Profitable small projects for men (10 you can start with)

Profitable small projects for men (10 you can start with)

If you are looking for profitable small projects for men, this article explains the best.

In a time when income is not the best, improving your financial condition through a small project has become necessary.

So in this article, let me share with you 10 projects that are best for men.

They are all small projects that do not require a large capital to start.

So, if that’s what you’re looking for, let’s jump right in and learn about…

Top 10 profitable small businesses for men

All projects here cost much less than 20 thousand pounds .

Or if you are from a different country than Egypt, the cost is less than $500 per project.

The projects here are online and on the ground, although I always electronic projects

Starting with the best project for me is…

1- Coffee cart project

The coffee cart project is one of the distinctive projects that you can start with a small capital.

What is unique about this project is its income.

First, you must know the shape of the cart through which you intend to sell: 

  • Some people use a small mobile cart and make coffee in its own bag.
  • Some design a wooden cart and start selling through it.

Whatever your desire and the appropriate method for you, it is important that: 

  • Choose the location of the vehicle well, preferably in a lively area or next to a bank, company, or university.
  • Maintains the quality of your products and the cleanliness of the cart.
  • Finally, and the most important thing you should pay attention to is your dealings with customers. Make sure to smile and behave well all the time.

The cost of this project will most likely not exceed 20 thousand in terms of equipment and materials, but the vehicle may be somewhat expensive.

So perhaps you could rent a van, as an initial solution.

2- Perfume making project

The perfume industry is a profitable small business for men.

The cost here will most likely not exceed 10 thousand pounds in the beginning.

70% of that cost goes to the perfume materials that you must purchase, and 20% to the packaging. You can use social media sites to promote your project and products.

I have a friend who actually started this project from home, and he was able to get excellent profits monthly through it.

But the problem here is that it requires a lot of effort in promoting your installations.

You also need to keep your prices lower than the market in the beginning so that you can attract customers to your perfumes.

In general, perfume formulations are a very profitable home-based project for men , and I highly recommend starting with them.

But first you have to look for the best source to buy aromatic raw materials from, which offers you the best quality at a reasonable cost.

In Saudi Arabia? get to know me:  

3- Small printing press project

The paper photography and printing project is one of the successful small projects for young people .

All you need here is a good copier. You can always start with a used machine to avoid the huge cost.

You also need a good location to place your camera. The best location for your camera is next to one of the government departments or private lesson centers.

You can also promote your project by communicating with teachers directly in order to print their handbooks.

Or if you are a university student, you can take advantage of this stage and offer photographs of the lieutenant and books to your colleagues and make a good income.

4- YouTube channel project

And now with the best electronic project without capital .

YouTube channels and creating visual content in general are one of the best ways to increase monthly income via the Internet .

I have even already shared a complete series to learn everything related to YouTube, starting from how to create a YouTube channel , and even how to profit from YouTube in detail.

But how can you make a profit from this project?

The business model in this project is very simple, all you need is the following:

  • Have a Gmail account and create a YouTube channel using it.
  • Next, determine the type of content you intend to share with the audience on your channel.
  • Start implementing this content as best as you can.
  • After that, continue posting videos on your channel until you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing your videos.
  • You can now register in the AdSense program, place ads on your videos, and start earning revenue for every 1,000 views .
  • After a while, when your channel has a huge number of subscribers, you will find major companies contacting you for paid advertisements.

5- Affiliate marketing project

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products in exchange for a small amount of the product price.

Exploiting social media to launch your own affiliate marketing project is one of the best profitable small projects for men.

Many brands started this way and then went on to produce their own products.

The most famous of these brands is SUTRA, which now has dozens of headquarters through which they sell their products.

The cost of the entire project here is in good marketing of products through paid advertising because it is the fastest way to see results.

But you may need some other cost in creating distinctive designs for the products in order to facilitate their sale.

All you have to do is the following: 

  • Go to Arab or foreign affiliate marketing sites
  • After that, I search for a good product at a reasonable price that is in demand in the markets.
  • Determine the appropriate marketing method, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or other methods.
  • Start promoting and collecting commissions on the affiliate platform now.
  • After that, the platform will send commissions to you in the appropriate way for you, whether bank transfer, electronic wallets, or other methods.
  • Repeat the process many times with several products and you will find that your project grows and your monthly income increases.

Note: If you intend to market in Saudi Arabia, you can simply launch an online store using the Basel platform , link it to the affiliate merchant platform and start selling on your own store.

6- An electronic blog project

3 years ago, I started my career as a blogger, and it has turned into an independent project that provides a monthly income exceeding $500 per month.

That’s why I always consider blogging one of the best profitable small businesses men can start.

Whether you want extra work, or are looking for a way to earn a basic income, blogging can make it happen for you.

The best thing about blogging as a project is that it provides passive income. This means that you can work for months and then stop for a month or two, and the project’s profits will continue as they are.

Blogs can be expensive, and their cost can be limited to just their running fees.

But in order to be able to save costs in the beginning, you must learn to write articles, and thus the cost of the project becomes summed up as:

  • Domain: This is the website address and its cost is approximately $10.
  • Hosting: This is what the blog data is stored on. Here I recommend purchasing Bluehost hosting and you will get a free domain. The price is for a year and its price is approximately $36.

Thus, the total cost of the project is approximately $50. Or approximately 2000 pounds.

7- Product printing project

Printing on products is a profitable small project for young people.

Here you can specialize in printing on:

  • The T-shirt
  • Cups.
  • Mobile cases.
  • And others…

As an experiment for this project, I have a friend who actually started a phone case printing project and was able to make a good profit from the project and a monthly income exceeding approximately $100.

Here you need: 

  • printer.
  • Good location (or you can sell to wholesale stores).
  • Good marketing for the project.

The price of the machine – some time ago – was approximately 35 thousand, but I think the price rose somewhat in the previous period.

If you are looking for more machines, you can check out the article: Profitable Small Machines, and you will find many other machines that you can invest in.

8- Pigeon breeding project

The pigeon breeding project is one of the small projects that I have already worked on for a while.

The project was really profitable and brought me a very good income.

I already talked about this project in a previous article about the best projects that cost no more than 1000 pounds , and this is because you can actually start this project with a very small capital.

All you need to start with is 3 pairs of pigeons, a small room, some small nests, and buy some feed and grains.

And start enlarging the project until you reach 10 pairs of pigeons in your project.

From here you can start selling their production, and you will get a good monthly income.

9- Private lessons project

You can start teaching one of the simple subjects for the introductory classes.

Or if you have skills in any scientific subject, all you have to do is prepare that subject well and start teaching it.

You can start on YouTube, and then perhaps move to a paid platform through which you sell courses.

Or you can start traditional like most people and start offering private lessons to residents in your area.

Thus, you will be able to get a good income from the project at almost no cost.

10- Contribute to a project

Maybe you don’t have enough money to start a huge project on your own.

Therefore, the solution in this case is to contribute to a project with a group of your friends.

One of my friends contributed to a gym because he did not have the entire project capital, and the return on his investment was approximately 5% per month.

This is a very large percentage of return from a project.

Therefore, if you find suitable trustworthy people, and more importantly unite them under the umbrella of a good project idea, my advice is to contribute with them and take those risks before it is too late.

These were the best profitable small businesses for men in my opinion.

I hope you have found the right idea for you.

If you have a question or want to share an idea, all you have to do is leave your comment.

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