A very successful business project (top 15 profitable ideas)

A very successful business project (top 15 profitable ideas)

Looking for a very successful business project?

In this guide, I will share with you very successful and profitable business projects.

Surely you know that “nine-tenths of livelihood is in trade”

So you are here now…

In order not to prolong this introduction for you, let me start quickly and tell you…

The best very successful online business project

Beginning with electronic projects through which you can buy and sell online.

Which I believe are projects that have an excellent future in the coming period.

Mostly, you will need to create an online store to get started, but here are other ways through which you can trade online, such as:

  • Selling on Facebook and social media sites.
  • Selling through marketplaces such as: OLX – Open Market.

It is always preferable to launch your own online store, especially if continuity and building a brand is what you want.

Nomination: The best platform to launch your store in the Saudi market is the Salla platform

1- Clothing store project

Clothes are one of the consumer goods that are frequently purchased through the Internet.

Therefore, starting to sell clothes online is a successful business project that you can rely on.


It is preferable to specialize in selling specific types of clothing only as a start. For example, you can launch a store specializing in: 

  • Selling abayas.
  • Selling sportswear.
  • Women’s clothing.
  • Men’s clothing.
  • Classic clothing.
  • And others…

Specialization is what will make a store go faster and bigger and thus you will achieve more profits.

Of course, you can sell everything in your store, but you will be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage in:

  • budget.
  • Marketing.

Unless you have a really huge budget and can hire a team to help you.

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2- A store project that sells bags

Trading in bags in general, and women’s bags in particular, is one of the distinctive projects that I definitely advise you to trade in.

I have a friend who launched her online store in this field this month and began selling through it, while marketing the products through Facebook ads.

I made very good sums of money from it.

If you want numbers, it sold for approximately 30 thousand pounds in less than a week!!!

But was the net profit good?

The secret here is its move toward manufacturing, which enabled it to raise its profit margin on each product.

If you intend to buy from wholesalers, unfortunately, the profit margin will be lower.

3- Services trade project

Some people have excellent skills that they sell for money.

If I talk about myself, my skills are marketing and writing.

Therefore, I sell my services to business owners and websites in exchange for money through freelancing websites .

Your business project now boils down to: 

  • Create a website to provide services and coordinate it professionally.
  • Searching for professionals on various service sites such as: Independent – Fiverr – Fiverr
  • Identify the prices of services and then set a profit margin on those prices.
  • Now start marketing your website in order to get your first customer.
  • Once you find the first client who requests your services, all you have to do is go to the skilled person and pay him to complete the work for your client.
  • Now you can benefit from the price difference between the selling price offered by the freelancer and the price you set for your services as a company.

It’s simple, but it requires you to go deeper and research extensively into: 

  • Best service providers.
  • How to market distinctively.

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4- A honey shop project

Do you want a project with a capital of 5000 riyals or less?

The honey trade is one of the best trades in all Arab countries, but especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

6 months ago, a client who owns an online store that sells honey came to me and wanted to write content for his store.

It is my nature to talk to the client a little and try to find out some simple details about the field.

The nice thing is that he actually told me that the project is very successful, but it requires an in-depth study of the product and its properties in order to properly market it to its consumers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a very successful business project and your capital is close to the amount above, you may need to start taking the honey business into consideration.

Bonus: It is always preferable to own your own apiary, as this will help you double the profits of your project.

5- A project to sell natural care products

Many girls have already started learning to make cosmetics from natural ingredients, and I have a friend who has already started her own brand in this field.

Even many brands today rely on it.

But the project is also suitable for men and can be done from home , and this is what Hossam El-Maraghy ​​actually did. He presented the project in the Shark Tank Egypt program and obtained funding of 2.5 million pounds for his project:

[wpcc-iframe title=”A project owner requested financing of 2.5 million pounds in exchange for 15% of the company’s share. Look how he tried to convince the committee!” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/IPa2ZhTKgt4?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

The most difficult thing about this project is learning to manufacture the natural product, testing it, and obtaining approval from the Ministry of Health.

However, the profit margin for the product and project is more than excellent.

Therefore, making the decision to start this project may be somewhat difficult, especially if you do not have the passion necessary to continue.

Hence my advice is: stay away from this project if you do not already have experience in a field like this.

The best and most successful commercial project on the ground

Do you prefer projects on the ground?

No problem at all…

In this part, I will share with you the top 10 successful and profitable business projects that you can exploit.

But it is important to know that these projects will often require much larger capital than the projects above.

So if that’s not an obstacle for you, let’s start quickly with…

6- Livestock trade project

Livestock trading is one of the best and very successful business projects that you can start.

Although the appropriate amount to start may be somewhat high, some people have actually been able to start with a small capital.

The best thing about this project is the possibility of expansion.

For example…

You can start with just two heads and then develop your project until you reach a complete farm.

You can exploit your project to trade meat, or multiply and then sell, and you can also trade various dairy products.

The profit margin from this project is somewhat high and may reach 50%, but I also think that the risk rate is high.

This is certainly due to the spread of many diseases among livestock, such as foot-and-mouth disease, which may lead to the loss of a large number of livestock.


You must study your project well, calculate the percentage of risk that you can bear, and then decide whether this project is suitable for you or not.

7- A project for a shop for trading white chickens

White chicken is one of the food commodities that has a huge audience.

through which you can get a daily profit

In addition to poultry prices, which are constantly rising, you can certainly benefit from the price differences between:

  • Trader price and market price.
  • The price of a kilo of chicken and the price of a kilo of breasts.
  • And so on…

The deeper you delve into your project, the more ways you can learn to increase your project’s profit margin.

In this project you need:

  • Small or medium shop.
  • Good relations with farm owners.
  • Good communication with others in order to gain them permanently.
  • Starting capital is 50 thousand pounds.

8- A clothing store project

I talked above in electronic projects about selling clothes and how it is an excellent commodity to trade.

Here the only change from above is that you will open a clothing store instead of an online store.

It is preferable to sell one type of product, but if you want to sell more than one type of clothing, this is also possible.

Experience: A friend of mine has already started this project and specializes in selling trousers only.

Starting with only one type of clothing helped him:

  • Reduce the cost of his project.
  • Purchasing good quantities, and thus a better ability to negotiate with sellers in order to reduce the price.
  • Make it the first source a girl turns to when looking for good pants.

Therefore, I advise you to start with only one type and focus on getting the best materials and models in it.

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9- Accessories and cosmetics store project

Women’s cosmetics and accessories are among the most consumed goods.

Mostly all shops that start this project achieve excellent profits.

In the area where I live there are approximately 8 shops that sell cosmetics.

And all of them already have their own clients.

Therefore, if you are looking for a successful and profitable business venture, perhaps starting a trade in cosmetics and accessories is an excellent step.


It is important to know that this field has very high competition, and it also requires a fairly high capital in order to start and be able to compete.

10- A project for a store selling phone accessories

You can earn approximately 200% from selling phone accessories and supplies.

Accessories include: 

  • Cases.
  • Screens
  • Hand free headphones.
  • Chargers.
  • And others…

But the product with the highest profit margin is tires or cases.

Therefore, if you can open a small store that sells various mobile accessories, you will achieve an excellent income.

You can also add some developments to your store to double your quarter margin, such as:

  • Fawry machine for charging and transferring balance.
  • Electronic wallet services, including withdrawal and deposit.
  • Paper printing machine.
  • Providing application services to government departments.
  • Phone maintenance.
  • And others…

All the services above will greatly help you in developing your project and increasing your profit margin and return.

11- Shouna Grain Trade Project

Two years ago, I actually started trading grains and grains.

From my experience, I can tell you that this project is one of the best projects in the villages .

The largest cost in this project is the cost of renting the site or the space in which you intend to trade, which must be a fairly large area.

All you need in this project is: 

  • Study the most important crops that are grown in your area.
  • Find out which traders in your area you can sell those crops to.
  • Rent a suitable empty space to start your project and store crops.
  • Start forming good relationships with the people around you to get their crops.

The matter is very simple, but it requires some experience from you in purchasing, and how to sort the grains that you purchase, in addition to knowing the details of purchasing in your area.

For example, in the area where I started my project, the merchant gets a ton of wheat, for example, 1025 kilograms.

Therefore, the profit margin here, in addition to the price difference, is the weight difference.

This doubles your profit margin.

Therefore, you must know the details of trading each commodity well before starting.

12- Muqla project for selling snacks

Snacks such as pulp, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, etc.

All of these goods are consumed extensively on a daily basis.

Therefore, in addition to being a very successful business project, I have obtained a unique source of daily income.

What is special about this project is that its capital is medium.

With the possibility of achieving a daily income exceeding 50 riyals , I definitely advise you to start your own entertainment outlet.

The most important thing you need here: 

  • Find a small or medium sized shop to start your project.
  • Access to the best merchants of these foodstuffs.

Of course, it requires an initial cost of no less than 40 thousand pounds.

13- Fruit selling project

The fruit selling project is one of the best successful small projects for young people .

It is a profitable business project if you have a little capital.

You can start this project in more than one way, depending on the capital, for example: 

  • You can sell through a small cart and specialize in one type of fruit.
  • You can open your own store and start selling through it.
  • You can trade wholesale in this project by reaching farmers and buying their crops.

The methods above scale upwards depending on capital.

As I told you, the cost varies, but in general it ranges from 20 thousand pounds to 500 thousand pounds if you decide to trade wholesale.

14- Herbalism trade project

The apothecary project is one of the simple projects that you can start to increase income .

It is considered the best small business project that can be started in Egypt, especially in popular areas or villages.

The cost of a herbal shop also varies depending on the size of the project and the location of opening the shop:

  • A simple shop in a small village.
  • Or a large store in a governorate?

Depending on your location, you will find the cost increases or decreases depending on the rent and the cost of materials.

But in general, the project may range between 10,000 pounds and 100,000 pounds.

15- Coffee trade project

Coffee of all kinds and shapes is one of the most sought-after products in various countries.

For example, in Saudi Arabia, monthly searches for coffee on the Internet exceed 5 million searches.

This is certainly a very clear indicator that the coffee trading project is a very successful business and worth investing in.

You can trade this project in several ways such as: 

  • Grinding coffee beans and then reselling them as raw coffee.
  • Selling coffee inside your store.
  • Wholesale trade in al-Hawa pills.

The last method requires a huge budget, so I do not think it is suitable for you now.

Maybe in the future, but for now I think it is better to focus on buying grains, grinding them, and then reselling them.

You can combine selling raw coffee with selling coffee as a beverage.

This will help you increase your return from the project significantly.

One of the best successful experiences in this field: Abu Auf.

The beginning was a simple coffee brand, and now the Emirates Nutrition Group has acquired 60% of the company for $155 million.

Why not be the next coffee brand to be acquired by an international company?

Now tell me…

Which of the above projects do you think is best for you? And you decided to start it?

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