on your channel and videos in order to appear in the first YouTube search results when someone searches for content that you have uploaded.

To understand more clearly, let us assume that we will search for “How much does YouTube earn” in the YouTube search box.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is what will help you reach that first or second result.

You may be wondering why the second result was considered the first result?

Simply because it is a paid advertisement, and the most important thing that distinguishes SEO is that it is free without you having to pay any money.

Conclusion: It is all the steps that you must improve in order to get your videos to the first or second result.

But why do I take these steps? Do I really need it? If you’re wondering let me tell you…

What is the importance of YouTube SEO?

If you do not care about ranking at the top of YouTube search results for free through SEO, you will suffer from the lack of any progress on your channel or you will pay a lot of money to promote it.

Therefore, the importance of this process lies in that it enables you to: 

This is why you definitely need to improve the SEO of your channel and the videos that you upload.

What is special about YouTube SEO is that any person and any channel can benefit from it, whether very large or very small.

It is also important that once you understand this process, you will be able to choose the topics with the best prices, and thus you will be able to significantly increase YouTube profits.

These were the most important benefits of paying attention to the SEO of your YouTube channel.

Now let’s get to know me…

How to rank high in YouTube search results in 2021 (the most important SEO factors)?

According to YouTube’s guidelines , there are two main factors in order to rank high in YouTube search results:

  • That your video meets what the researcher wants.
  • Your video should have a high interaction rate.

Therefore, our first goal in everything I will share here is to improve these two factors.

Now let’s start with the most important…

1- Know what your audience is searching for

How will you rank high in YouTube results if you don’t already know what people are searching for in a niche?

If you don’t know that there are people looking for something like YouTube channel profits, for example, how will you get views?

Maybe it will rank high, but if there is no one searching for this term, then you will not benefit from anything.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what the audience is looking for.

This step is divided into two parts…

Gather a list of all possible keywords

Everything that people search for is called YouTube keywords, which are the basis of YouTube SEO.

So all we’re going to do now is collect a bunch of those words and put them in a file.

I talked in a previous topic about Keywords in detail, so I will quickly tell you what you need to do, but if you want detailed information, perhaps it is better to go to the topic related to this part.

Here all you will need to do is go to YouTube and choose a word and let us assume “YouTube SEO” and look at the suggestions that YouTube will present to us…

Keywords collection to use in improving SEO

Some of these words are suitable for a separate topic, while others can be used together to improve one video.

All you have to do is do this in each of the fields you want to work on.

Then compile all those keywords together into one file and keep them for the next step.

Bonus: If you find some words such as (YouTube SEO 2020) and we are in the year 2021, you can remove them, and also a term that is considered illogical, such as (WhatsApp Status SEO), you can also exclude it.

Choose the best keywords for your channel

Now to the second part of the research process.

After you have collected a large list, it is now time to filter it in order to get only the words that are suitable for us.

Filtering will be done on the basis of two very important factors: (competition – price of speech)

The competition 

Not all words you can work on and produce results from.

Some words are very competitive, so you are just a new channel and you will not be able to compete with them.

For this reason, we will initially focus on those topics with little competition.

You can find out this matter simply through ( the Tubebuddy Chrome extension ), which contains a very good free version, but if you have a budget of $7 per month, it is worth it.

Here you will write the keyword and the plugin will give you the size of the competition and whether you can work on it or not.

You can also benefit from some other free sites such as Wordtracker and Vidiq.

Price per click per word

The price per click or the rate of prices that you will get from the ads that you will place on this video depends mainly on what advertisers pay.

Since the largest advertising network is Google Ads, this is what we will rely on to know the CPC for each word.

Note: We will use the keyword planning tool from within the account for free.

Be careful: the price per click is not important for YouTube SEO , but it is for you so that you can increase YouTube profits and do not put your effort into poorly profitable content.

Let us now take a word like “top in YouTube search results” as an example and look at the following image>

Know the prices per click for each key

You just have to adjust the settings as follows:

  • Google and its search partners, not just Google.
  • Arrange the prices from highest to lowest.
  • Now choose the appropriate words that have good prices.

Thus, you have filtered all the results and got easy topics with good prices for your videos.

Now to the next step which is…

2- Add subtitles to your videos

When you add subtitles to your videos, you increase the spread of your videos and reach a larger number.

This will automatically direct YouTube’s algorithms to improve your video’s appearance in YouTube search.

You may think that its importance is not great, but this helps greatly in improving the results of your video in YouTube search.

do not believe? What do you think of this picture>>

YouTube SEO (the importance of the words you speak and subtitles)

Did you see this video above?

I wanted to hear this song above, and I searched for one of the phrases in the song and these results showed me.

If you notice this video, it appears below the original song (and the third result in the search), but what is strange is the following:

  • The title does not contain the keyword you wrote.
  • The video contains no description at all.
  • The video does not use any hashtag with the target word.
  • The channel is very small in terms of the number of subscribers.

How can this video appear in the third result?

There are two possibilities that can be relied upon:

  • However, there is no such thing as YouTube SEO.
  • Or there is an important secret in this video and a powerful factor that made YouTube understand that this video is talking about the word I wrote (and this is what I strongly support).

These two factors are: 

  • YouTube understands spoken words (so when the word I wrote was mentioned in the video, that song popped up).
  • The subtitle provided by the video (which is already available in this video) is very important and must be set.

Therefore, mentioning the keyword you are targeting spoken in the video more than once is something you should pay attention to, and certainly if you can put Subtitles for all of your videos, this will certainly help you rank at the top of YouTube search results.

3- Use what you have collected on your channel

Now, how will we use these keywords correctly to improve the SEO of the YouTube channel?

It is necessary to know that there are many wrong practices in this context, the most important of which are, for example:

  • Put 200 different sentences in the description.
  • Using more than one keyboard in one video.

But the correct use is in the places that I will tell you in this part, the most important of which are…

Video title youtube title

The title is the most important thing if you want to improve YouTube SEO.

After you choose the topic you want to work on:

  • Put that keyword at the beginning of the video title.
  • Also put the year number or date in the title.
  • Don’t target two words in the same title.
  • Never make the title different from the video.

It is also important not to repeat the title multiple times next to each other.

Video description

It was also stated in YouTube’s guidelines for content creators that the video description is very important in order to improve your channel’s SEO.

Here you will find a lot of people putting sentences that have nothing to do with the content of the video, or leaving them blank, or for example, keyword stuffing, which is one of the most common wrong practices that may harm your channel.

But you must do the following:

  • Placing the target semantic phrase or its derivatives at the beginning of the description, perhaps in the form of a question, for example
  • Make your video description informative and at least 200 words.
  • Put the phrase you chose to work on in the description 3-10 times, depending on the number of words in the description.
  • Place links to your other videos in the description to improve the internal linking of your channel and also to make viewers go to other videos.

Labels Tags

According to Google , captions are important and help your video get found.

But since most YouTubers misused this feature and placed dozens of captions in one video, YouTube’s algorithms were updated.

Tags have become less important than the description, thumbnail, and title.

But this does not mean that it does not help in channel SEO.

Therefore, make sure to use only 3-7 labels for one video, all of which are related to the content you are presenting.

Note: According to experiments, Tags are still an important YouTube SEO factor that helps it rank high in search results.

Now let’s move to another place…

The words you speak

You may think that it is not important, but if it is not important and YouTube does not understand it, why is there an automatic translation or subtitle for the videos?

Your voice is converted into speech, and since this happened, the algorithms may certainly understand what you are talking about.

Surely the video for the song above would not have been at the top of the search results if the spoken words were not important, right?

So make sure to say the keyword you chose a few times in the video.

The name of the video file you are uploading

This is probably the strangest place you would think I would say.

But before uploading the video, change its name to the phrase you are targeting.

Perhaps it is completely illogical, but you will not lose anything from the experience.

Hashtag #

There are not many experiences that talk about the benefits of hashtags in improving YouTube SEO.

But since it appears below the video, why don’t we use it? It might help upload the video and produce results, who knows!!

Using hashtags to improve YouTube SEO

All you have to do is put (#topic_name) below the description, up to 3 hashtags per video.

Now let’s move on to something easier…

4- Impressive Thumbnail = better SEO

The video image itself has no effect on YouTube SEO (unlike the images in this topic).

But what the image causes is what is most important.

In short, the image is the most important factor in clicking and watching the video. The better it is, the higher the click rate.

The click through rate is called CTR or (click through rate) and this is the main factor in the channel’s SEO.

So, the higher the click rate, the stronger this indicates to YouTube’s algorithms that the video is good.

This is definitely a very powerful factor that helps you rank at the top of YouTube search results.

Conclusion: better image = higher CTR = higher search results.

5- Make your videos fun

Whether in content, presentation, or montage, it is necessary to try to communicate your content in the simplest form and also in an enjoyable way.

The more interesting and not boring your video is, and the more powerful your content is, the longer you will retain your audience, which certainly gives one of the strongest signals to YouTube that your video deserves to appear in the initial search results.

Retaining the audience is called Audience Retention, and it is one of the most important direct factors that improve YouTube SEO.

Conclusion: If your average video viewing is 3 minutes, try making it 6 minutes and you will see improvement.

Therefore, follow the statistics of your videos, find out which videos have the lowest viewing time, and try to avoid the reasons that may have led to this.

But if you find a video that had a high viewing time, be sure to repeat what you did in this video in all your videos.

You can know the duration of watching each video by clicking on (Video Statistics) in YouTube Studio.

Video viewing time

It is clear that this video was not entertaining enough for the audience to continue watching it for more than 1 minute and 48 seconds.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid what was done in this video in future videos.

6- Ask for audience interaction

The interaction or engagement that viewers have on your videos is extremely important for it to be at the top of the search results.

Any interaction a person makes, whether (like – dislike – comment) is considered a very clear indication that your content is distinctive.

Therefore, you will find most YouTubers asking their viewers to like or comment.

It is necessary that you do this too.

If it has no benefit, content creators will certainly not continue to request it.

7- Pay attention to creating playlists for your videos

It is certainly not a factor in YouTube SEO, but it will certainly also help you rank at the top of the search results.

All you have to do is collect similar videos into a list of their own and give them a unique name.

You will find that you get viewers through these lists.

The best evidence that it helps is to search for the word (course + anything) and you will find that what often appears in the first search results are the menus.

The importance of classifications in YouTube SEO

Obviously it helps right?

8- Optimize the video for the Google search engine

You may think this is strange, but if we want to improve YouTube SEO, perhaps we can benefit from Google SEO as well.

There are many videos that appear to you when you search for anything in the search engine.

But how can I do that?

The most important thing is to pay attention to both the title and description.

  • Search for the content that you want to create a video talking about on Google, and let’s say “explanation of the Wazd website”
  • Let’s see the search results and whether there are videos that appear when searching or not…

Improve video seo

So we can work on this word.

  • As you can see, there is no website that uses the keyword “explanation of the Wajd website” specifically, so this is your opportunity to use it in the title.
  • After that, all you have to do is wait for a while to find the video appearing with those videos.

To know that this method works, just look at one of our videos in this picture:

Optimize the video to appear in the Google search engine

Therefore, it is important to improve your videos to appear in the Google search engine, in addition to improving YouTube SEO.

9- Choose an appropriate time to publish and upload

As most YouTube SEO experts say, the first 48 hours of publishing the video are the most important.

It basically determines whether your video will continue to appear and then top the search results or will go into the dark.

Therefore, it is very important to know the best time when your audience is on YouTube, and then publish at this time.

Continuity in publishing is one of the most important factors in producing YouTube search results. It is very important to publish continuously and at fixed times. Let us assume, for example, a video every Thursday or two videos per week at fixed times.

This will help YouTube and the viewer recognize your channel as a strong and organized brand that wants to continue.

10- The duration of the video is important

After studying many channels and videos, I discovered that the longer the video, the easier it is for it to appear in the top results in YouTube search.

So perhaps it is better to start increasing the length of your videos and do some comprehensive videos that include full content.

There is no specific duration, but the longer the video (and it is rich in information and not filler), the easier it is for it to top the YouTube results.

That’s why I advise you to try this on your channel.

11- Do not neglect the video promotion process

If you want to rank at the top of YouTube search results, it is necessary to promote your videos.

I do not mean paid promotion, but sharing your videos on social media sites, forums, and even your personal blog, in addition to some huge communities such as Quora.

The more you share your videos, the more your exposure will increase and thus the more views you will receive. This will essentially improve the ranking of your videos in YouTube search.

Not only that, but you can also share the link to your channel in those same places. This will help strengthen your channel and increase YouTube’s confidence in it to some extent.

These were the most important factors for YouTube SEO in order to be at the top of the search results.

Now tell me…

Which of these factors do you think is most important?

Do you have experience with any of these things?

I await your response or inquiry about anything in the comments.

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