A project with a capital of 200 pounds (4 very profitable ideas) 2024

A project with a capital of 200 pounds (4 very profitable ideas) 2024

200 pounds is a small amount of money to start a project in Egypt.

But even if you think about this little capital, you can use it to start a project and it will be good and profitable.

But be sure that you will need a tremendous effort in anything you start because you do not have enough capital to make you comfortable.

That’s why don’t take the amount, but also make sure that the chances of you starting with this capital are very small.

That’s why let me share with you what I feel are 3 projects that we thought were the most appropriate with this capital.

Project ideas with a capital of 200 pounds

Once again, the projects I will add in the following lines are very, very small projects.

For this reason, although its profits are good, it will need you to develop it in the future as your capital increases.

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Let us now start with our first project, which is…

1- Blogger blog

Blogger is a Google service that allows you to start a blog like the one you are reading the article about now for free.

Ok, what is the cost we are talking about here?

Here you will need something called Domain, which is your website address and its price is approximately 185 pounds, but in the first year you can buy it for only 20 pounds through a site called Namecheap.

As you see, this is an online project, and for this reason you must understand more about the field in which you will work.

That’s why you can read the guide to creating Blogger blogs that we wrote here and apply the existing ones.

Do you need to develop yourself, what else?

  • The most important skill here is (you know what people are looking for)
  • And then you learn (write topics that benefit people and provide them with something that helps them).

If you can develop these two skills now, you can start your blog, but first you will need:

  1. Determine the field you will write about (things you will know how to talk about are a good start)
  2. After that, you adjust all the settings of your blog and add the domain.
  3. You start writing very good content continuously.
  4. Finally, and of course it is preferable that when you respond to at least 100 visitors to your site per day, you apply to the AdSense program (through which you can add advertisements to topics).

You can almost start a project with a capital of less than 200 pounds and be profitable at the same time.

Now let’s talk about the second project, which is…

2- Perfume samples project

It costs 200 pounds to buy some simple perfume materials and start making them in small samples.

Or you can buy 200 ml ready-made perfumes from a good store, and they will usually cost 200 pounds.

Now, 1 ml of perfume costs you approximately 1 pound.

All you need to do now is start distributing this 200 ml into 20 small samples, each sample containing approximately 10 ml.

Now you can stop with these samples in any area and sell each sample for 15 pounds.

Here the cost to you was 200 pounds, and you were able to sell the samples you had for 300 pounds.

This resulted in approximately 50% of the project cost!!!

If you were able to conduct the project in this way and each time increase the quantity and variety of perfumes, you could transform, in a short period of time, from just a small perfume seller to the owner of a perfume shop.

The most important thing is that you can remain a seller.

It may help you:

3- Project yourself

200 pounds is a solid small amount…

So, why don’t you use this amount to develop yourself?

Here I will not tell you to buy any course or book.


I want you to start buying things that you can turn into services that you can sell.

For example, with 200 pounds you can buy:

  • A simple Facebook advertising course and you start selling advertising campaigns to advertisers.
  • You can also purchase a simple content writing course and start writing articles for website owners.
  • You can purchase a subscription to a YouTube video design program and start designing videos such as (the 10 fastest cars in the world – the richest men in the world – etc.) and upload them to your YouTube channel for free.
  • There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of to develop your work skills.

That’s why the best project with a capital of 200 pounds is a project to develop your personal skills.

Maybe this is something you haven’t been waiting for, but believe me, if I have 200 pounds and want to start a project, I will use this amount to learn a skill and start selling it and get back double what I paid.

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4- Facebook group project for affiliate marketing

I talked before about starting a Facebook group and selling products on it.

This idea is of course better for girls…

But despite this matter, you need capital to start with and buy products.

In our case, you do not need any capital at all!!!!

On affiliate marketing sites, you have the ability to market the product and take a commission on it without having to buy it or even have the seller deal with you.

Here is all you need:

  • You will create a group to shop products.
  • When someone buys, you will take his information and go to this marketing site.
  • You add all the person’s data and make a purchase order.
  • The site will deliver the product to the person and take the money and shipping from him.
  • Once received, you will find your commission posted on the site and you can withdraw it via Vodafone Cash or any electronic wallet.

In my opinion, these are the best projects you can start with 200 pounds.

The best thing here is that they are practical projects that you can start from now on, and they also do not require any experience or complexity.

Now say…

What is the best project you think is suitable for you?

If you have any questions, write a comment and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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