How do I start an abaya business and how much does it cost? (in detail)

How do I start an abaya business and how much does it cost? (in detail)

The project of selling abayas through a factory, store, or even an online store is one of the very special projects for me.

Despite the many details here, it is a simple and easy project to implement.

Not only that, but it is also incredibly profitable.

So in this guide I will share with you everything you need to know.

Here you will learn about…

  • Is the abaya selling project profitable?
  • How do you start your project?
  • How much does an abaya project cost?
  • Finally, the best ways to sell your products.

Starting with…

Is the abaya selling project profitable?

Abayas are one of the most widely consumed clothing in the Gulf, and therefore starting a business selling abayas is certainly a very profitable idea.

The secret here is simple. Abayas are luxurious and very elegant in appearance, in addition to their modesty.

Therefore, it is highly desired by women in the Gulf countries, specifically Saudi Arabia.

However, in general, the return of this project can start from 30% of the capital annually in the worst conditions.

So I definitely recommend starting this project if you have enough budget to start and promote it well.

How do you start your project?

Before thinking about starting your own abaya selling project, you first need to study the various project requirements, which are:

  • Location of the factory or operator.
  • Labor needed.
  • hardware.
  • Promotion methods.
  • Conditions for licensing your operator or factory.
  • Additional costs.

Before any of these elements above, you first need to study the market you have decided to start with.

From here, you will initially learn about the needs of this market, and whether your project is suitable to start with or not.

These elements are essential whether you intend to:

  • Open a shop
  • Launching an online store.
  • Start a small factory or operator.

Now let me talk to you in some detail about the elements above…

1- Market study

The market is the primary controller of the success or failure of your project.

In general, abayas are one of the goods that are in huge demand in the Arab world.

This is what I arrived at after studying the market and knowing what people are searching for on search engines.


The presence of general demand for a particular commodity does not mean that it is suitable for sale in your area.

Therefore, you should study the market around you, and find out whether this commodity is in demand in your surroundings or not.

If it’s not required and you decide to start anyway, you should consider opportunities outside your area.

2- Know the licensing conditions

These conditions and laws vary depending on the country.


I will not talk at length here. All you have to do is get to know the conditions that your country imposes on you and the taxes that you will pay before thinking about starting any project.

Depending on the complications imposed, you will know whether you have the ability to start this project or not.

3- Determine the location

Choosing the right place to start your project is an extremely important step, and you must think about it carefully before starting.

If you intend to open:

  • Clothing store: The best location to start is in a good commercial area.
  • Factory or workshop: Any suitable site with sufficient area.
  • Shop: You can start from home.

You should also think about choosing a place that suits your budget.

The lower the cost helps you determine an appropriate price for your products.

4- Labor selection

Labor is what this project, and almost most projects, is based on.

Therefore, precision in choosing who will work with you is what will help you design excellent abayas that can become a distinctive brand one day.

You need at least 10 people to help you get started.

You can also learn the art of sewing and detailing, and this will help you in supervision and also prevent damage from workers, which may occur at any time.

Some owners of workshops and factories specialize in designs, and therefore you can also study fashion design and then convey your artistic taste through your products.

5- Purchasing equipment

The equipment used here is not many, but you need to provide a good budget for it because its prices are rather high.

In general, this abaya design project requires:

  • Sewing machines: You can start with 5 or 6 machines.
  • Embroidery machines: at least 2.
  • Small supplies: scissors, thread, needles, zippers, pins, etc.
  • Fabric: different types and colors.
  • Steam iron: to make abayas more elegant.
  • Ventilation equipment: to provide comfort for workers.
  • Cutting tables

Before purchasing any of this equipment, you must search extensively for the best suppliers to purchase these materials in bulk.

Because merchants differ from one country to another, make sure to research well in your country and region for the best merchants you can buy from.

6- Promotion methods

The best way to promote this abaya business is by building your own distinctive brand.

Then, use the appropriate promotion method for the target market.

For example, in Saudi Arabia, you can target women through: 

  • snap chat.
  • Launching a store and promoting via search engine.
  • Instagram.
  • Twitter.

In a country like Egypt, you can promote in these ways in addition to: 

  • Facebook.
  • Tik Tok.

And so on…

What is required of you now is to know the best method that suits your country and your audience and start exploiting it.

If you intend to launch a store: You can use your website for promotion.

If you intend to start a small factory or workshop: direct communication with shop owners and clothing merchants may be an excellent step.

How much does an abaya project cost?

After an in-depth study of all the tools you will need and the additional cost, let me share with you the amount of investment you should have before you think about starting an abaya business.

But first, which abaya project would you like to start?

  • Electronic shop?
  • Shop?
  • Or factory?

Since I don’t know what you plan to start, let me share with you the average cost of each.


The cost will be in dollars, and you must convert it to your own currency, whether Saudi riyals or pounds.

Starting with…

The cost of an online store selling abayas

I will now assume that you already own the products, so the cost will be:

  • Store fees: You can start with approximately $26 on the Basket platform , and launch a professional store with a few clicks.
  • Advertising cost: not less than $150 per month.
  • Taxes and other things: Let us assume that it ranges between 50 – 1000 dollars annually, depending on your sales and your country.

This cost can add approximately $2,000, at least the cost of the products.

If you want to start at a lower cost, you can go to affiliate marketing sites such as:

  • merchant.
  • Arabic link.

From here you can find ready-made abayas for sale, and all your costs are store fees and advertisements.

The cost of a store that sells abayas

Here the cost can be summarized as…

  • Shop rent: $550
  • Facilities: $150
  • Labor: $800
  • Packing cost: $50

That is, the total cost of opening an abaya store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is approximately 12 thousand riyals.

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The cost of a factory to produce abayas

The cost of the factory will certainly be greater than the store, and this is simply because the labor is more, the cost of purchasing fabric is double, and you certainly have a huge budget for sewing machines.

Therefore, quickly, the cost of an abaya atelier project will be approximately: 

  • 80 thousand Saudi riyals.
  • And at least about 200 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Note: The cost may vary slightly depending on different suppliers or higher prices, so always keep in mind an increase or decrease of 10 to 15%.

Tips for the success of your abaya project

Now, in order for your project to succeed, you need to focus on many steps.

Therefore, let me share with you a group of things that may help you achieve the maximum return on your investment:

  1. Build a distinctive brand.
  2. Make sure to choose a distinctive and easy-to-remember name for your brand.
  3. Do not neglect promotion via the Internet and social media sites.
  4. Choose high-quality fabrics to keep your customers for as long as possible.
  5. Choose your workers carefully.
  6. Look for suppliers with good prices so that you can maintain a good price for your products and a high profit margin.
  7. Listen to your customers, and get to know their tastes.
  8. Multiply what works and develop it. If you find a product that sells well, increase the marketing budget for it.
  9. Don’t forget to launch a professional online store to sell your products through.

These were the most important details you need in order to start a successful abaya business.

Now I think I’ve shared everything, but you may still have some questions.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and leave your comment.

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