Online work in dollars 2024 (ways to make $5,000)

Online work in dollars 2024 (ways to make $5,000)

The job in companies is not suitable or does not exist, so you decided to search for a job online in dollars?

If the desire to improve your financial income is what prompted you to search for a job on the Internet, then you are definitely in the right place.

No one can tell you more than me that you are on the right path, as our motive is the same.


I actually preceded you and started in 2017 without any experience, skill, or even money.

So I definitely encourage you to start, but my advice is to make long breaths a friend of your journey.

Because you will not achieve $100 after the first month, two months, or even 3 months, but once you collect the first 100, the first 1000 will become easier, then 10 thousand, and then 100 thousand.

In contrast to those topics out there that put in front of you a group of titles, I decided to tell you my experience with my own proof for each of my favorite methods.

Not only that, but detailed steps and guides on how to start each job are provided here.

Note: This guide is suitable for those in Egypt in particular and for Arab countries in general. It is also suitable for girls and boys, but if you are a girl and want more suitable methods, I advise you to read the work from home guide for women for the year 2021 .

Now are you ready to start?

How do you receive money from working online?

In the first year, when I told my family that I was starting an online job, they told me: How will you receive your money?

So of course, if you are about to start, you are wondering the same question.

This is very natural, believe me, and I wondered as you wondered and as they wondered as well.

To get started, let me tell you what you need to avoid huge distractions when searching.

There are two basic ways to receive your money from the Internet: 

  1. Bank transfer: You must have a bank account, preferably in dollars (but you can leave instructions for the money to be transferred in Egyptian and you will be able to receive your money in this account).
  2. Electronic banks: If you want to work online, you will mostly use freelancer sites. This means that you only need one bank, which is Paypal (click on the previous link and you will find a detailed explanation of this bank).

From my own experience, your need for a PayPal account is the greatest (and it is suitable for those under the age of 21 and over the age of 18).

You can withdraw your money from here by going to the mail and purchasing Visa EasyPay.

But there is a problem you will face, which is receiving your money in dollars, but there is certainly a solution.

QNB Bank.

You can open an account in this bank and tell them that you want to activate PayPal and they will help you completely (and do not forget to tell them that you want to receive the money in dollars).

You can also learn about:The best electronic banks that you can use safely

With this, we have finished the first part, which is confusing for many people.

Are you ready now to…

The best online job sites in dollars

There are many sites through which you can work online, but they are definitely not the best for me.

You will know the best after that part.

We quickly return to our conversation.

These job sites are divided into two main parts:

Recruitment sites

Here you will find job offers on the Internet. You can go and apply on any of them, and the most important of these sites are:

  • Tanqeeb site
  • Indeed platform
  • Remote location
  • Hire me website.

Online paid job sites 

These are sites through which you can display your skills and experiences to people who actually need those skills. Once a person finds you and finds what you offer unique and wants him, he will request your service. The most famous of these sites are:

  • Fiverr website (our best choice to start), but foreign.
  • Khamsat website (one of the Arab profit sites and considered the most famous in this field)
  • Upwork platform.
  • Freelancer website.
  • Bahar Saudi platform.
  • And many more….

I apologize for the length, but I wanted the topic to be as comprehensive as possible.

Don’t have a computer?  Learn:How to get money from the mobile phone with proof

Now let me tell you….

The best ways to work online with dollars

Now, how about I motivate you a little?

If you think that this number in the title of the topic is a lot, then let me tell you that it is nothing for many who chose the Internet over a job.

But this path is certainly not for everyone, and among all who will read this article, only a few will succeed.

Now let me tell you my first method at this time and all times.

1- Start blogging

The best online work for me is specialized blogs or what are called Niche sites.

In short, they are sites that talk about only one topic, but in depth, for example, “weight loss blogs,” poetry blogs, or, for example, blogs that talk about areas of profit from the Internet (such as this blog).

If you do not know how profitable this field is, I strongly advise you to read the topic on blogging profits .

But in short, these are some of the profits from affiliate marketing through a blog for one of the sites.

My profits from affiliate marketing through the blog

As you can see in the picture, my profits from promoting this site alone (which actually helps people) are approximately $450 .

But these are not all the profits. This is another site that I promote, and my profits from affiliate marketing for this site are approximately $180 .

Another site's profits

I also remember at the beginning of blogging when I told myself that I would create the best topic in a certain field, and as a result I was able to earn my first amount of money from the Internet, and I remember so far $100 .

This is the result of my first online job ever, and it was through a direct advertisement for a company on my blog.

This is just a sample and this site is just one in a series.

But are these profits quick?

of course no.

It will take a lot of time to reach these amounts, but you should know that every moment you spend learning is worth it.

Would you like to start working online this way?

So your first step is to go now and start following all the steps in our blogging guide

But this is certainly not the only field that I prefer. Let me tell you about another very special job that I have, which is…

2- Turn on content writing

Content writing is considered the best online job for girls.

In fact, the number of girls working in this field is greater.

This is certainly because working on the Internet in this way provides the following:

  • Good monthly profits.
  • There is no need for any capital at the beginning.
  • Rapid learning.

In short, learning to write content is very easy and does not require you to spend a long period of time. Only two or three weeks maximum of learning and reading, and you will be able to provide excellent articles that are compatible with SEO.

But is content writing profitable?

In fact, it is very profitable if you are diligent enough and constantly develop yourself and your writing style, and most importantly, if you can actually make things easier for the website owner.

For example, my experience in this field was excellent. As soon as I presented distinctive content and reviewed it before delivering it to the client, he ordered articles from me in just two weeks, worth $60 .

$60 from the job of writing articles online

As you can see, the work is profitable, but it requires effort from you and providing the best to the client who owns the site.

But the most important question now…

What types of content can you write?

There are 3 types that I found to be the most in demand on the Internet and also on website owners’ groups, which are…

  • Writing articles for blogs (you can see the comprehensive guide to making money by writing articles ) in which you will find everything you need.
  • Writing scripts for YouTube videos.
  • Finally, writing the marketing content for the products on social media.
  • Even writing on Word and file formatting is also available.

All of these types require you to be very creative, so open your imagination to new horizons and create stories in your writing to become more enjoyable.

3- Work as an SEO specialist

Unlike the two ways of working above, SEO is not an easy field.

However, it is one of the most profitable ways to work on the Internet.

The average SEO expert earns approximately 50 thousand dollars annually, but if your lot is to work in one of the SEO companies in the Arab world, your salary will start from 7,000 thousand pounds at a minimum.

Therefore, I strongly advise you to start learning the basics of SEO and develop yourself daily.

In fact, even if you do not become a professional, you can get a simple job that you can do.

For example, I am not a professional expert in this field, and I have already obtained many sales for my keyword service (it is one of the basics of SEO and does not require any very significant experience).

Work SEO services online

  • SEO: It is improving websites, blogs, and online stores to become compatible with search engines and appear in the results (especially the first page) when someone searches for a topic.
  • Keywords: These are all the words and phrases that a person uses when searching for something on Google or any other search engine (here, for example, I often used online jobs in dollars, and this article appeared for you).

Work in this field is divided into 3 sections:

  • Run SEO for your own website: Here you improve a group of websites that belong to you and start making profits from them.
  • SEO for other people’s websites: Here you either create your own SEO company and become responsible for other people’s websites, or you work in a company that provides SEO services and makes SEO improvements to other people’s websites.
  • Providing simple SEO services: such as (the keywords that I provide – backlinks – website analysis – competitor analysis – etc.) and you can provide all of these services through various microservices sites.

The best sources for learning SEO 

Now let me tell you another special way, which is…

4- Marketing affiliate products

In the first way in this topic, I told you that I was able to earn approximately $650 from affiliate marketing.

This was through the blog, but there are many other ways to market products and get a percentage.

In fact, we have a complete affiliate marketing course that I highly recommend you check out.

But in short, let me explain to you the way I work here and some of the obstacles I faced here.

The method of work

This is very simple, but by following the course to which I linked you above, you will obtain extensive information.

Types of products that you can market

  • Tangible products: such as (clothes, accessories, women’s bags, kitchen utensils, etc.).
  • Digital products are the best: such as (courses, books, hosting companies, etc.).

The best way to market both types of products

Facebook ads.

In fact, mastering these advertisements is not easy, and this is the problem I faced.


  • More than one of my advertising accounts was banned.
  • Plus, the free information out there didn’t teach me everything.

But I recently discovered the solution, and although it is a little expensive, it is worth it.

The solution is: Hani Hussein’s course to master Facebook ads.

  • Over 20 detailed hours of successful campaigns and basic basic education.
  • The most important thing for me was learning to build marketing plans.
  • In addition to teaching you the importance of Sales Funnels (how to filter out already interested customers)

The price of the course is $49 instead of $100 previously, but it is worth every dollar you will pay if you want to become a professional in advertising.

Hani Hussein course for Facebook ads

5- Become a YouTuber

YouTube is one of the best fields of online work for students and graduates, girls and also young men.

But unlike previous years, success here is no longer as easy as it was before.

In order for you to collect a large number of subscribers and achieve a good income, you must:

  • Pay good attention to the content you provide.
  • And certainly pay attention to the way this content is presented, edited and prepared.

If you don’t know anything and don’t know how to start, fortunately, during the past period I have already created a comprehensive course for YouTube, be sure to follow it as well.

But is YouTube profitable?

Yes, there are many Arab models that earn good sums of money from YouTube, all of which you will find in the study that we conducted to find out the profits of YouTube channels .

There are several examples I can give you.

The first example: Iyad Abu Ghosh

Iyad Abu Ghosh’s earnings from working on YouTube

From just one video, he was able to earn approximately $11,500.

Therefore, YouTube is definitely the best online job field for its dollar.

The second example: Ashraf Ibrahim – the economic laboratory

In fact, the example this time is not in profits, but in the speed of growth of the channel and an emphasis on the importance of valuable content.

Statistics of the economic laboratory channel

As you can see in the previous picture, he joined YouTube approximately only 3 years ago and was able to collect approximately more than 1 million subscribers in addition to approximately 59 million views.

Therefore, once again, if you decide to start, I strongly advise you to pay attention to the quality of the content provided and its presentation.

Topics that may benefit you in the beginning

6- Work in data entry

I spoke in detail about how to become a data entry in a previous topic, but here I will talk briefly and of course you can always refer to this detailed topic.

But before I start, I decided to show you the volume of applications for data entry jobs online.

Data entry work online

As you can see in the previous picture from the Fiverr website, this type of online work is in high demand and the prices are high.

So maybe you should keep this concern in mind.

Bonus: The most important skill you must develop to succeed in this field is mastering Excel, so start searching now for a professional course and begin practical application.

7- The job of selling products online

If you want to work online in dollars, but without limits to what you can earn, then starting e-commerce is very suitable for you.

Here the topic is very similar to affiliate marketing, but here the products are your own or you borrow them.

In addition, you need an online store in any case.

Although the details of this job are more, this certainly means more profits.

Steps to work online in e-commerce

  • First, you must determine the products that you will trade (after studying the market).
  • After that, you have to search for the cheapest wholesalers to obtain quantities of products.
  • The most important step is to photograph the products professionally.
  • Then calculate all the costs and add them to the product price.
  • Now it’s time to create your own professional online store.
  • Completely configure your store and add all the products to it.
  • Make an agreement with shipping companies and calculate shipping costs well.
  • Finally, do good marketing for your products (you can certainly do this by mastering Facebook ads, which I mentioned above).
  • Work on good customer service in order for them to keep coming to you.

Methods of selling online

There are 4 basic ways to sell online:

  • Selling directly through social media pages and accounts (I do not recommend it at all).
  • Create a local online store with your own products (a very distinctive option for Saudi Arabia).
  • Getting started in the field of dropshipping.
  • Finally, selling directly on Amazon through what is called Amazon FBA.

Each method requires a complete course to explain it, so search for them so we can create courses for them.

8- Online trading job

In fact, trading was not supposed to be listed as a job on the Internet because it is essentially an investment.

But many people have already made it their permanent job and achieved amazing success.

Is trading profitable?

In fact, it is very profitable, more than all the methods above.

But it is also the highest risk of all.

Types of work 

There are 4 basic types of trading, during which we will move from the highest in terms of return and the most in terms of risk to the lowest.

  • Binary Options: High-risk trades that I talked about in detail in the topic of the best binary options trading platforms .
  • Forex: Trading foreign currency pairs is the second most risky specialty, but it can be professionalized and huge sums of money can be made through it.
  • Cryptocurrency trading: Banned in Egypt, so we will not talk about it much.
  • Stock trading: whether stock market shares, American stocks, or bonds, which is considered less risky than the areas above.

But in reality, I do not advise anyone to start this type of work on the Internet until after a while and accumulating good capital that allows him to risk some of it.

9- Graphic design job

In fact, my work experience as a graphic designer is very limited, as I do not possess the design skill.

But after those prices that I saw on freelance sites, it was necessary to add graphic design to the list of the best online jobs in dollars.

Graphic design work online

As you can see in the picture, the prices for designing a logo for the website range from $15 to $750.

This service, which has been rated 1,000 times and the price of the service is $15, means that it was able to achieve approximately $15,000 from selling logo designs to website owners.

Now all you have to do is go and get an excellent graphic design course and then start offering your services on these sites, the most important of which is definitely Fiverr.

Note: There are many fields in design, such as (designing T-shirts, mugs, paintings, etc.).

10- Translation work

Online translation work is also one of the most sought-after fields, especially on English websites.

Translation job

Although translation prices are somewhat low compared to previous jobs, it is also considered one of the best job opportunities on the Internet.


Of course, you need to excel in two or more languages ​​to be able to start in this field.

Bonus: It is important to compare what you will offer with the number of words offered in your field, and always make what you offer at the beginning more than anyone else out there.

You may benefit from:The best free artificial intelligence translation site

Now it’s your turn…

Tell me which of the online working methods here do you think is most suitable for you?

Is it blogging, YouTube, or trading?

Do not hesitate to contact me and ask me anything if something is not clear.

عن الكاتب

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