A project with a capital of 5000 riyals (7 projects due)

A project with a capital of 5000 riyals (7 projects due)

Would you like to start a project with a capital of 5000 riyals?

I have a group of unique ideas, but you have to delve into each idea before investing that 5,000 in it.

All projects in this list are successful projects through real experiences.

Therefore, do not worry and let me briefly share with you the ideas and steps that you must follow in each project so that you can double your investment.

But now let’s talk about…

The best projects with a capital of 5000 riyals in Saudi Arabia

As usual, you will find me sharing a group of projects that can be implemented on the ground, and other distinctive and low-risk projects on the Internet.

Therefore, all you have to do is read the details and find out whether the project suits you or not.

Starting with…

1- Danna project for transporting farm products

I found this project on one of the Arab forums, through which he shared his personal experience in this project.

The project consists of renting a semi-truck to transport the produce of various farms to the markets.

Fortunately, most farm owners do not have vehicles to transport their goods, and therefore need people to do it for them.

In an experiment, this person shared that you can rent a car in good condition for 3,000 to 5,000 riyals per month, depending on your negotiation skills.

Then you go to the farm owners and offer your services to them.

In his experience, he shared that he owned a farm with a weak production, estimated at 50 cartons, and the cost of transporting these goods was 3-5 riyals per carton, which means approximately 200 riyals per day from one farm.

It may even happen that you may often transport 500 cartons per day, which means a daily income of approximately 2000 riyals before deducting costs.

Although I find it a bit exaggerated, I also think it is a unique project that deserves to be tried.

So study the project, look for a good vehicle, get to know the farm owners before renting the vehicle and ask them if they would like to transport their goods.

Then rent Al Dana without a driver, and you do the job.

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2- A ready-made electronic blog project

Every time I share a group of simple project ideas to increase income , I mention starting a specialized blog.

But here the situation is a little different.

5000 riyals is not a small amount in this field, so you can use it to buy a ready-made Arabic blog that actually generates a monthly income.

The blog is usually sold at a price equal to 15 times its monthly profit.

This means that with that 5,000 riyals, you can buy a blog that generates a monthly income of approximately 300 riyals.

With continuous work on the blog, you can certainly increase this return with ease.

Where can you buy a ready-made Arabic blog? 

Unfortunately, there are not many options, so you have to search in the different groups of bloggers on Facebook, and you will find some offering their site for sale and providing all the information about it.

But beware…

There are two problems that you should pay attention to before purchasing a blog: 

  1. You may be defrauded and your money taken: so you should look for a reliable person as an intermediary.
  2. You need a good analysis of blog data: you can seek the help of a professional in the field in exchange for a small commission.

Until an Arab market for buying and selling business on the Internet is launched, all you have to do is check and be careful.

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3- YouTube channel project without appearance

Cash Cow channels, which you can start without appearing on the channel yourself, are always considered one of the best simple electronic projects for beginners .

What is special here is that you can start this project with 5000 riyals and achieve excellent returns.

But only if you can do all the steps in this project correctly.

starting from…

  • Choose the channel field.
  • And how many videos do you post weekly?
  • Access to the best people to design videos and write video content for you.

I already talked before about making money from YouTube without appearing in a comprehensive guide.

So I definitely recommend checking it out and benefiting from it if this project is suitable for you.

Is the project profitable? 

I previously shared the profits of some channels in this field, but let me share with you one of the examples of these channels and their profits:

Foreign channel profits from YouTube

In this simple channel above, this YouTuber was able to achieve approximately 4,500 riyals in the second month alone.

Can you believe now that it is profitable?

If you’re excited to get started, here are some articles that will help you: 

4- Online store project

Starting a professional online store is not possible with a capital of less than 5000 riyals!!

But I have already shared that it is possible, why should I tell you the opposite?

It is not possible to start a professional store for less than this amount, but it is certainly possible to start a regular store.

In previous years, purchases from online stores increased in the world, but the Kingdom achieved a distinctive increase.

This is what makes starting e-commerce an excellent step for you to take.

Even if you do not own a product, you can launch your professional store by: 

  • Register on the basket platform and subscribe monthly for less than 100 riyals.
  • Register on the Saudi Trader platform, search for products from wholesalers, place them on a store, then promote and sell them for a good commission.

Here the cost for your project is divided into several parts: 

  • Investing in yourself in order to learn how to launch advertising campaigns (or investing in a professional).
  • The cost of paid advertising.
  • Finally, the monthly cost of the store.

Therefore, you must study the costs well in order to add an appropriate profit margin to the products.

5- Coffee kiosk project

In a previous article about the project with a capital of 2000 riyals, I talked about the coffee cart project.

But your capital is greater now, why not convert the cart into a simple wooden kiosk?

Coffee is a product that is in great demand in all countries, and in Saudi Arabia alone, monthly searches for it exceed 10 million searches.

Therefore, do not worry, coffee lovers everywhere are waiting for someone to fulfill their hopes in a special cup from the Black Witch.

The most important thing you should pay attention to in this project is the following: 

  • The appearance of your small shop must appear elegant and simple at the same time.
  • To choose excellent types of coffee to keep your customers attached to you.
  • Finally, make sure to deal with anyone in a courteous and courteous manner.

Despite the simplicity of the project, it requires a lot of creativity.

So unleash yourself, let the magic of coffee penetrate you and get creative, perhaps this simple kiosk will turn into a distinctive brand like Starbucks.

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6- A healthy home eating project

More than 3 years ago, I accidentally encountered a site that sells health products in the Kingdom called Healthy Life.

I did not imagine that a site like this could succeed, but with time and follow-up I found the number of requests on the site increasing.

What is beautiful about this store is the story of the start of this project, which its owner started with less than 400 riyals, and has now turned into one of the distinguished brands in Saudi Arabia in the field of health products.

You can also start a project like this…

Or you can communicate with them and sell your products to them…

Or you can also start making different, healthy, fun foods in your home and start promoting them via Instagram, Snapchat, or elsewhere.

There are many options, all you have to do is choose what is right for you and get started.

Just remember that you need to: study the market surrounding you, and learn about the most important products required to start with.

7- A website project to provide electronic services

One of the distinctive projects that you can do anywhere and with not a huge amount of capital is this project.

Here all you need is:

  • Create a professional website: You can do this through WordPress
  • Specifying services: whether marketing, content writing, voiceover, etc.
  • Identify the professionals: who will perform these services.
  • Launching advertisements: to target customers to your site.

Some people call this project drop servicing, because here you promote other people’s services and resell them at higher prices.

Don’t understand clearly? Let me explain to you…

Here we will not:

  • Establishing a company.
  • Hiring people.

But what we will do is:

  • Search for people on freelance sites who have good reviews.
  • Copy the services they provide, then reformat them on our website.
  • Next, you will learn how to create advertising campaigns.

Every time a customer comes to your site and pays you, all you have to do is go to the freelancer you have already chosen and send him the request.

When he delivers it to you, you deliver it to the customer.

And so on…

These were my ideas about the best project with a capital of 5000 riyals.

Of course, you will find many other ideas, but this is considered the best and I think it is the most appropriate and the least risky.


Decide what works for you, delve into it, and then start without hesitation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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