11 very successful projects with a capital of 12 thousand riyals (the best)

11 very successful projects with a capital of 12 thousand riyals (the best)

Do you need ideas to help you start a very successful project with a capital of 12 thousand riyals?

In this article, I have collected for you the 11 best projects that you can invest in.

These projects are certainly successful, but you should always know that the success of any project depends on many components.

The most important of which is that you understand the nature of the project and provide your maximum energies to it.

Therefore, always make sure to delve deeply into the details of the project you have chosen before starting and start with the end before your eyes.

Now let’s get to know…

The best 11 very successful projects with a capital of 12 thousand riyals

The projects here vary between those that can be done on the ground, and the most important ones are electronic projects.

Since your capital is 12 thousand riyals, it is an amount that enables us to start from halfway, and this is what I will tell you how to do in the first project.

1- Ready blog project

Naturally, I recommend starting a blog from scratch if you have little capital.

But 12 thousand is a more than good amount to buy a ready-made Arabic blog that actually generates monthly profits.

If you do not know what a blog is, it is simply like the one you are reading this article with now.

These are sites through which articles are published and in return you can earn money through:

  • Advertisements.
  • Affiliate marketing for products.
  • Selling courses.
  • And other ways..

Would you like more ways to read:The best ways to profit from blogging .

Now why would you buy a ready-made blog? 

In short, because you will be able to see the return from the first day.

What capital is needed to buy a blog?

The amount you will pay depends on a very simple equation:…

Blog price = average monthly blog profit in the previous three months * 12

This means that if you want a monthly income of 2000 riyals, you need to buy a blog for 24 thousand riyals.

This means that the blog that you can buy with your capital generates 1000 riyals per month.

Where can you buy a blog?

There is more than one way, including:

  • Flippa website
  • Bloggers groups on Facebook.

Tips when buying a blog

Before thinking about investing your capital in this project, you must first make sure of some things, including:

  • Verify the blog’s monthly income through statistics.
  • Make sure the content is strong and that 90% of visits come from the search engine (you can do this by looking at Google Analytics statistics).
  • Make sure there are no violations on the blog.
  • Finally, make sure you use a reliable intermediary to guarantee your rights.

2- A special project (an idea for you)

Resale of products and services.

This is your special project.

Some call it drop servicing and also drop shipping, which are two different fields.

However, we will now combine them to produce a very successful project with a capital of much less than 12,000 riyals.

What’s the idea?

Here you can invest in 3 things:

  • Electronic product.
  • Develop your skills.
  • Learn to choose the right people.

Let me now share with you my personal experience in this project.

  • Initially, I purchased the full version Divi template, which enables me to create WordPress websites in various formats.
  • After that, I invested in developing my marketing skills and also dealing with the template.
  • Then I started marketing my services in creating websites and stores.
  • I got the first client, with whom I agreed on a cost of 650 riyals.
  • I started designing the store for him, by activating a copy of the template on his store and then starting work.
  • Now that I got my first client and implemented it for him, I now need to look for someone who knows how to deal with this template to do it for me.
  • I went to Fiverr and found a good guy who had many good reviews, and after negotiating, he would get 150 riyals for his time.

Excellent right?

It’s time to talk costs…

  • Template price: 750 riyals.
  • Advertising cost: approximately 50 riyals per client.
  • The cost of a freelancer on Fiverr: 150 riyals.


The template provides me with an unlimited number of copies.


If we assume that I will place the template on only 10 websites, the cost of the template will be 75 riyals.

And now…

  • Total cost: 75 + 50 + 150 = 275 riyals.
  • Net profit: 650 – 275 = 375 riyals per sale.

Do you believe this?

You can use a distinctive Arabic template instead of the template above, which is Marathi, which will provide you with a good number of distinctive features similar to the one the creator used.

3- Abaya selling project

The second project on this list is selling abayas .

Whether for women or men, the Saudi market is one of the best markets through which you can trade in abayas.

It is very simple, and only requires:

  • Feasibility study for your project and all its costs.
  • Reaching a factory that offers distinctive quality and reaching a good agreement with it.
  • Create an online store and start selling through it.
  • Or you can market through Instagram and Snapchat.

In the end, because your capital is not the largest, it is important to start with a small number of items.

The secret in this project is: quality and distinguished marketing.

4- Coffee kiosk project

Coffee is a mood and coffee lovers in the Kingdom exceed 10 million people.

This is certainly through monthly searches for coffee and its various products on search engines.


One of the best projects you can do in Saudi Arabia is a coffee kiosk, or you can start with a small cart.

The most important thing you need here is: 

  • Find a great location to start.
  • Invest in developing your skills in making distinctive coffee drinks.
  • Learn the art of communication and dealing with your customers in a unique way.
  • Finally, buy coffee equipment.

Here you can get a daily income of 200 riyals with ease.

If you are not a coffee lover, perhaps it is best to stay away from this project, because you simply will not understand what coffee lovers need.

5- Online store project

Every year the volume of e-commerce in the world increases, and Saudi Arabia has a huge share of the global purchase volume.

Therefore, you need to benefit as much as possible from this boom and start now.

Creating an online store is very simple now after the launch of many e-commerce platforms that have made it easier.

Among the best e-commerce platforms in Saudi Arabia through which you can launch your store with just a few clicks are: 

  • Basket platform (my first choice and one that I highly recommend).
  • spray platform.
  • Expandcart
  • Shopify (if you want an international store).

The steps to launch the store are very simple. You need to: 

  • Select the product according to the target country.
  • Buy a good amount of it in bulk.
  • You can also get started without purchasing products through platforms like Tajir, which provide you with the products and you can sell them piecemeal.
  • Design your store professionally.
  • Start marketing through the communication platforms your audience is on.

how much does it coast?

The biggest cost in this project is purchasing products and marketing.

But let’s break down the cost simply:

  • Store cost: 1200 riyals annually.
  • Marketing cost: You can determine the appropriate cost, but it is not less than 500 riyals per month.
  • Cost of products: You can start with small quantities of no more than 5,000 riyals.

The most important advice when purchasing products with this small capital is to: stay away from those products that contain different sizes or colors and focus on those that do not have a large variety in order to save on cost and have a good inventory suitable for your campaigns.

6- An electronic marketing company project

But I do not have enough capital to hire people and pay them on a monthly basis. How do I start a company?

This is what’s on your mind now, right?

It’s simple, don’t hire anyone!

Here we will initially rely on what is called drop servicing and rely on people working as freelancers.

Your cost now will be: 

  • Register your company.
  • Create your professional website.
  • Finally, marketing.

After you get your first client and he pays, all you have to do is pay a portion of this money to the freelancer you have chosen to carry out what the client requested.

This takes us to one of the most important responsibilities that you must undertake before starting, which is: choosing the people you will work with.

  • Determine the areas in which your company will provide services.
  • Go to freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Fiverr.
  • Look for those who provide these services and have good reviews and prices that are not the highest.
  • Find out the prices of these services in the market.
  • Determine the price that suits you best after adding your profit margin.

Now you own a company that provides electronic services.

All you have to do is start marketing your services and get clients.

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7- YouTube channel project

Of course, you will not do the channel yourself, otherwise this cannot be considered a project.

Here we will build together a distinctive work system through which you can transform this channel into a distinctive project.

Note: We will launch a foreign channel, because the profits are higher.

The channel that we will launch will be the Cash Cow channel, which is the one through which you can profit from YouTube without appearing .

One of the most famous examples of channels in this field is:Alux. I advise you to check it out to know what I am talking about here.

Now with the working system:

  • Determine the topics of the videos you will release (the best ones are those related to money).
  • Launch a channel with a unique name.
  • Go to Fiverr and search for people who write video scripts, and others who design Cash Cow videos.
  • Now take the script and give it to the person who will design the video for you.
  • Now that you have your video, you can now design a distinctive image and then upload it to your channel.
  • Launch advertising campaigns on YouTube now to get views and subscribers to your channel until you get only 1,000 subscribers.
  • When you meet the conditions for profit from YouTube, you can apply for the AdSense advertising program.

Now with the cost…

  • The cost of one video is approximately: 130 riyals.
  • Marketing cost: 1000 riyals per month.

But how much will my profits be?

  • Sincethe return for every 1,000 views on YouTubeon foreign content is approximately 50 riyals.
  • One video achieves an average of: 1000 views per month (in the worst case scenario).
  • Your capital will enable you to create: 50 videos.
  • So the expected return is approximately: 1000 – 2500 riyals per month.

I did not explain the steps in detail so that this article does not become too long.

So, here are some articles to help you:

8- Photography project

Starting this photography project will definitely not cost you more than 12 thousand riyals.

Here you can specialize in: 

  • Product photography.
  • Photography of various occasions.

The cost here can be summarized as: 

  • Buy a professional camera for less than 6000 riyals.
  • Launch your own professional website.
  • Get a special course to teach you the basics of photography.
  • Start marketing yourself.


This field is one of the most difficult fields you can enter, and it requires your creativity and excellent skill in communication and dealing.

However, it is also one of the most profitable projects.

Therefore, if you do not intend to develop your skills in dealing with and constantly learning from professional photographers, this project is not for you.

9- Party organizing project

The party organizing project is a successful and profitable project for women .

One of my relatives has already started this project and achieved great success with it.

So I definitely advise you to invest your amount here.

I don’t know a lot of details, but you can just start with:

  • View the most important needs for different occasions such as weddings.
  • Buy these tools.
  • Start marketing yourself.

This is all you need in the beginning.

As you delve deeper into the field, you will find the steps simpler.

10- Affiliate marketing project

Building an audience is the first step in this project.

Therefore, do not start before defining your target audience and where you will find it.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple field, but it has a lot of details.

Affiliate is marketing a product that you do not own in exchange for receiving a commission from the seller

In order to be able to turn this project into a profit-generating machine, you must first do one of the following:

  • YouTube channel
  • website.
  • A unique Instagram account.

The most important thing before starting is to determine: 

  • The field in which you intend to create content (preferably a field that you have personal experience with and can produce specialized content about).
  • The most important products that will be marketed and the platforms for their presence.
  • Who will help you create the content?

There are many affiliate marketing sites that I recommend, and you can register in any of them and you will find many products that you can market.

Now with the most important types of content through which you can market products and get excellent returns: 

  • Beauty content such as hair and skin.
  • Fitness.
  • Website services.
  • Foods.

11- Perfumes and oud manufacturing project

3 months ago, a client came to me talking about developing his website for selling perfumes.

Hence I had the idea of ​​adding this project to the list of projects that you can do.

You can definitely start with your existing capital.

But you need a lot of other things, the most important of which is learning two skills: 

  • Perfume manufacturing.
  • Distinctive marketing.

If you possess these two skills, you will be sure to succeed in this project.

What is special here is that you can start this project at home and exploit various social media platforms to obtain clients for yourself.


First, you need to ensure the quality of your product, and you can do this simply by gifting some free samples to your friends and relatives.

If you find positive reviews you can start.

These were the 11 best ideas for a very successful project with a capital of 12 thousand riyals.

I don’t know if I found a suitable idea above or not.

But what I need you to start focusing on are those projects that you can do online.

This is simply because of your ability to scale it faster.

Now tell me…

Did you benefit from the ideas in this article? Which idea was best for you?

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