Successful small projects for young people (19 profitable ideas)

Successful small projects for young people (19 profitable ideas)

With the deteriorating economic situation and weak salaries in our various Arab countries, the search for successful small projects for young people has become a popular demand.

After I, too, struggled to find a good project, I thought of collecting the best projects suitable for young people in this article to help you.

Therefore, if you are really serious about starting your project, you should learn about these projects, and then decide which project is right for you.

Then you start directly, after knowing all the details about your project.

To summarize the introduction, let us learn about…

The best successful small projects for young people

These projects are successful and bring good income.

It also does not require a large capital to start.

We started with…

1- Mobile coffee cart project

Coffee is one of the indispensable drinks in almost all countries.

For myself, I drink 4 cups of coffee a day and I never get tired of it.

Therefore, starting a simple project with a cost not exceeding 10 thousand pounds and daily profits not less than 200 pounds is definitely a worthy project.

Many young people have already started this project and are continuing with it.

Therefore, this is evidence of the success of this project and the possibility of achieving a distinguished daily income through it.

All you need for this project is: 

  • Simple wooden cart design.
  • Buy some coffee tools.
  • Find a great location with good traffic to sell your coffee.

Finally, you need to learn the art of communication and building relationships with others.

Thus, you have already ensured the success of your coffee cart project.

2- Fruit cart project

When I want to buy some fruit, I usually go to buy from specialized carts that sell only one type of fruit.

For example…

Bananas are one of the fruits that I buy constantly, and when I buy them, I go to those carts that only sell bananas.

I’m not the only one who does this, many of my friends and relatives have the same thought.

And therefore…

When you start this project you will already find a lot of buyers for your product.

It is important to start with one type for several reasons, including: 

  • The cost will be lower.
  • Buyers will think that you know everything about this type of fruit, and therefore they will trust the quality of your product.
  • You can sell at somewhat higher prices than stores, and thus you will be able to get a greater profit.

The cost of this project does not exceed 5,000 pounds , and despite this small cost, the daily profit is good.

This project is considered one of the profitable projects in a popular area.


Here you also need to choose a good location to start and form good relationships with others.

3- Affiliate marketing page project

Affiliate marketing is one of the projects that I talk about somewhat exaggeratedly.

This is simply because it is one of the projects that has a future.

In addition, the project cost is very simple and can be summarized as: 

  • The money you will spend on advertising.

Don’t know what affiliate marketing means?

In short, it’s simple: promote the sellers’ products, and once they’re sold, you get a commission from the selling price.

I actually started this project through my electronic blogs and it made me excellent profits.

But here I advise you with a somewhat different working system that can be summarized as follows: 

  • Create a page on Facebook or any other social networking site.
  • Determine the field of the page, and let us assume marketing for youth clothing.
  • Now you have to search for a suitable product through the affiliate marketing sites that we previously talked about.
  • After you find the product, upload it to your page.
  • Now start marketing the product through paid advertisements.

If you do not know how to launch advertising campaigns, it is simple and you will find explanations for most platforms on YouTube. Just search for how to make an advertisement on the platform through which you decided to market, and you will find detailed explanations to help you.

4- YouTube channel project

The YouTube channel is one of the simple electronic projects suitable for beginners .

What is special here is that it is also one of the very successful projects that can earn you a monthly income of no less than $200 if you work on it well.

I talked in detail about how to create a YouTube channel and profit from it , and I strongly advise you to read this article.


In order for you to understand the nature of the work here and how much this project can achieve for you, let me tell you the profits: 

  • For every 1,000 views, YouTube pays $2 for Arabic content, and may reach $10 for foreign content.
  • You can also market affiliate products to your channel’s audience and get additional income.

Therefore, I believe YouTube channels are a very special project for young people to enter the online world.


If you want to see fairly quick results.

But there are some obstacles that you will face on the way, for example: 

  • Video editing.
  • Achieving profit conditions from YouTube, which are 4,000 hours of viewing your videos and 1,000 subscribers.
  • Good video shooting requires a good camera.

Therefore, continuity is one of the most important qualities that you must have if you start this project.

Note: There are many successful Arabic channels that started with very simple capabilities, so do not put cost as an obstacle in front of you.

5- Pigeon breeding project

Raising pigeons is a simple project that costs no more than 1,000 pounds , if this is your capital.

But it can certainly start with more than that.

Why pigeons?

The secret is simple: the cost of raising pigeons is lower than other poultry, in addition to being a durable bird that can continue to produce for many years.

It is also one of the most sought-after birds, whether for food or breeding.

What you need for this project is the following: 

  • Good space in the house.
  • Simple capital to buy food items such as feed and grains.
  • Buy some pairs of pigeons to get started.

Raising pigeons is one of the best projects for men from home , and I already have an excellent experience with the project.

Therefore, I definitely recommend starting this project and starting to get a good income from it.

6- Tassel making machine project

The tassel making machine is one of the small, profitable machines that I believe has a good future.

The project is suitable for you if your capital is 20 thousand pounds or more.

The cost of the machine alone ranges from 15,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds, depending on the type of socks you intend to manufacture.

Since socks are a consumable commodity that is widely used, it is a profitable and distinctive project to start.

In this project, you may not need any workers except you in the beginning.

So it is a small project that you can start from home.

You only need:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the materials you use.
  • Learn to market your product well.
  • Determine whether you intend to sell wholesale or by piece.

Once you have decided the above things you can get started.

7- Trip organizing project

Organizing trips is an excellent project for young people, and it is not expensive at all.

All you need in this project is good relationships and the ability to get offers from hotels.

I have 3 friends who have already started this project and have achieved excellent profits from their project.

But in order to be able to start well, you must market your trips and provide distinctive trip programs.

It is also important to provide the best experience for those who have already decided to travel with you, because they will most likely be regular customers of your trip.

Therefore, providing the best ways to enjoy your travel programs is necessary to continue this project.

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8- The Happiness Cart Project

The Happiness Cart is a simple project that you can start with for less than 2000 riyals .

Happiness products can be summed up in chocolate products.

You can start preparing various recreational foods and start selling them.

There are millions of chocolate lovers, and around you you will find dozens of your friends eating it on a daily basis.

So why not?

You can start with:

  • Waffle.
  • Dumplings with Nutella.
  • Potatoes with Nutella.
  • And others…

What is also important in this project is: 

  • Product quality.
  • Distinctive location.
  • The cleanliness of the car and its pleasant design.

Make sure to do this and you will find your project generating a daily income of no less than 200 riyals .

9- Delivery car project

Do you have a capital of no less than 200 thousand pounds?

You can buy a medium-sized, gas-efficient car and then use it in programs such as:

  • uber
  • careem
  • indriver

These programs have greatly facilitated the movement of people, and when I contacted one of the people who already work with these programs, they told me that through them you can achieve a net income of no less than 400 pounds.

I think it is an excellent additional daily income.

The project is a very successful project for young people, but the capital is somewhat large.

Therefore, if you do not have this capital, it is better not to start with it.

If you already own a car, perhaps using it in a project like this is an excellent step for you to take.

10- Burger cart project

Burger carts are a huge trend these days.

Many young people have already started this project, and this is evidence of its success.

What is special here is that the project is suitable for: 

  • Rich class.
  • Middle classes.

Depending on the quality of meat used, you can determine the price of the product.

I definitely recommend using high-quality types of meat, but if the area you live in is not suitable and you cannot set high prices for your products, perhaps you can consider other options.

As for the cost, it is not huge…

30 thousand pounds can be an excellent amount to start.

But you have to think about all other obligations, such as taxes, the cost of materials, etc.

11- Aromatic candle making project

Making aromatic candles is one of the rare female projects that I specifically advise girls to start with.

I talked before about this project and how it can bring you excellent income and an incredible return on your investment.

And this is real!!

If you don’t trust what I’m telling you now, perhaps you should watch this video presented by Nour, owner of Brand Relaxant, about the success of the project:

[wpcc-iframe title=”A candle that relaxes the nerves with the scent of orchid? Who will invest in Relaxant Company? [Share Tank Egypt] ” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

However, starting this project requires a lot of effort and experience.

After asking one of my friends who has already started this project, I can tell you that the biggest challenge here is:

  • Find resources to learn how to make these candles.

Therefore, you have to search extensively in foreign content and you will find many helpful sources.

Bonus: The best way to market this project at the moment is social media.

12- Mobile phone store project

Phone repair shops are one of the very successful small projects for young people.

In addition to maintenance, you can provide many other services such as:

  • recharge.
  • Charging electronic wallets.
  • Selling phone accessories.
  • Printing on cases.
  • And others…

The Fawry machine will help you greatly in a project like this, and it is an excellent addition that can double your daily profit.

Therefore, perhaps you should consider starting this project if your capital is not less than 50 thousand pounds.

It is also important: 

  • Choose a distinctive location for your store.
  • Marketing well for your additional services such as recharging the balance and others.

13- Shouna Grain Trade Project

Trading in grains and agricultural crops is one of the most profitable projects in the villages that I have already tried.

Through my experience, I was able to achieve a return on my investment of more than 50% within a year.

Although it is not the best return, it is certainly better than the return you get from many other investment areas.

It is important when starting this project: 

  • Calculating the rental cost for a fairly large space.
  • Build good relationships with those around you.
  • Know the harvest times of different crops.
  • Dealing with the best merchants to supply crops.

In my experience, the best crops that gave me excellent returns were: 

  • Wheat.
  • Soybeans.

But each village or region differs from the other in the products spread in it.

Therefore, you must study the area in which you have decided to start well and know the most important crops that are grown there.

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14- Herbal shop project

Aromatic drinks and supplies purchased from the herbalist are in huge demand.

Therefore, starting a small perfume shop project and starting to sell those products in your area is a simple and very successful project.

What is special here is that it does not require:

  • Huge capital to start
  • Big shop.

But you need: 

  • Dealing with the best wholesalers in aromatic materials.
  • Find a good location to start with a fairly large population.

15- Paper cup making machine project

After the Corona crisis that affected the entire world, the use of paper products and cups has become a necessity, not a luxury.

Therefore, purchasing a cup making machine and starting to manufacture those cups is a very successful project for young people.

But unfortunately the prices of these machines are somewhat high.

It starts from approximately $2000 and reaches $10,000 depending on the production capacity of that machine.

The problem with this project is: good marketing of the products.

Many people have already started this project and took advantage of the global crisis, so you will find competition a bit high in this field.

You may also find it difficult to find the materials needed for manufacturing.

Therefore, you must study the project well before starting.

16- Dog farm project

Breeding dogs and then selling them is one of the projects from which some of my friends have been able to make an excellent profit.

There are many types of dogs and they are all desirable.

Therefore, you can simply choose a specific type, then buy some puppies and start raising and propagating it.

You can then sell it at premium prices.

You can market dogs through social media sites and you will find many buyers.

17- Perfume making project

Making and selling perfumes is a successful project that is very suitable for young people.

With the spread of many bad perfumes in the markets, people began to buy perfume compositions.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this to start your project and make an excellent profit from it.

But you will face a huge problem here: finding raw materials and learning the correct proportions of perfumes.

Therefore, you need to do extensive research on this project before starting.

After that, you will need: good marketing for your perfumes.

If you can do the two steps above, I definitely guarantee the success of your next project.

18- An electronic blog project

Blogs are content sites, like the one you’re reading this article on right now.

To be honest with you, it is my favorite project at the moment.

The secret here is that it provides the best way to obtain passive income without having to work on a daily basis.

For example…

I work on this blog only two days a week and it brings me a good income.

Therefore, I consider it one of the very successful projects for young people, especially if you, like me, do not prefer to work daily with fixed appointments, then I definitely advise you to start your blog and start working on it.

But there is a problem with blogging…

The return from blogging is slow, and you need at least 6 months to see the first income from your project.

And therefore…

If you prefer quick income, blogging is definitely not the project for you.

If you prefer passive income without having to work on your project all the time, I strongly advise you to read the guide: Creating blogs and profiting from them .

In this guide you will find all the steps you need to take in order to get started.

19- Juice shop project

Juices are one of the drinks for which the demand has not and will not decrease.

One of the stores in the area where I live has already opened in the past few days and the demand of buyers for it is abnormal.

But to ensure the success of this project, it is important to keep two basic factors in mind:

  • Suitable location.
  • The quality and cleanliness of your products.

If you can do this, make sure you get ongoing clients.

Personally, I have gone to buy from this store about 5 times so far, even though it only started a few days ago.

Therefore, the juice shop project is definitely one of the successful youth projects that I recommend.

Want an extra bonus?

This may be the strangest idea, but I think it will be very successful.

You can make your shop specialize in a specific type of juice.

In Egypt, many of us are fans of reeds.

You can make your shop specialize in selling cane of various types and shapes. Many other ingredients can be added to the cane so that you have:

  • Cane with orange.
  • Cane with Nutella.
  • And others…

The development of your project is what will distinguish you and ultimately make you develop it into a brand.

These were the best successful small businesses for teens that you can start with small to medium capital.

Of course there are many other ideas, but I think the ones mentioned above are great for getting started.

Now tell me…

What project did you decide to start? Do you have any questions about it?

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