Project for 3000 dirhams (top 10 projects)

Project for 3000 dirhams (top 10 projects)

What is the best profitable and successful project for 3000 dirhams?

If this is your question, then in this article I have collected for you the 10 best projects that you can start with this amount.

The projects that I will share with you are online and on-ground projects.

But since this amount is more suitable for electronic projects, I will start with it and then move on to projects that can be implemented on the ground.

But before anything, let me answer you frankly…

Is it possible to create a project for 3000 dirhams?

The amount of 3000 dirhams may be a little small, but it is possible to launch a project with it. First of all, it is important to know that your options are limited by this amount. So the ideas I will share here may not be the best for you, but they are definitely the most suitable for using this amount.

The best 10 projects for 3000 dirhams in the Emirates

I always start with the best project closest to my heart, which is…

1- Online blogging project

About 8 months ago I started a blog and started making a monthly income about 2 months ago.

Do you know how much I invested in it?

60 dollars, which is approximately 220 dirhams!!!

Do you know what the profits were the previous month? 62 dollars, which almost exceeds the initial investment in it:

New blog profits from advertising

But since our situation is a little different…

Here I mean that I already have experience in this field, and therefore writing the articles I was doing myself.

For you you have one of two options:

  • Learn to write articles and start your own.
  • Purchasing articles from writers through freelance sites (this is what I advise you to do, but make sure the writer already has many positive reviews from other clients)

In this project you will need:

  1. Purchasing hosting and domain (website name): Their cost is approximately 225 dirhams. You can take advantage of the current discount on Bluehost and get the domain for free with hosting.
  2. Select blog content: Preferably content in a field you already have good knowledge of.
  3. Determine the keywords: or the topics of the articles you intend to write about in this field (you can seek help from one of the providers of this service on Khamsat).
  4. Hire a writer: The price of an article usually ranges from $5 to $10, so you will purchase approximately 50 articles to start with.
  5. Applying for the AdSense program: which is Google’s advertising program and is considered the easiest way to profit from a blog .

This is a simplified idea, so if you want more, I recommend reading the article: How to create a blog and profit from it, in which you will find all the steps in detail.

2- Drop Services website project

Dropservicing means reselling services.

Mostly you will find a lot of people talking about the dropshipping store project, but here the situation is a little different.

In this project, the goal is to resell the services provided by other people on service sites through your own website with an increase in price.

Your role here is limited to: 

  • Promotion of services.
  • Communicating with customers and knowing their requirements, then communicating with service providers in order to implement customer requirements.

That is, here you are not implementing these services yourself, you are just an intermediary or skills broker.

Because this business model is one of the easiest and most profitable types of business if you can manage it correctly, this is considered the best project for 3000 dirhams that you can do.

But before you get excited, you should: 

  • You are looking for people with good skills to resell them (this is easy through various freelance sites).
  • After that, you must create a professional website and offer your services on it.
  • It is important to evaluate prices and add a good profit margin (50-100%) of the service price.
  • Starting the promotion phase, and thanks to social media and Google ads, it is now easier to reach targeted customers.
  • The last stage is receiving money from customers and paying to freelancers. Here you need to have a payment method such as: Paypal or Payoneer, or you can use your bank account.

The most important step here is taking care of the customer. The better the communication, the more guaranteed this customer will continue to work with you for a long time.

3- YouTube channel project

One of the excellent projects that you can start with 3,000 dirhams is the YouTube channel.

But unfortunately, most people who start a channel fall into a huge problem, which is choosing low-return content.

Therefore, the channel is not very rewarding for him as a project.


It is important to first know the types of content with high returns in ads, which are:

  • E-Commerce.
  • economic news.
  • Marketing.
  • Digital currencies.
  • Trading and investing.
  • Motivational videos.

Here you can start your channel in one of two ways: 

  • Appearing yourself and presenting the content in front of a camera: Here the cost of the project is represented by photography and editing equipment.
  • Create a channel without appearing: Here you need to communicate with people to create videos for you that do not need people to appear in them.

I have a comprehensive guide with the best providers of these services for Arabic and foreign content. You can view them in this article: Ready-made YouTube videos .

If you want more, read:Profit from YouTube without appearing

And now with another special project to start with 3000 dirhams, which is…

4- Affiliate marketing store project

Affiliate marketing is an excellent project that you can start with little capital.

Here you will launch your online store…

But instead of buying products in bulk and storing them, we will exploit other people’s products to sell.

Launching an online store has become very simple, and you can do it with just a few clicks.

The project steps are as follows:

  • Register in one of the store launch platforms, and here I recommend the shopify platform to you.
  • After that, all you have to do is register on one of the affiliate platforms and choose good products.
  • The final stage is to start promoting the products on your store.
  • If someone buys from you, all you have to do is place the order on the affiliate marketing website with the customer’s data, and the product will be sent to him and collected from him, then your commission will be added to the affiliate platform.

But where is the cost?

The total cost of the project is summarized in: 

  • The cost of launching a store.
  • Paid advertising that you run.

Note: The best market that I recommend selling in is the Saudi market, so you can use the product merchant platform to obtain products needed in Saudi Arabia and market them.

Learn about:6 very profitable online projects in the Emirates

5- A project to photograph parties and events

The project of photographing parties and events is the best project you can do for 3,000 dirhams on the ground.

Here the entire cost is distributed among:

  • Purchasing photography equipment (camera, lens, and lighting equipment).
  • Learn photography through a professional course.
  • Then promote yourself.

Unfortunately here the cost may be a little more.

Parties and events need high-quality, professional equipment, so you can start by photographing products, for example, and then develop and purchase better equipment, then enter the world of event photography.

6- Online teaching project

If you have talent or sufficient knowledge in one of the academic subjects, you can start teaching this skill on the Internet.

The world is now moving to distance learning, so investing in yourself and promoting and selling your skills is the best project you can start.

Don’t have any skills?

You can easily learn a skill and then start applying it for a good period of time. Then, create your own course and upload it to one of the course sites spread on the Internet.

The best thing about this project is that it provides continuous passive income. You prepare the course content once and continue to generate income from it for years.

7- Party organizing project

Organizing parties is a unique project that you can start with 3,000 dirhams, and in fact it is one of the successful projects for women and girls.

This project requires artistic flair and constant follow-up of decorations and designs for events and parties so that you can prepare events creatively. This will help your project spread greatly.

The best way to promote this project is Instagram, Snapchat.

8- Handmade products manufacturing project

Various handmade products and the manufacture of leather products are simple projects that help increase income .

But first you need to learn how these products work.

We have many products that you can learn to make manually, the most important of which are:

  • Crochet.
  • Accessories.
  • Home decorations.
  • Ornamental ponds.
  • And others…

You can learn any of these products, then start promoting them through various social media sites.

You can also create an online store to sell these products and start promoting them.

Note: This project is considered the best profitable project for women to implement from home at a low cost

9- Aromatic candle making project

In a previous article about rare women’s projects, I shared this idea as one of the distinctive ideas that can be worked on.

But this idea is not limited to girls only; young men can also start this project.

The biggest problem with this project is not the cost, it is much less than 3000 dirhams.

The real problem is learning to make these aromatic candles, and then promoting them well.

I have a friend who actually started this project and made excellent profits from it, but she told me how difficult it is to learn and that there is not a lot of information about this project in Arabic content.

So my advice here is to learn from foreign content.

It is also important to get other people’s opinions about your product before selling it to your first customer to ensure quality.

10- You are the project

And now with the most important project for 3000 dirhams… you.

The best way to utilize this amount is to invest it in yourself.

There are countless ways to invest in yourself. For example, you can:

  • Purchasing a new foundation gives you peace of mind.
  • Investing in your health, going to the gym, eating healthy foods, etc.
  • Learn a new skill: Here you can get some courses or training courses to learn one of the skills through which you can start working online , and then teach it to others through a paid course.

Every dirham you invest in yourself, be sure that it will return to you in value equivalent to 10 times your investment.

You may think these are nonsensical words, but the best investment you made was learning blogging through paid courses.

The second best investment is to buy books that helped me learn to write smoothly and contributed to the growth of my knowledge somewhat.


Find something you enjoy and invest some money in it.

These were 10 ideas through which you can discover the best project for 3,000 dirhams to start.

If you decide to start let me know…

Which projects do you think is more suitable for you?

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