Project for 300 riyals (top 7 projects)

Project for 300 riyals (top 7 projects)

Are you looking for a project for 300 riyals that provides a distinctive monthly and daily income?

In this guide, let me share with you 7 of the best projects in Saudi Arabia that cost no more than 300 riyals.

But here I will not limit myself to projects on the ground, but rather I will present to you a distinctive group of proven and distinguished electronic projects.

So if this is your requirement, this article will help you and will provide everything you need.

First, let’s talk frankly…

Is 300 riyals enough to start a project?

You can start a project with any amount, so 300 riyals is definitely enough. But the secret lies in the income you seek to achieve from the project.

If you are looking for a project that brings in 1000 riyals daily , this is certainly not possible with the amount of investment you have now.

If you are looking for an income of 50 riyals per month, this can be achieved with your current investment, but after a good period of working on your project.

Now let me share with you the best suitable projects from my point of view…

The best projects for 300 riyals

To be honest with you, the idea of ​​starting a project with only 300 Saudi riyals is somewhat difficult.

But I tried as much as possible to find the most appropriate ideas that would not require more than this amount, at least in the beginning.

The best projects are…

1- YouTube channel project

The YouTube channel is the best project through which you can increase your monthly income from the Internet or obtain a basic income as well.

You can start a channel using just your mobile phone and start sharing content with others in any niche or field you prefer.

You can also avoid appearing in the first place and start the Cash Cow channel, or the so-called profit channels from YouTube, without appearing .

Here you will only need:

  • e-mail.
  • Good channel idea.
  • Start implementation.
  • You can record audio through your mobile microphone, then enhance it with Adobe podcast.
  • After that, you can exploit this content and start earning from YouTube by displaying ads on your videos.

Here the cost of the channel is negligible. All you have to do is improve the channel’s visibility by paying for some ads in the beginning.

Here I do not mean operations to increase followers or buy views.

Here all you have to do is invest in a paid advertisement on YouTube and this is the best way to give a boost to your channel.

2- A specialized blog project

Blogs are sites dedicated to publishing articles, like the one you are on now.

The nice thing about blogging is that it is one of the best passive income methods. You can invest in it and get additional income daily for years to come.

But here you need some things:

  • I own a computer.
  • Learn the basics of article writing.
  • Purchase hosting for the website.
  • Buy a name for the website (domain)
  • Start publishing content daily, on an ongoing basis.
  • Apply for the Google Ads program (Adsense) and profit by showing ads to visitors to your site.

Although blogging is one of the best online projects for beginners ever, it is not suitable for everyone.

Blogging takes at least 6 months to make a good income from it.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quick way to get a return on your investment, then blogging is definitely not the best project for you to invest your 300 riyals in.

3- Instagram account project

Instagram is one of the most important social networking sites on the Internet.

It is also the most important platform for major companies to communicate with influencers and build strong relationships with them.

So you can use your 300 riyals to buy simple photography equipment such as:

  • ring light
  • Good microphone.

Then start providing content on Instagram…

But what content can Zen offer?

Any content you enjoy is the best content to post on Instagram, and the secret is simple…

The more interesting the content is for you, the more you will continue to provide it for as long as possible and the audience and major brands will notice how professional you are with it, and thus they will contact you for paid ads.

I don’t want to show my face!!!

If you are looking for a way to use Instagram to share content without appearing, this is also possible.

But here you need to specialize in one type of content and start sharing it continuously, and it is also preferable to share videos, not photos.

4- Dates trade project

Trading canned dates is one of the best successful small projects for young people .

He needs less than 300 riyals to start.

Here you need to think about the following:

  • A good name for your brand to print on the packaging.
  • The most important wholesale suppliers of dates.

After that, I start packing dates and look for a good place to start selling them.

The best places to sell are in front of mosques. You can rent a small cart or park with a carton.

5- Affiliate marketing store project

300 riyals is not enough to start an online store and sell your own products.

Therefore, here we will rely on third-party products in our store.

But first, let me briefly explain to you what affiliate marketing is :

It is the process of selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission that represents part of the product owner’s profit.

For example…

H&M wants to increase its sales, so it decided to start an affiliate marketing program that offers a 10% commission for every sale.

This means that if you can get someone to buy one product from H&M, you will get 10% of the value of that product.

Here are the simple steps: 

  • Start a free store on the Salla platform , (you can then invest in other paid features offered by Salla).
  • Register on the Tajir platform, which specializes in affiliate marketing, which provides you with a huge range of products that you can add to your store.
  • Start marketing products on your store to get some sales.
  • Increase your marketing budget to get higher commissions.
  • And so on…

Once you have sufficient capital, you can start manufacturing your own products.

6- Handmade products project

The handmade products project is a profitable project for women that can be implemented from home at a small cost not exceeding 300 riyals.

Here the project depends on the products you intend to start manufacturing.

Many products are good and you can start manufacturing and selling them in the Kingdom, but the most important are:

  • Glory be to Him.
  • Small rugs.
  • The mugs.
  • Jewelry for girls and women.
  • And others…

But if you do not have any skills to make handmade products in the first place, all you have to do is learn the method through YouTube, and then start implementing your products and then marketing them through various social media sites.

7- Project to provide followers

I initially hesitated to put this project on this list, but finally here it is.

With the spread of social networking sites, everyone wants more followers for their accounts.

Therefore, you will find a lot of people in your circle already looking for someone who can provide followers to their accounts.

This is where your role comes in…

You can search for sites to provide followers, or you can become a professional at promoting through various social networking sites, and then provide these services for certain amounts.

This is not a straightforward project, but it is a really profitable way to get a good income.

I did not put this project on the list until I was sure of the increasing demand for it.

With this, we have finished this article.

Have you identified the best project for 300 riyals that you can start implementing now?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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