A project worth 15 thousand riyals (8 very profitable ideas)

A project worth 15 thousand riyals (8 very profitable ideas)

Starting a project with 15 thousand riyals is difficult if you intend to start on the ground.

Especially because the fees for the project and renting the place are somewhat expensive.


If you intend to start online and invest in an electronic project, 15,000 riyals is a good amount.

Here in this guide I will provide you with a set of ideas and simple steps to get started.

Then you must research and strive to learn more about each project and the requirements it needs.

Let us now move on to find out…

Project ideas for 15 thousand riyals

I do not prefer long introductions, so let me start with what is best in my opinion to invest this amount in and we will gradually go through the ideas until you find the right project for you.

Starting with…

1- Online store project

In recent years, e-commerce has spread greatly in Saudi Arabia.


The best project you can start with 15 thousand riyals is an online store.

My advice here is to start an online store that specializes in selling specific products.

Let’s say you start an online store that sells women’s dresses.

Or, for example, a store specializing in selling men’s sports products.

Thus, the cost of the store is much lower than the idea of ​​​​starting a store that sells all products.

Steps to start this project: 

  • Search for products to buy wholesale through Alibaba or any wholesaler.
  • After that, subscribe to the Salla platform to launch an online store in very simple steps.
  • Now start promoting your project.

I do not want to delve into the details of each project so that you do not get bored, so it is important, after implementing these basic steps, to delve deeply into the idea of ​​each project and the details it requires.

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2- An electronic blog project

A blog is one of the best electronic projects for beginners and non-beginners.

Blogs are sites specialized in sharing written content, such as this one through which you learn about the most important project ideas for 15 thousand riyals.

Here is your good amount to invest in a blog.

You can invest $50 of the amount to launch the blog and own it. This amount is approximately 190 riyals.

The remaining amount will be invested in purchasing good articles for the blog.

But before that, it is important to invest in preparing a plan for your blog. What I advise here is: 

  • Buy Bluehost hosting and you will get a free website name.
  • Find someone who offers keywords and buy keywords for your blog articles from them.
  • After that, find a writer to write articles for your site (make sure to choose a writer who has hundreds of good reviews).
  • Publish articles continuously until you get a good number of at least 100 visits per day to your articles.
  • Now it’s time to profit from the blog. Register in the Google AdSense program and start making a monthly return on your investment.

My personal experience with blogging is good. I even shared that I started a blog about 8 months ago that earned me a monthly income of approximately 300 riyals from an investment of approximately 5,000 riyals.

New blog profits from advertising

And now with another project that is special to me, which is…

3- YouTube channel project

Do you know how much YouTube pays for 1000 views?

Although the amount varies from one field to another, and depending on your audience, the average profit usually ranges between 1 and 20 dollars in foreign content.

Here your amount is rather large and this will help us launch a YouTube channel without appearing with content in the English language.

There are many foreign channels that operate in this way, the most important of which, for example, is the Alux channel, whose monthly profits exceed $20,000 without the need to appear.

Alux channel on YouTube

Here are the project steps as follows:

  • Determinethe channel idea: It is preferable that the channel be in the financial or motivational field.
  • Appoint someone to implement the videos: I gathered the best people who implement ready-made videos for YouTube in one article that I will be sure to check out.
  • Start designing good images for your channel.
  • Publish videos constantly on your channel until you get 1,000 subscribers, and most importantly, 4,000 hours of video viewing.
  • Start earning from YouTube through the AdSense advertising program.
  • Reinvest the profits in the channel until it reaches millions of subscribers and begins providing you with passive income without you having to follow it.
  • Do not forget to create a good system that will be followed by those who work with you on the channel.

4- Electronic services website project

One of the excellent projects that you can start with an amount of 15 thousand riyals is the electronic services website.

Here I will not talk about establishing a company with a website and employees, no.

What I mean here is launching a website to provide electronic services using the dropservicing method.

Here you do not need to appoint anyone, the work system will be as follows:

  • Buy good hosting for the website. You can also do so through Bluehost , which I previously shared above.
  • After that, search for people who have a lot of positive reviews on their accounts on freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Fiverr.
  • I keep links to their accounts.
  • Design your website, and display the services provided by the professionals you found in the previous step.
  • Start marketing these services on various social media sites.
  • Do not forget to add your profit margin on top of the service price. If the price of the service provided by the freelancer is $5, make the price on your site $7 to include conversion costs and fees, and you will have a profit margin left.

Now let’s move on to some simple projects that you can start on the ground.

Starting with…

5- Food Truck Project

The Food Turk project is one of the projects that spread hugely over a period of time.

You may think that it is just a trend that has ended, but it is still one of the good projects that you can start with an amount not exceeding 15,000 riyals.

All you have to do is invest in a well-designed cart, and maintain the cleanliness and quality of your products.

The most important thing is knowing the most important foods that the people of the region need, and therefore this takes us to invest some time in finding the appropriate location to place your cart.

6- Honey trade project

Honey is one of the most important and best-selling products in the Kingdom.

I previously dealt with a client who owned a store that sold honey, and the experience was more than wonderful, and I did not expect the volume of sales that the store was getting.

In the honey trade, it is preferable to communicate with good apiaries to buy products from them in bulk, and then start bottling and selling them with your own brand.

Here, it is preferable to promote honey products through social media, and the best thing is to own an online store and display your products through it.

7- Leather products manufacturing project

Leather products, specifically natural leather products, are among the best-selling products around the world.

Although it is one of the successful projects for women , it is also one of the projects suitable for men and can be done from home.

  • First you have to find a source to buy natural leather.
  • Next you need to invest in learning how to make leather products.
  • The final step is to start promoting your products.

My advice in this project is to sell through Instagram and integrate with an online store.

It is also important to set appropriate prices for the products, as it is known that the prices of leather products are high, and therefore you must adhere to the price but pay attention to the quality.

8- Photography camera project

15 thousand riyals is an excellent amount to buy a professional photography camera and start a wedding or product photography project.

Here you need some professional photography courses, buy good photography equipment, and then start promoting yourself.

The photography camera project is considered one of the best profitable projects for men and women. What is special here is that the prices for photography are very high, and therefore the return on your investment in this project is great.

These were the best ideas for a project worth 15 thousand riyals…

In the end it depends on you to choose.

But if you want to be nominated, my advice is to start a YouTube channel project or buy a camera and get started.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us or leave your comment.

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