Profitable projects costing no more than 1000 pounds (top 4)

Profitable projects costing no more than 1000 pounds (top 4)

Are you looking for profitable projects that cost no more than 1000 pounds?

1000 pounds is a very simple operator to start a project.

But there are actually some projects you can start with money like that.

Many sites may tell you that you cannot do that, but my experience is different, and here I will share with you some projects that I have already started with this amount and less.

But first let’s talk frankly…

Are there projects that cost no more than 1000 pounds?


But you will face a huge problem. This amount will require a lot of effort from you in order to double it.

Therefore, you have to spend money with your time.

You will also not get a distinguished return on your investment, and this is what I actually talked about in my topic about ways to invest 1000 pounds , in which I spoke frankly in my opinion that the best investment for this amount is your investment in yourself and your knowledge.

But if you want a small return, let me share with you…

The best 4 profitable projects that cost no more than 1000 pounds

Some of these projects you can start with 500 pounds or even 200 pounds , and you can also double your amount as much as you see fit.

Therefore, do not think that your amount is small or large.

1- A group project for selling watches

The watch trading project is one of the best small projects in Egypt .

There are many wholesale watch dealers in Egypt.

Their watch prices do not exceed 50 pounds per watch.

With the possibility of selling it for up to 100 pounds, this project is one of the distinctive projects that you should consider.


If the road is all pink, why doesn’t everyone do it?

There are definitely some issues that you need to take into consideration when starting this clock project and they are:

  • Where will you market your products? (Online – in stores – or on the streets)
  • Market size (demand for watches is not huge)
  • Tastes are different (and therefore you must study the market well and know which products are purchased the most so that you can sell more easily).
  • Capital (1000 pounds is an amount that will not enable you to experiment and sell in quantities, so this is another challenge that makes you think carefully about places to sell watches)

For me…

I think one of the distinctive ways to market watches is Instagram.

However, you need to photograph the products in a distinctive way and then promote them on Instagram.

2- A project to raise pigeons at home

Pigeon breeding is a project that I actually started 5 years ago and has earned me a good income.

So let me tell you why it is considered a profitable project that costs no more than 1000 pounds.

But here’s some information first:

  • The price of a pair of pigeons now is approximately 100 pounds.
  • The pair consume approximately 10 kilograms of corn and fodder in 6 months, and their cost is approximately 250 pounds
  • Therefore, the cost to you now is approximately 350 pounds.

Now, why is the bathroom project a good project? 

  • We will now assume that the project starts with only 3 pairs.
  • So, the cost now in 6 months is approximately 1000 pounds.
  • However, after 3 months, these pairs will begin to lay eggs, and after 15 days, new pairs will be produced, let us assume two pairs.
  • After two months, you can sell those pairs for approximately 200 pounds.
  • You will now save the cost of food for them.
  • The pigeons will now produce new waves and within two months you will sell them as well.
  • Therefore, this project will provide you with a monthly income of approximately 100 pounds.
  • With it, you can buy more pairs or leave some of the pairs you own to produce more.
  • Once you have 10 pairs, you will be able to obtain an excellent monthly return that may exceed 300 pounds, at a cost not exceeding 1,000 pounds.

A special project, right?

What is also nice about this project is that pigeons are long-lived birds that do not consume a lot of food.

So I highly recommend it.

3- Affiliate clothing marketing project

You can trade with only 1000 pounds yes.

You certainly will not manufacture or buy clothes for yourself, as your capital is very little.

The solution here is affiliate marketing sites , which have provided us with the best way to trade and make a good income.

All you have to do is: 

  • Registering on some affiliate sites such as (Tajer – Enjazni).
  • Choose some distinctive products to market.
  • Now create a page on Facebook or an Instagram account (I recommend Facebook at first).
  • The next step now is to learn how to create sponsored ads on Facebook.
  • Now upload pictures of the products you have chosen on your page.
  • Launch your ad at a daily cost of 50 pounds.
  • You will get some sales, if the product is distinctive and your advertisement is attractive.
  • Now, go to the site that has your product and write the customer’s information, and the site will deliver your product, collect the money, and add the commission to your account.
  • All you have to do now is enter your wallet number, whether Vodafone Cash, Etisalat, or even your bank account, and receive your money from it.
  • You can then use these amounts to increase your campaigns or market other products.

The secret in this project is: choosing distinctive and quality products that are worth buying.

It is also important to continue investing in your project.

There are many Arab models that started in this way, but the most famous of them is the Sitra brand, which has become one of the distinguished brands in Egypt.

4- Blogger blog project

Blogging is one of the best profitable electronic projects that does not cost more than 1000 pounds.

Although I do not prefer Blogger blogs (although the beginning of this blog was from them), it is the best way to start with such a small amount of money.

Here you will use your capital for two things and no third:

  • Buying a domain for your blog (which is its link) costs approximately $10 per year.
  • Learn content writing (you can take any paid or free course in order to develop your writing skills and learn the basics)

After that, all you have to do is specify the field of your blog and the topics that you will publish as titles.

Once you start publishing the content and attracting more traffic, you can then think about different ways to exploit the content, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Google Ads: Like the ones that appear on this blog
  • Affiliate marketingfor products: If your blog’s field has products that your audience is searching for.
  • Selling your own product: whether physical products or courses.

I certainly did not talk about all the information you need to master this project.

But I have a comprehensive guide in which I talk about how to create a blog and profit from it. I definitely advise you to read it and try to follow the steps in it.

These were the best profitable projects that cost no more than 1000 pounds. I definitely recommend them.

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