Daily income 500 riyals (12 distinctive projects)

Daily income 500 riyals (12 distinctive projects)

Do you need a daily income of 500 riyals?

A large amount and requires good thought and planning before starting.


In this guide you will find a set of ideas and getting started steps.


Delve deeply, research extensively, and conduct a feasibility study for every project that depends on you.

You also need to determine the best and most appropriate method for you.

Let’s first talk frankly…

Do you need capital to achieve a daily income of 500 riyals?

As I told you above, the daily income that you are seeking to achieve is rather high, so you will definitely need to invest some amounts.

You will not need a huge investment, but at least you need 12 thousand riyals to reach a profitable and successful project .

Don’t have this amount?

You can also get this income, but it will take a long time to reach it.

Not only that, but also a lot of effort, then injecting the profits back into your project to develop it.

Now let me share with you…

The best online ways to earn a daily income of 500 riyals

I decided to start with methods that can be implemented online and the reason is very simple:

  • These methods are cheaper in terms of cost.
  • It has greater potential for development and increased income.

Now with the first and best method in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is…

1- Launching an online store

The e-commerce market almost doubles annually in the Kingdom.

Therefore, starting to sell online through an online store is one of the best projects you can launch.

The project cost varies depending on several reasons, including:

  • Are you the owner of the product or are you marketing it as an affiliate?
  • Your marketing budget.


In general, the initial cost of the store will remain around 5,000 riyals .

Unlike previous years, when launching a store was extremely difficult and required a huge cost, launching a store has become much simpler now.

You can do this with a few simple clicks through platforms such as:

  • Basket (cost starts from only 99 riyals per month)
  • Shopify (for a cost of $29, you can launch a professional store).

However, if you intend to target the Kingdom’s audience, the Basalah platform is the best, and if you use the link above, you will get a 10% discount on the cost.

Use the following code for the discount: S4EJ4P8

Before launching your online store, you first need to: 

  • Determine the products you will sell.
  • Know the best way to promote your products.
  • Learn to design your store professionally.

In the Saudi market, I always recommend promoting through: 

  • snap chat.
  • Twitter.
  • search engines.

There are a lot of other details you need to learn, just don’t start before learning everything you need to know.

2- Cash Cow foreign channel

Cash Cow channels are channels that do not require a person to appear in them.

I already have a complete guide on these channels under the title of earning money from YouTube without appearing. I definitely advise you to check it out.

But why a foreign channel? 

Foreign channels are higher in terms of profits, and you can learn about the expected income. See the picture below, which shows the profits of one of the foreign channels that operate in this way:

Foreign channel profits from YouTube

In addition, it is also easier to find the skills needed to make their own videos.

In a comprehensive guide, I have collected the best freelancers who you can pay to create ready-made YouTube videos for you.

If you want to invest in your channel, it is important that you look at these professionals in order to create the best videos for your channel at the lowest prices.

The cost of the channel: In the beginning, the cost may be 7,000 Saudi riyals per month, and after the first 3 months, if you can implement the idea correctly, the channel will begin to generate an excellent daily income that may exceed 500 riyals.

Getting started steps:

  • Select the channel field.
  • Go and buy videos for your channel.
  • Create professional video images to attract attention.
  • Start posting.
  • Run some ads if you need to move the channel forward faster.

3- A foreign blog

Blogs are one of the best electronic projects that I recommend.

I recommend a foreign blog for the same reasons I talked about in the channel project above, which is the return on foreign blogs.

Your English may not be good, don’t worry, I am too.

But the solution is simple, go and buy ready-made articles through Fiverr and you will find many professionals to help you.

The problem here is the prices…

The price of a professional article on Fiverr is no less than $50.

Therefore, in order to reach a daily income of 500 riyals, you need to invest a very large amount.

The second problem with blogging is: slow returns.

Blogs need a rather long period of time, which may exceed 4 months, in order to see a return from them.


Once you start receiving income from it, you are now guaranteed a continuous source of passive income for a long time without even having to pay additional amounts.

Here are some articles to help you get started: 

4- Content creation on Facebook

In the previous period, creating content on Facebook, specifically videos, turned into the primary source of income for many people.

Creating content on Facebook may certainly save you that 500 riyals per day.

But it requires excellent effort in creating videos, promoting them, and exploiting trends.

According to many content creators on Facebook, they pay approximately 4 riyals for every 1,000 views.

Therefore, you need 150,000 views per day in order to get 500 riyals from it.

Although it seems like a huge number, it is not.

What’s special about YouTube videos is that they spread excessively, and you’ve certainly already found some clips that get a million or more views in just one day.

Therefore, I definitely recommend creating content on Facebook.

The best types of content on Facebook: 

  • Entertaining.
  • The comedian.
  • Life posts.

Learn about:The best project for 300 riyals

5- Affiliate marketing

Imagine that you can sell someone else’s product and get a commission from that.

This is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

But is this field profitable?


From my experience in affiliate marketing, I was able to achieve a daily income of 200 riyals with ease.

At first it was definitely more difficult, but now this income comes to me passively without paying in ads.

The secret is simple, I do marketing through my blog.

The most important step in affiliate marketing is: choosing winning products

Then the steps are very simple, all you need is: 

  • Register on one of the affiliate marketing sites .
  • Choose the appropriate promotion method, such as social media, blogs, or others.
  • Finally, withdraw your commissions through your bank account.

It’s simple, but as you can see, you must have specific skills, the most important of which is advertising.

6- Trading

Trading is the highest risk method in this guide.

But it is definitely the most profitable if you learn everything related to trading from:

  • Analysis of all kinds.
  • Choose the best time to enter deals.
  • Choose the best stocks or currencies to invest in.

Trading includes many areas that you can start with, but the most famous are:

  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Digital currencies

Each of the above types of trading requires in-depth study in order to master trading in it.

Therefore, it is important to study intensively in the field you want.

Before anything, it is important to know that: You should never invest amounts you need, due to the high risk and possibility of loss.

Is it possible to achieve a daily income of 500 riyals from trading?

Yes, there are many traders who have actually been able to achieve many times this amount, but it takes years of study and experience.

Want to learn more? Here is some evidence:  

Now let us move to the second part of our topic…

The best daily income project is 500 riyals

The projects that we will talk about below are successful and profitable projects, and they can easily achieve your daily income.

But all these projects depend on two basic factors:

  • Good marketing.
  • Choose a suitable location.

Starting with….

7- Coffee shop project

The coffee shop project is one of the projects that I highly recommend.

What is special here is that you can start the project with a capital of only 2000 riyals, using a small mobile vehicle.

But why coffee?

The secret is simple: the majority prefer coffee with all its derivatives.

Therefore, you will not find difficulty in marketing your product.

The biggest difficulty in the project is choosing the appropriate location to start your store.

8- Abaya shop project

The abaya selling project is one of the projects that I highly recommend in the Saudi market.

Women’s abayas are considered a symbol of elegance and modesty.

It also has a huge audience that prefers it.

Therefore, here too, you will not find much difficulty in marketing your product, but you will need to do a good search for a commercial site that has a good number of women’s stores.

You can also increase your sales through an online store, or start a small factory to design your products yourself.

The most important advice here is to keep in mind from the beginning to convert these products into a brand, thus ensuring that your revenue is doubled.

Can this project generate an income of 500 riyals per day?

Yes, definitely, especially when combining on-ground and online selling.

9- Honey trade project

Honey is one of the most widely consumed products in the Kingdom, and therefore honey trading is considered a successful business venture that you can start.

Here I speak from the experience of a client who I have already worked with for a long time.

Perhaps the daily income will not be fixed in the project, but the monthly income from it will achieve your goal.

In the customer’s experience, his profit margin for half a kilo of honey was approximately 25 riyals.

Therefore, you need to sell only 10 kilograms per day in order to be able to reach the expected daily income.

There are several ways to start this business, but the best one I tried was: the online store.

You can certainly start a store specializing in selling honey and bee products, and be sure that you will achieve excellent profits.

Note: If you can start producing honey yourself through a bee farm, the profit will be double.

10- Leather products manufacturing project

Leather products such as:

  • the shoes.
  • Bags.
  • Belts.
  • And others…

Especially from natural leather, it is considered one of the highest profit margin products.

Here you need to learn to create leather products manually and then resell them through:

  • Instagram.
  • Small shop.
  • snap chat.

Or you can also find some. Professionals in manufacturing those products and starting your own operator.

I always prefer natural leather and handmade work, for a simple reason…

You can determine the appropriate profit margin for you, and no one will object to the prices given that they are handmade.

11- A study center project for skills development

If you have a fairly large area, you can exploit it and achieve a daily income much greater than 500 riyals.

All you have to do is create a study center, but here you will teach different skills.

You will definitely not teach the skills yourself, so the steps are as follows:

  • I am looking for professionals and skilled people.
  • Contact them and convince them to teach at the center.
  • Start agreeing on your own commission.
  • Now all you have to do is promote your study center.

Thus, you have a unique source of daily income that you can rely on.

You can also develop the project into an integrated educational center if you find it worthy.

12- 3D printing machine project

In my topic about the best profitable small industrial machines, I talked about this machine as one of the distinctive machines that you can work on.

With this 3D printing machine you can: 

  • Printing on T-shirts.
  • Printing on trowels.
  • Printing on mobile cases.
  • And others…

Have you realized the extent of the opportunities and projects that you can exploit this machine for?

What I know well is that you can definitely achieve a daily income of 500 riyals if you can promote these products correctly.

You can do this in several ways, including: 

  • Launching an online store to sell these products.
  • Create a brand to sell T-shirts.
  • Printing for others.

And many other ways…

Therefore, I definitely recommend using a machine like this to start making a distinguished income.

These were the best ways to get a daily income of 500 riyals.

Now tell me…

What idea do you intend to start now in order to reach your daily goal?

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