Successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women (top 11)

Successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women (top 11)

Are you looking for successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women?

The search for successful and profitable women’s projects for women began to increase, and therefore it was necessary for me to write this guide to help you.

In this guide you will only find projects that you can do in real life.

I thought about sharing some simple electronic projects, but since we have a comprehensive guide to them and many people do not like them, let us now move on to…

What are the best successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women?

The projects that I will share with you here vary in their budget.

Some of them are projects that exceed 100,000 riyals , and some of them may not cost more than 5,000 riyals .

But all of these projects are successful, according to the experiences of many people, and a daily income of 1,000 riyals for example, may be achieved.

Starting with the best project, which is…

1- Women’s gym project

Everyone has now begun to care about the shape of their bodies, and for women this has become a necessity and not a luxury.


A women’s gym project is one of the best successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women.

One of the most important factors in this project is that you do the following: 

  • Choose the right place.
  • Determine the most important equipment that the gym needs.
  • Appoint a professional trainer.
  • Promote the project well.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness and smell of the hall.

As for the cost, it depends mainly on the size of the hall and the equipment that you intend to invest in.

Therefore, this project can start from 50 thousand riyals up to 300 thousand riyals.

2- Women’s café project

A women’s café project is one of the rare women’s projects that you can start.

The idea of ​​a café or café specifically dedicated to women is a bit strange.


The idea is desirable and successful in Saudi Arabia.

The most important thing you need in this project is: 

  • Rent a site in a good area.
  • Pay attention to the café decor.
  • Purchase all equipment.
  • Start marketing for the café.

The cost of this project is medium, and may start from 50 thousand riyals to approximately 150 thousand riyals.

3- Driving education project for women

If you own a car and can drive, all you have to do is start a simple project to teach driving to women.

You can start in your own area, create a page for yourself on any social media site and start marketing yourself.

This project is considered one of the most successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women, and the most in demand.


As I mentioned to you above, the secret to the success of this project is good marketing for yourself.

So do not neglect this part and its importance in your project.

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4- A flower shop project

Starting an online flower shop and store is one of the good projects that I highly recommend to women.

Although the product is a seasonal product that is sold on specific occasions.

However, some other products, such as ornamental plants, can be combined with this project for sale on an ongoing basis.

Seeds are also a product that can be started selling and will be in good demand.

The most important thing you need in this project is: 

  • Choose a good location for your flower shop.
  • Promote your shop or the flowers you sell well.

The cost of this project can be very small or a large cost if you decide to grow roses yourself.

The cost may start from 10 thousand riyals up to 30 thousand riyals.

5- Women’s beauty salon project

Do you have some skills in facial beauty, nail care and skin care?

Why not start a women’s beauty salon business?

The beauty salon project is one of the best successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women.

The profits from this project are huge and well deserved.

In addition to the good location of the salon…

It is important to hire some girls to work with you as well, and to market your project well.

The cost of this project starts from 40 thousand riyals up to 200 thousand riyals depending on the size of the project, its location, and the rent of your shop.

6- Women’s hairdresser project

The women’s hairdresser project is one of the successful women’s projects that I highly recommend.

Although many women in the Kingdom already cover their hair, girls still care about their hair.


The hairdresser project is one of the successful projects that can generate excellent income for women in Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, investing in this project is an excellent step that I advise.

First, you should research more in-depth the tools you need for your project, then calculate the cost accurately.

Before all that, it is important to find a good location to start your project.

The nice thing is that you can start this profitable project from home , but you need to market it well in your area.

In the end, never forget that dealing well with women is what will ensure the success of your project.

7- A project to manufacture women’s abayas

I previously spoke in detail about the abaya project as one of the best successful women’s projects in Saudi Arabia.

You can start a business selling or manufacturing abayas.

Here I mean starting your project as an abaya shop or abaya store, or you can start an abaya production line on your own account.

All of these options are available, successful, and worth investing in.

In terms of profits, the project is profitable and generates a good income, after discussing with many people who have already started this project.

The most important thing that you should pay attention to in this project is marketing.

If you can market your products well, you have already ensured the success of this project.

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8- A project to manufacture and sell handmade products

Making and selling handmade products is a skill, but fortunately it can be learned.

You have many options to start learning it and then start producing and selling it, such as:

  • Wall decorations.
  • Cups.
  • Leather products
  • Crochet clothes.
  • Accessories.
  • Toiletries.
  • And others…

All of these ideas can be implemented and generate a distinguished income through them.

The best way to start this project is through an online store, then start promoting your products through social media, specifically Snapchat and TikTok.

You can also start with a small shop and launch your own distinctive brand.

The cost of this project may start from 1000 riyals and can be divided into the prices of raw materials and marketing.

9- A women’s clothing store project

Selling women’s clothing and lingerie is one of the very successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women.

It is normal for the person in charge of this store to be a woman or a girl, not a man.


Starting a project like this one is an excellent and successful step.

But as usual, you have to pay attention to some things, the most important of which are: 

  • Your business location.
  • Improving dealing with customers.
  • Using electronic marketing through paid advertisements.

In terms of cost, you usually need 100 thousand riyals in order to start this project.

In terms of expected return, this project may achieve at least $1,000 daily income .

10- Project for organizing parties and events

Organizing parties and events is considered a very suitable project for women that can be done with little capital compared to other projects on this list.

Unfortunately, this project requires good relationships, excellent marketing, and most importantly, an artistic eye and good knowledge of modern decorations and designs.

Through the personal experience of one of my friends, I can assure you with complete confidence that this project is one of the most successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women.

First, you should look at the forms of parties and events in the Kingdom, and begin delving deeper into this field by looking at the designs of parties in other countries and combining them with what is available in the Kingdom.

The project is successful and worthy, but as I told you above, you need professional marketing and an excellent display of your designs in order to find more clients.

The cost of this project is low and you may only need 30 thousand riyals or less to start.

11- An academy to teach skills to girls

The Skills Education Academy is one of the very special projects for me.

According to my own experience, this project is considered one of the very successful projects.

Not only in Saudi Arabia, but in various Arab countries.

You do not need to own a skill and start teaching it yourself. All you have to do is search for people with the skills and employ them with you.

Then find a good location to start your academy in.

After that, the final stage of the project begins, which is the stage of marketing the project professionally.

The cost of this project may be somewhat large, exceeding 150 thousand riyals, but the beginning will not be huge if you decide to rely on a smaller number of skilled people in the beginning.

Thus, I have shared with you the best successful projects in Saudi Arabia for women.

I hope the article was useful to you, and you got some successful project ideas.

in the end…

If you have any questions regarding any of these projects, all you have to do is contact us and we will help you as much as possible.

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