An income of 2000 riyals daily (3 methods in detail)

An income of 2000 riyals daily (3 methods in detail)

Is it possible to get an income of 2000 riyals daily?

Yes, but you will need a strong plan and strategy in order to implement it.

You may find a lot of articles and videos that tell you different ways to do this.

But in my personal opinion there are only 3 ways in which you can do this.

Each of these methods requires a strong investment from you in addition to great interest in your project.

Here I will share with you a group of methods that you can do online, in addition to one or two methods on the ground.

In order not to prolong the introduction, let me start quickly with…

An income of 2000 riyals per day from content creation

The first method, which I find to be less risky, is creating content.

But you are not an ordinary content creator.

You are now an investor and you must calculate every step well before starting your next project.

Therefore, the approach you should follow now is to study the feasibility of your project well and determine all the necessary steps before starting.

Note: Creating content in English is the guaranteed method, but its cost is high and competition is fierce.

This does not mean that you cannot earn this amount from Arabic content. All I mean is that you will need double the effort to achieve this from Arabic content.

There are only two ways and there are no thirds:

1- Invest in an electronic blog

Blogging is one of the best areas of passive income from the Internet.

This means that you can profit without interference (after establishing a strong operating system for it).

Blogs are sites through which content is shared in the form of articles, and they are what you are reading this topic on now

Some of the blogs I created generate a daily income exceeding 200 riyals , but you need 10 times this income and therefore you need to follow a more aggressive policy in publishing content.

As for foreign content, Jon Dykstra shared the profits of his foreign blog in October, which exceeded $75,000. This is 7 times the amount you want to achieve:

Fat stacks blog profits in October

Simple statistics to understand blogging profits

  • Every 1,000 visits to Arabic content generates approximately 15 riyals in advertising.
  • In addition to another approximately 15 riyals from affiliate marketing for companies and products on them.
  • This is 30 riyals for every 1000 visits to your blog.
  • Therefore, you need 66,000 daily visits to your blog, or 1,950,000 monthly visits.
  • Given that the topic receives approximately 200 visits per day, you need 9,750 articles on your blog.

A very large number, right?

Sure, but practically achievable.

A huge investment for sure.

What’s special here is that you can start with a simple investment and then reinvest the profits again and so on until you reach your goal.

The advice here: focus on only one site and choose the field for your blog very carefully.

What do you need to create your blog?

There are a lot of steps you need to take, so let me break down your needs into bullet points:

  • Determine a profitable field: Here I advise you on any field related to money.
  • Buying hosting: To begin with, I recommend hosting at a low price, such as Bluehost hosting , which costs approximately $3 per month.
  • Choosing a team: If you decide to start with Arabic content, go to the Fiverr website and search for an article book with excellent ratings. If you decide to start with foreign content, you should definitely go to the Fiverr website .
  • Publish content: Continue publishing unique content continuously and on a daily basis until you reach your goal.
  • Get traffic: Once you publish a good amount of content, you will find some traffic to your site.
  • Register for AdSense: AdSense is the advertising program from Google and will provide you with the easiest way to profit from your blog .

This is simply all you need to know.

Additional bonus: If you decide to start a niche with products, you can combine income methods and create a simple store to sell the products that your audience needs or affiliate marketing for them.

2- Invest in a YouTube channel

You can invest 500 riyals or less in a YouTube channel and achieve the income you seek.


Here you also have to know well that you need to build a million YouTube channel in order to reach this daily income.

It is also important to know that this business model is very similar to blogging, but the advantage here is the speed of seeing the return.

There are many models for Arab and foreign YouTube channels that generate such income, for example: 

  • Abu Falla channel
  • Mr Beast channel (which earns 10 times this amount)

Now with some statistics to help you make an appropriate decision.

Statistics to understand YouTube profits

  • The average profit for YouTube channels per 1,000 views is approximately 16 riyals.
  • Therefore, you need approximately 125,000 daily visits to your channel, so that your daily income becomes 2,000 riyals.

Is this possible?

Yes, but the problem here is that it is more difficult in terms of conducting a feasibility study, because some videos may get millions of views and others may only get 1,000 views.

so, what is the solution? 

The solution, which I think is the best, is to invest in content in the English language because the return per 1000 views may reach 160 riyals.

Therefore, to reach 2000 riyals per day, you will only need approximately 15 thousand views per day.

This makes more sense than getting 125,000 views a day.

You can find the best English video makers, whom I highly recommend, through the topic of buying ready-made videos for YouTube , which I previously shared a short time ago.

What do you need to create your channel?

The same steps that you will take on the blog need to be taken when creating your channel, which are:

  • Determine the scope of your channel
  • Determine the titles of the videos you will create.
  • Continuously promote videos to meet YouTube’s conditions.
  • Finally, participate in the YouTube Partners Program in order to place ads on videos.

If you want the best way to reach the income you need from content creation, the secret is to combine both methods.

You can create a blog and take care of it and at the same time create your YouTube channel, and thus you can find a quick return from YouTube and a return after a period of time from the blog.

Read more in detail through:  Free YouTube course

Income of 2000 riyals daily from trading

Manufacturing will certainly earn you a daily income of 2000 riyals, but it requires huge capital.

Therefore, the best solution and the third method that you can exploit is trade.

Here you have many options: 

  • Launching different projects on the ground depending on your capital
  • E-Commerce

Projects are simple, so I will talk here in more detail about…

3- Electronic commerce

There are several ways for e-commerce that you can exploit, including:

  • Create your own store and sell your own product.
  • Dropshipping (here is your own store, but with a product you do not own)
  • Amazon FBA (here you buy goods in bulk and send them to Amazon stores, and then sell them on the Amazon website)

Manufacturing your own product and then selling it is difficult and expensive, but you can certainly buy products in bulk and then sell them.


Exploiting other people’s products and promoting them with a price difference (drop shipping)

This is what I will talk about in detail in this topic.

Here you can resort to two sites to obtain products at low prices and sell them at higher prices:

  • Merchant website (a website that you can use to promote in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and you are the one who enters the customer’s data into it and it provides payment upon receipt).
  • Aliexpress website (which is most suitable if you intend to sell internationally in different parts of the world)

Simple statistics before starting e-commerce

  • If your profit from one product is 20 riyals, you need to sell 100 products daily.
  • You must take the costs into consideration, which include (creating and managing the store – shipping and delivery – marketing).
  • The greater the net profit from the product, the easier it will be to reach your goal.
  • The larger the audience that consumes your products, the easier it is to achieve 2000 riyals daily.

Many stores achieve multiple times the amount you want to achieve. Look at Noon, Jumia, or even less well-known stores that specialize in perfumes or honey.

Many of them make very respectable amounts of money each month.

Learn about:The best ways to earn a daily income of 500 riyals

How to start your online store?

The steps are simple, but inside each step there is a lot of information you need to know:

  • Select your store’s niche carefully.
  • Learn about the market needs in this field.
  • Launch your online store (the best way to launch an online store in Saudi Arabia is through the Salla platform )
  • Select the products (but it is preferable in the beginning to try and test them)
  • Pictures of products and place them on your store.
  • Start promoting now in various ways (Snapchat – Instagram – YouTube – or through a blog).
  • Analyze the results now and improve continuously.

Once you do all of this, you have guaranteed yourself good product sales, and with continuous improvement and development in marketing, you will be able to reach that 2,000 riyals per day with ease.

These are the 3 methods that I believe are the only ones through which you can achieve an income of 2000 riyals daily.

Do you think there are other suitable methods?

If you have another opinion, I would be happy to share it with me in the comments.

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