Profitable agricultural projects (top 14 projects currently) 2024

Profitable agricultural projects (top 14 projects currently) 2024

Are you looking for profitable agricultural projects suitable for the current period?

In this topic, let me share with you the 13 best agricultural projects that you can start.

Some of these projects are suitable for young people and require a lot of energy and activity.

Others are traditional projects that everyone can do.

In each project, I will tell you a set of details that you need to know before starting, such as:

  • the cost
  • Planting time.
  • Profit margin.

Now, if you’re ready, let’s get started quickly…

Are agricultural projects profitable?

From my personal point of view, I believe that agricultural projects are projects that have a distinguished future .

Through personal experience, in renting some lands and cultivating them, the project is very profitable and worth trying.

This is certainly compared to the returns you can get from banks or other low-risk investments.


On the other hand, if you want higher returns on your investments, then moving towards industrial projects and exporting is actually better.

The secret here is to combine agricultural and industrial projects in order to achieve the highest return on your investment.

This is what we will talk about in detail in explaining each project.

But there are some problems that you face and you must always take them into account before starting any agricultural project.

Here you are now…

The most important challenges facing agricultural projects

There are some difficulties facing most farmers in agricultural projects, which you should definitely take into account.

The most important of these challenges are:

  • Climate changes: in terms of rain and others.
  • Irrigation sources: Sources of obtaining water may pose a major challenge, in reclamation and even in agricultural areas, so you must find a suitable location near a good irrigation source.
  • Labor: One of the biggest problems you may face, so you should think about how to obtain labor at a reasonable price before starting.
  • Capital cycle: Agricultural projects are long-term projects, and therefore you will get a return on your investment, but after a long period, as agricultural cycles may start from 5 months and reach years.
  • Experience: Planting dates, irrigation, and choosing good seeds all require experience and good study.
  • Marketing and selling the product: Some agricultural products need good marketing in order to sell them, so you must choose crops that you can sell.
  • Finding large agricultural spaces: a huge challenge for any investor, because the agricultural area, especially in Egypt, has begun to shrink.

These are the most important challenges and problems that you must think about solutions to before starting, and finding ways to overcome these problems is the secret to success in your agricultural project.

get to know me: 

And now with…

The best very profitable agricultural projects

I preferred to focus on projects through which you grow crops, but you will also find here some profitable agricultural projects that are related to agriculture, and are not primarily agricultural.

We started with…

1- Wheat and soybean cultivation project

The project to grow wheat, soybeans, or legumes in general is considered one of the best and safest agricultural projects at the present time.

Each type of these crops has its own season.

Farming alone may bring you a good return, but the secret here – and this is from my personal experience – is to wait a few months after harvesting the crop.

Some time before the new season, the demand for soybeans increases, and thus prices rise enough to double your expected profits.

  • Cost: Cultivation of an acre of wheat may cost you approximately 15 to 20 thousand pounds.
  • Profit margin: approximately 5,000 pounds per acre.
  • Planting time for wheat: October in Egypt, and harvest in April or May.
  • Soybean planting time: May and harvest in September.

There are some other distinctive legumes from which you can make good profits, such as:

  • The dumbass
  • Local fava beans.
  • Al-Shami.

This project is considered one of the best profitable projects in the villages in particular, so if you find a distinctive location, start.

2- Potato cultivation project

The potato cultivation project is also one of the projects that achieved excellent profits for farmers in certain cycles.

But unlike the cultivation of wheat and soybeans, the prices of potatoes vary greatly, and the price of a ton of them does not compare to the price of a ton of wheat.

However, its production cycle is faster and it can be grown 3 times a year.

The profit from this project depends greatly on the price of the product, which if it rises, you will certainly achieve double profits from your project.

But often the price of potatoes is very low, so your profits may decrease significantly.

  • Cost: about 20-30 thousand pounds.
  • Profit margin: approximately 3000 – 10 thousand pounds per acre.
  • Planting time: January to March is the best time.

In general, the cost of a kilo of potatoes to the farmer is approximately 2.5 to 3 pounds if the acre comes with about 20 tons, so the price exceeding 3 pounds is your profit as an investor.

3- Vineyard project

The grape farm project is one of the most difficult agricultural projects that you can invest in.

Unfortunately, it is also the longest in terms of the capital cycle, which takes years.

Therefore, if you decide to start your own vineyard, you must find agricultural land and rent it for a long period of time of no less than 20 years in order to obtain the best production and return from it.

Because grape trees are perennial trees, they give their best productivity and yield two years after planting and continue to produce crops for up to 15 years.

But unfortunately, there are some severe measures imposed by some countries on this project.

Therefore, you need to know the laws and conditions before you start and rent the appropriate piece of land.

  • Cost: starting from 60 thousand pounds.
  • Profit margin: approximately 10-20 thousand pounds per acre.
  • Planting time: the second half of winter.

As you can see, grapes need a lot of details in order to grow them, and therefore you must think and study the project well.

Bonus for you: If you intend to start this project, always take into account the idea of ​​exporting abroad.

4- Banana cultivation project

Bananas are a distinctive agricultural crop in almost every country, and their cultivation is certainly a very profitable and distinctive project.

Whether for local production or export.

According to many experts and agricultural engineers, one acre of bananas may produce approximately 30 tons of bananas.

This makes it one of the most profitable agricultural projects.

However, this project is also a long-term project that requires a long investment.

The banana tree usually produces its crop a year after it is planted, so if you need a profitable and quick agricultural project, this project is definitely not for you.

But you get a crop for 5 consecutive years, which is definitely what distinguishes this project.

  • Cost: starting from 90 thousand pounds per acre.
  • Profit margin: varies depending on the price of bananas.
  • Planting time for bananas: between the months of February and March and also between the months of July and August.

It is important to know that many farmers and banana farm owners have reported significant losses in the past few periods due to the decline in the price of bananas on the market.

5- Olive cultivation project

Here we will talk about the merger between agriculture and industry, which I previously told you about at the beginning of this topic.

The olive farming project, like other agricultural projects, may be very profitable and may provide you with the easiest way to lose.

Therefore, you must initially invest rationally, especially in the first year, in order to study the market better and know exactly what you need.


You should also know that in order to achieve good profits from this project, you must plant at least 300 trees.

The best return from this project will be obtained 3 to 4 years after starting this project.

Each tree produces an average of 10 or 100 kilos of olives, depending on the number of years it is.

  • Cost: Planting an acre of olives may cost you approximately 20-40 thousand pounds.
  • Profit margin: may reach 25 thousand pounds.
  • Planting time for wheat: late November

But you can definitely increase your profit margin once you think about industrial integration and start producing pure olive oil, the price of which ranges between 70 and 120 pounds per liter.

6- Rose nursery project

Roses are one of the signs of love from ancient times until now.

Therefore, starting a rose cultivation project in your own nursery may provide you with very excellent profits.

Especially if you are able to market your product and sell it on various occasions through your own unique flower shop.

The price of a bouquet of local roses may reach 600 pounds, and its cost does not exceed 200 pounds only.

Therefore, starting a rose nursery project is certainly considered one of the best profitable agricultural projects that you can start.

Another advantage of this project is the small space in which you can establish your project.

Therefore, there are no significant challenges, if your capital is small.

7- A nursery project for ornamental plants

Growing ornamental plants is also a very special agricultural project for me and for many beauty lovers.

Various ornamental plants are in huge demand in the local and international market to beautify homes.

Therefore, starting a project like this will bring you a distinguished income.

But this is only if you can market your plants in a distinctive way.

Among the most important ornamental plants that you can grow and market are: 

  • Bird of paradise plant
  • Ficus plant
  • Basil
  • Peacock flower
  • Aloe vera.

All of these plants are in demand and you can sell them in special pots at excellent prices.

The cost always depends on the number and types of plants that you intend to start growing and selling.

But the initial cost may range between 100 to 200 thousand pounds.

8- Aromatic plant cultivation project

Aromatic and medicinal plants are unconventional agricultural investments, which can achieve returns of up to thousands of dollars if you can promote them to pharmaceutical companies.

Although this may be somewhat difficult, it is possible.

I also consider it a rare women’s project and very suitable for them .

What is also special here is that they are plants that require less care and lower costs than traditional crops, and certainly less space as well.

Among the most famous medicinal plants that you can grow are:

  • sage.
  • Jojoba.
  • Chamomile.
  • Thyme.
  • Star anise
  • habat al Baraka.
  • And others…

Although the capital required to start and purchase seeds may be high if you decide to grow several types, you can always start with small quantities in order to experiment and test the market and then expand.

100 thousand pounds is a suitable initial investment for this project.

9- Glycerin production project from molasses

Molasses is a derivative of sugar cane, and therefore our current project depends on one of two things:

  • Growing sugarcane and then using molasses from it.
  • Buy molasses and then convert it to glycerin.

As you see, the project is an unconventional agricultural project, so investing early in it may bring you a good return.

In addition to that, it is also one of the profitable projects that can bring you a distinguished monthly and annual income.

As you know, glycerin is one of the widely consumed products, which is included in skin products and others.

However, the costs of starting the project are also high.

Therefore, you should study the project and its details well before seriously thinking about starting.

10- Agricultural fertilizers and pesticides trading project

From my personal experience, the trade in fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural seeds is considered a good commercial agricultural project.


It is important to have a fairly large capital in order to get started.

In addition, you also need sufficient information about the species that farmers use in their agriculture, as well as the dates of consumption of these species.

Once you have this information, you can now search for a suitable place for your project in a good commercial area.

Then market your products well in order to get the best profit and income from them.

  • Cost: Initially, you need at least 100 thousand pounds.
  • Profit margin: approximately 10% of sales.

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11- Nuts cultivation project

Growing nuts is a very profitable agricultural project, but certainly like any project, it requires in-depth study.

In past years, growing nuts was not possible in a country like Egypt due to the various climate changes.

But it has now become possible to cultivate it after somewhat suitable climatic conditions exist for it.

Indeed, many people have begun to grow different types of nuts in various parts of the Republic, such as:

  • Macadamia
  • Walnuts
  • Pine
  • Cashews
  • Pecan
  • Even almonds

The main reason I am talking about nuts in this topic is their high prices, and therefore their excellent profits.

The problem here is the inability to rely on it fundamentally as a project, because you do not really know whether it will be useful to you in the area you have chosen or not.

Therefore, it is important to have another basic crop, such as wheat or soybeans, and in addition to that, you can allocate a small area of ​​one or two acres, for example, to experiment with these other crops.

It is also important to know well that these crops require a long time, perhaps up to 10 years, and great care in cultivation.

One of the most important features of this project is the possibility of easy export, given the consumption of these nuts in most Arab and European countries.

12- Fruit and vegetable drying project

Drying fruits and vegetables, specifically onions and garlic, is one of the most important agricultural projects that you can undertake and make good profits.

But you need patience in addition to good knowledge of the factories in which to sell your products.

Dried fruits and vegetables are widely consumed in factories and are used in many industries such as food products.

Therefore, it is very natural for me to tell you that it is a distinguished agricultural project.

You can grow these crops and then dry them, or you can buy them, dry them, and resell them.

In both cases, the project is profitable and worth trying.

13- Avocado cultivation project

In recent years, the avocado fruit has become very popular, perhaps because of its great health benefits that all dieters know about.

Although this agriculture is not famous in our Arab countries and the majority of it is imported from abroad, it is now available for cultivation.

One of the Arab countries that produces the most avocados is Morocco, and its cultivation has already begun in Egypt in recent years.

  • Cost: approximately 20 thousand pounds
  • Planting time: March and April.
  • Profit margin: approximately 30%.
  • Price per kilo: approximately 180 pounds

To grow avocados, it needs a dry environment free from climate change and fluctuations.

Therefore, finding the right place is the most important reason for the success of this project.

Here you will also need to find suitable seedlings or seeds, which are the two available methods of planting.

14- Agricultural machinery rental and trade project

If you do not want to enter the field of agriculture and take care of the land and other boring steps, you can invest your money in a project somewhat close to the agricultural field, which is buying and renting agricultural machinery.

All peasants do not actually have the necessary machinery to thresh the land, harvest it, etc.

Therefore, the farmer often resorts to whoever owns these tools and rents them through him.

Here you can simply buy this equipment and then rent it on an ongoing basis to farmers and achieve a distinctive monthly or annual return.


There is also some risk here, because you will not use these machines throughout the year, only in the agricultural seasons that require the use of machines.

These were the best profitable agricultural projects that you could start in Egypt or in any Arab country.

Most of them are really suitable for young people.

Therefore, if you intend to start, study your project carefully and do not hesitate.

Now tell me…

What agricultural project did you decide to invest in?

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