A project with a capital of 20 thousand pounds (8 projects with the best return)

A project with a capital of 20 thousand pounds (8 projects with the best return)

Are you looking for the best project with a capital of 20 thousand pounds that enables you to double this amount?

In the art of money management, in order for your money to grow and multiply, you must invest it in successful projects or others.

Because freezing money and not operating it will reduce its value, and will make you lose instead of benefiting…

Here is a group of the best projects with a capital of 20 thousand pounds or less that will enable you to do that.

After reading it, you will have the best ways to transform this capital into profitable projects that will generate great wealth for you.

So follow me carefully to stop wasting money and time and start your own project.

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The best project with a capital of 20 thousand pounds in the commercial field

Twenty thousand pounds is equivalent to approximately 700 US dollars, and this is a sufficient and very good amount for starting a profitable project in Egypt.

The projects that I will present to you above had excellent experiences and many of them achieved a significant return on investment.

But do not forget that in the end it is an investment and the gain or loss depends on several factors, including:

  • Market need.
  • Your surrounding environment.
  • Project location.
  • And certainly capital.
  • And other reasons.

Now let’s start with our first project, which is…

1- A store that sells vegetables and fruits

This project has proven successful because all people are constantly buying fruits and vegetables and the fruit will not disappear one day.

According to the experiences of many people, profits in this project have reached 200% of the capital.

Now you need some steps first:

  • Rent a store to display fruits and vegetables. It is preferable for the store to be within a residential area to ensure demand for your store, and for it to have good ventilation so that the fruits and vegetables do not spoil inside.
  • You can also replace the store with your small cart, where you can move around and sell vegetables and fruits on it.
  • If the truck is not available, you must agree with a small truck driver to transport the vegetables and fruits that you buy to your store for an agreed-upon amount.
  • Buy vegetables and fruits directly from farmers to save money.
  • Sorting the vegetables and fruits you have purchased according to their quality and then displaying them.
  • This project may require a refrigerator to store fruits and vegetables as the project progresses.

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2- A store that sells cleaning supplies

This project is considered one of the best projects that can be implemented with a capital of 20 thousand pounds or less.

Profits may reach up to 90% of the capital value per month.

The steps to start this project are:

  • Renting a store with an area of ​​no less than 9 square meters, taking into account an area suitable for the store.
  • Purchase shelves to display products in the store. Shelves can be made of plastic and wood manually to save costs.
  • Purchase cleaning materials directly from factories to provide distributors’ profit margin.
  • Agreement with a truck driver to transport detergents from the factory or their source to your store, if you do not own a small truck.

As the project progresses, some decorations can be made for it, and you can also learn how to make cleaning materials, thus saving a lot of money.

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3- Clothes selling project

A clothing selling business is considered one of the best projects you can start with a capital of 20 thousand pounds.

What distinguishes this project, in addition to the ease of starting, is that its profits can reach up to 100% of the capital value, if you know how to properly utilize your money in it.

The starting steps in this project are as follows:

  • A commercial store must be rented in an area that has been studied in terms of the surrounding shops and the nature of the population there.
  • Buy clothes directly from the factory. It is preferable for the store to be allocated a specific type of clothing, i.e. either children’s clothing, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, or underwear.
  • Purchase a sufficient number of shelves and “stands” to display clothes, and the shelves can also be made at a low cost.

In this project, the presence of a commercial store can be dispensed with. This method of selling clothes has achieved great success.

The steps of this project will then be:

  • Buy clothes directly from the factory in order to save the cost of purchasing them through distributors.
  • Photographing the clothes with a professional camera, then displaying them on Facebook groups or creating a page and making sponsored ads for it.
  • Providing a means to deliver clothes to customers, either by renting a car or by agreeing with a driver, who will deliver for an agreed-upon fee.

In this project, new clothes and used European clothes (bales) can be sold. By following the same steps, accessories, socks, and school supplies can also be sold.

In order to choose the most suitable project from the previous options, you must study the market need or the need of the area in which the shops will be opened.

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4- An electrical, mobile phone or computer repair shop project

If you are one of the people who have a passion for repairing electrical appliances, cell phones, or computers, then this project will be the right project for you in a lifetime.

Basically, it does not require any cost other than renting the place and the tools that you will use in dismantling, welding, and assembling.

The steps to start this project are:

  • If you do not know much about maintaining electrical appliances, cell phones, or computers, you can take educational courses for that.
  • Renting a commercial store. A store with dimensions of 4*3 meters is sufficient, and the commercial store must be in a suitable area.
  • Purchase some basic equipment and tools needed in the maintenance process.

The most important things that will help you develop your project are the following:

  • Advertise your maintenance shop on social media, especially Facebook groups. You can create a special page for the shop on Facebook, where the faults that you repair are also published so that demand for your shop increases.
  • It is necessary to constantly develop your maintenance skills, and this is done by attending training courses and workshops, asking maintenance specialists, or experimenting yourself, disassembling and installing tools to find out how they work.

5- Opening a small educational center (private lessons center)

This project has become one of the most successful investment projects in recent years, and this project will generate great profits for you if you know how to manage it.

Little by little, you will be able to enlarge this project and increase its specializations.

But for the success of this project, it takes a little patience until your center becomes reputable.

The steps for opening an educational center are:

  • Renting a place suitable to be an educational center, which must consist of at least two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The location of the center must be studied well.
  • Purchasing a number of chairs and tables for students, a blackboard, and some important study supplies.
  • Agreement with a number of well-known teachers and trainers in the center area, whereby an agreement is made with them to give their lessons and courses within it in exchange for a percentage to be agreed upon with them.
  • Publish announcements about the opening of the educational center and holding courses in it, on social media networks or to residents of the area where your center is located.

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A project with a capital of 20 thousand pounds in the animal field

Investment in the field of livestock production brings abundant profits to its owners, but on the condition that the appropriate project is chosen in terms of capabilities and region.

Some projects may be suitable for you and not suitable for others, and vice versa, and this is very normal.

Profits from animal investment projects may reach 150% of the capital, and we will present several investment ideas in this field to start a project with a capital of 20 thousand pounds.

Let’s start first with…

6- A small poultry farm project

Despite the simplicity of this project, it is very profitable, and you can start with less than 20 thousand pounds, and that will be very suitable for it.

Over time, you will notice the success of this project, and your wealth will multiply through it as your experience increases in choosing the appropriate chick, the best feed, and also how to raise it correctly.

The steps to start this project are:

  • Providing a small farm for raising poultry with an area of ​​no less than 9 square metres, where every 10 chickens need at least one square meter or more of space.
  • The barn can also be located on the roof of your house or next to your house, if possible.
  • It is preferable that the barn location be with good lighting, good ventilation, and good heating, and there are designated places inside for placing water and food.
  • Buying a number of chickens, here you should pay attention to some things:
    • It is preferable that the chick is not less than 5 days old in order to save it a lot of effort.
    • It is preferable to choose laying chicken breeds such as: the Lohman chicken breed, the Leghorn chicken breed, the Sussex chicken breed, or other laying breeds or hybrid breeds to give abundant eggs if you intend to start an egg distribution project.
    • The necessary vaccinations must be provided to the chickens through agreement with a veterinarian to provide periodic care for the chickens.
  • Purchasing basic equipment for the poultry barn, such as: watering equipment, feed-providing equipment, and cleaning equipment.
  • Buy chicken feed, and you can also feed the chickens from leftovers at home, which will save you some of the price of the feed (but this is not preferable at all).
  • When the chickens start producing eggs, you can agree with the shop owners around you to buy these eggs from you. You can also start distributing to stores in other regions.

Note: The price of one laying hen ranges between (45-50) pounds.

7- Sheep and goat breeding project

This project is considered one of the most successful projects, especially if you live in an agricultural place, and there is the possibility of grazing and raising sheep in your area.

For 20 thousand pounds, you can buy about 5 heads of sheep, and this project is distinguished by the profits it makes from it over the long term.

Sheep products, such as milk and wool, can be sold, and sheep can also be sold at high prices during the holiday and slaughter seasons.

The profits of this project may reach up to 80% of the capital value.

The conditions for starting sheep farming are:

  • A suitable place must be provided for the sheep to protect them from the cold and rain in the winter and the intense heat in the summer. An area of ​​12 square meters is sufficient for 5 heads of sheep.
  • An area must be provided for grazing sheep – yard or agricultural land – and an area of ​​15 square meters is sufficient.

The steps to start the project are:

  • Purchase 5 sheep, preferably choosing the best breeds of sheep in terms of reproduction.
  • Among the best breeds of sheep in Egypt, we mention: Al-Rahmani, Al-Barqi, Al-Saidi, and Al-Wasimi.
  • Purchasing necessary equipment for raising sheep, such as: watering equipment and feed-providing equipment. You can provide sheep with leftover homemade food.
  • An agreement must be made with a veterinarian to examine the sheep periodically and provide them with the necessary care.

You can also follow the previous steps in raising goats as well. The amount of 20 thousand pounds is enough to buy five or six heads of goats.

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8- A project to make cheese and animal yoghurt

This project is one of the most successful animal projects possible with a capital of 20 thousand pounds, as you will find that your capital has doubled and your profits have reached up to 150% of the capital in a short period.

This project will be very popular with people, because handmade cheese and yogurt are free of harmful preservatives, and people are aware of the value of handmade animal products and their high nutritional benefits.

The steps to start this project are:

  • Buy a large number of liters of milk, preferably from cow farm owners directly to save money.
  • Providing the necessary equipment for making cheese and yoghurt, such as large containers, cheese processing materials, and containers to store cheese and yoghurt after they have been manufactured.
  • Purchase special refrigerators to store milk and cheese, and you can buy them used to save on their price.
  • It is possible to rent a commercial store and sell cheese, milk, and yogurt as well. You can dispense with the store by agreeing with food stores near you to supply your products to them.
  • You need to hire some people to help you.

In this project, it is very necessary to take into account the conditions for preserving yoghurt, cheese and milk, so as not to spoil the production.

At the end of this article, we must remind you, dear reader, that the ideas for projects that can be implemented with a capital of 20 thousand pounds are endless.


You must study the market, its needs, your skills, and your capabilities, and search for the category you want to target, and then start and seek God’s help and not postpone starting your project so that you do not become lazy and your money begins to lose its value.

Here we have reached the end of our article, a project with a capital of 20 thousand pounds.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave your comment.

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