A project with a capital of 5000 pounds in Egypt (top 10 projects)

A project with a capital of 5000 pounds in Egypt (top 10 projects)

Finding a project idea with a capital of 5,000 pounds in Egypt may be a big challenge for you.

Of course, because the amount is very small, the ideas will be few.

But this certainly does not mean that you will not be able to use this amount that you have now in some project.

So I decided to collect the best ideas that can be implemented with only 5,000 pounds.

Of course, there are ways that do not suit you, and others you will think are the right opportunity for you.

Therefore, make sure to read the details of each project carefully and think about what is suitable for you.

Now let’s get to know me…

Ideas for 10 projects with a capital of 5000 pounds in Egypt

There is no specific way to arrange the projects , they are all arranged randomly according to the ideas that came to my mind.

So let’s start now with our first project, which is…

1- The Happiness Cart Project

There are many projects that tell you to create a cart to sell certain things. Let’s say, for example:

  • Hummus in the Levant in winter.
  • Ice cream in summer.
  • Simple sweets
  • potato.
  • And others….

But what is different here is the general appearance and name of the vehicle that you will create.

Here, for example, I decided to rephrase the idea in a different way, using the name The Happiness Vehicle.

Mostly all the simple products we buy provide a pleasant feeling.

Therefore, you can go to one of the carpenters or carpentry workshops and present him with a specific shape for the cart that you want to create (there are many very distinctive shapes on the Internet, just search).

After that, you have to choose some simple things that you will sell.

More than one note:

  • The cost of the vehicle is the most expensive thing in the project and may reach 3,000 pounds or more.
  • All products that contain chocolate are considered distinctive products (Dumplings with Nutella – Potatoes with Nutella – etc.).
  • Always try to make your cart’s appearance clean and distinctive, as this is the main factor for your sales.
  • Choose an excellent location to stand in, especially in crowded places or near students.

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2- Mobile coffee cart project

Approximately 3 cups of coffee per day is the normal rate, in addition to some other drinks.

I think I’m not the only one who drinks this amount daily.

Most importantly, I do not think there is anyone who does not drink at least one cup a day.

Therefore, creating a small mobile coffee cart is considered one of the best projects that you can undertake with a capital of 5,000 pounds or less.

Here you also need to know that: 

  • Choosing a place is the most important factor for selling more.
  • The quality of the coffee you buy is also very important.
  • You need an attractive stroller that has a distinctive shape.
  • Always keep your cart clean and your cups polished.
  • Offer different types of coffee and different types of coffee.
  • The best time to sell is always in the morning until seven in the evening.

3- Tarazi shop project

The Tailoring Shop project is one of the best small projects that you can do with a capital of approximately 5000.

Usually, the cost of adjusting one pair of trousers ranges from 10 to 20 pounds, depending on the region, sometimes less and sometimes more.

Therefore, it is definitely one of the profitable drinks that you can do and get an excellent monthly income.

But what is more important than doing the project is learning the craft, mastering it, and proving your quality so that you can get many customers.

For women at home, this project can be done very simply and dealt with by many girls. It is known that girls buy clothes much more than boys.

Note: One of our neighbors does this in addition to detailing, and her monthly income approximately exceeds 12 thousand pounds.

Everything you need for the project: 

  • Find a store in a suitable area for a small rent, or you can start from home.
  • Buy a used sewing machine, but in good condition, to start with (mostly it will be priced at 3000-4000).
  • Deal with customers in a good way and make the required adjustments, even if they are many.
  • You can also expand the project later to include tailoring clothes and more.

4- Foul and falafel cart project

Bean carts or food carts in general are among the best projects that can be undertaken with a small capital.

But it may not be appropriate for some people, especially students.

But it is certainly suitable for many other people.

Next to my residence in the governorate where I study, there is a very famous vehicle that almost never stops being in demand.

The strange thing is that it only sells 3 items: 

  • Beans with tahini.
  • potatoes.
  • Cheese with tomatoes.

The cost of the project will most likely be very simple and will consist mainly of a cart, a mixer for mashing beans, a bowl for potatoes, and some other tools.

But there are some important things that you should pay attention to before starting the project: 

  • The most important part of the project at all is the location, preferably next to (a student gathering – a government hospital – or a street with a large number of people).
  • Try to make your food as clean as possible and at the same time have a distinctive taste.
  • Try to keep the prices somewhat cheap.
  • Create good relationships and use a distinctive style of dealing.

5- A small shop project for women’s scarves, scarves and shawls

All projects targeting girls are profitable.

This is the general rule that you should follow when starting any project of your own.

However, some projects may have a small cost that does not exceed 5,000 pounds, such as this project and scarfing project, and certainly others require huge sums of money.

Scarves, scarves, and shawls are among the most important pieces that almost every girl needs.

So starting a business to sell these pieces is definitely profitable.

But you will definitely not start your project based on some assumptions!!!!!

So …

  • It is important that you study the market well, study the area in which you decide to start, and target an area that has a good number of girls.
  • Look for a small shop for a small rent, but be sure to make its general appearance distinctive.
  • Pay attention to the quality of what you sell because it is the most important factor in gaining a permanent customer who will buy from you on an ongoing basis.
  • Your approach to dealing is the most important reason for the success of this project.

The profit margin for this project is approx 100 %.

6- Mobile accessories project

Mobile accessories are one of the cheapest products that you can buy and get excellent profits from selling them.

The wholesale price of a mobile phone case is less than 10 pounds per case, and you can sell it for up to 30 or 50 pounds.

You can also buy headphones and screens at very cheap prices and sell them for almost double their price.

Therefore, you will find many stores that sell mobile accessories spread, and this certainly means that they bring in a good income.

But before you start, you should: 

  • Choose a small store in a good area.
  • Preparing the store and making good decoration for it.
  • Search for wholesalers of accessories (Abdul Aziz Street is an excellent start).
  • Finally, you can learn to maintain mobile phones and add that skill to the services you provide in your project, and you will get double what you will get from selling accessories.

7- Payment machines project

The payment machine is also one of the unique projects that you can do with a capital of much less than 5,000 pounds.

The machine’s profits will not be very large, but they will certainly be good compared to the capital, which is often 2000 – 3000 per machine.

Your commissions will be approximately 2 pounds for every 100 pounds in recharging credit, cards, etc., and also approximately 2 pounds for every internet bill, regardless of its value.

So you can definitely take advantage of this machine and start your own project.

But before starting, let me tell you some important details about this project:

  • You can get the machine for only 500 pounds, but here you will need to achieve about 60,000 transfers per month, which is a very huge number.
  • You can start this project from home without the need for a store, or you can integrate it into another project.
  • Tell everyone around you that you own a Fawry machine and start charging and transferring to them and benefiting from them.
  • There is more than one company competing with Fawry and offering slightly higher commissions. You can start with them, but since Fawry is the oldest and safest, I prefer it.

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8- A small herbalist shop project

Herbalist shops are also among the shops that you can operate with a capital of approximately 5,000 pounds.

Perfumery in the sector is very profitable.

Although some people think that simply hearing the word “perfumery” means the subject is difficult and requires a huge cost, this is not the case.

All you need is:

  • It deals with wholesalers and takes various goods from them in small quantities.
  • You are preparing a very small rental shop in a popular or rural area.
  • Now put these materials in small containers and display them on shelves.
  • You can also sell fodder and legumes in the store.

At one time I did this project and the profits were approximately 150%.

Meaning, I put about 4,000 into the project and got about 6,000.

But after more than two months, this is because I failed to choose the right place.

Therefore, in all the projects above, I told you that the most important step is choosing the project area.

9- Home farm project

Raising anything at home is considered one of the best projects that you can do for 5,000 pounds or less in Egypt.

In a previous topic, I talked about how to invest 1,000 pounds in creating a home pigeon farm with only 10 pairs.

This is just one of the home farm ideas.

In the bathroom project, for example, which I have personal experience with, it achieves profits of approximately 10% per month.

So, when you put 5,000 pounds into your project, the expected return after approximately 3 months is 500 pounds per month, net profit.

This is certainly an excellent profit compared to the interest rates of banks that offer you 500 pounds annually as the highest interest.

You can also start raising at home: 

  • Poultry
  • Rabbits
  • Ducks
  • Goats (2 as a start and start increasing the number)

All of the home farm projects mentioned above are profitable.

But like any project involving living organisms, you must always keep in mind the possibility of losing some of them due to diseases or other things.

10- Fruit cart project

The fruit cart may also be the best project you can undertake in Egypt with a capital of 5,000 pounds.

This is simply because it is already profitable.

The truth is that humans will not stop eating fruit any day.

Therefore, going to fruit wholesalers and getting some excellent fruit and then selling it is one of the best projects through which you can exploit this amount that you own.

All you have to do now is: 

  • Prepare a mobile cart and always try to differ from the traditional form.
  • Buy more than one type of fruit in small quantities.
  • Arrange the fruit well on your cart so that it catches people’s eyes.
  • Using a digital scale is something we don’t see very often on fruit carts and will definitely attract attention.
  • Put the price on each item.
  • You can also wrap some fruit and sell a mixed dish of more than one type as a different idea.

Note: You can use your amount to buy only one type of fruit that is in high demand, let us assume bananas, for example, and thus you can sell it at a lower price than others.

Now I think that you have found a project idea with a capital of 5000 pounds that is suitable for you.

These were the top 10 ideas that I think are very profitable.

If there is another idea in your mind that you would like to share with us, I am waiting for it in the comments.

Tell me: Make sure to study each idea well before starting to implement it.

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