Profitable projects in villages for the year 2024 (29 distinctive projects)

Profitable projects in villages for the year 2024 (29 distinctive projects)

Are you looking for profitable projects in villages that you can start?

After many studies, launching more than one project in a village, and the success of those projects, let me share with you the best projects that you can start now.

Here I will share various projects in terms of capital…

  • Some people need a small capital, not exceeding 15 thousand pounds.
  • Others require medium or large capital.

You can choose the project that suits your budget, but you should know that projects with large capital usually have more profits.

Now let me share with you…

The best ideas for profitable projects in villages with little capital

Start now with projects that you can do in your home or in a small shop in your village, and you do not need almost any capital to start.

There is no specific order for these projects, and therefore no project is better than another on the list.

You must choose the project that is appropriate for your village, your budget, and finally your personal skills.

1- Immediate machine project

The immediate machine project is one of the distinctive projects that can be done in villages with a small capital.

I spoke in detail about this project, so I can tell you with confidence that the project is profitable.

  • Project capital:5,000 pounds to 9,000 pounds.
  • Required location: It is preferable that the location be commercial and have a good number of residents.
  • Expected profit percentage: Depending on the amount of money transferred and received monthly, but in general the percentage is approximately 2-5% per month.

But why is the project profitable in the villages?

The project is profitable anywhere, but competition in the countryside between people and stores that provide this service will be weak.

Therefore, you can get a good amount of monthly income.

Through the machine you can: 

  • Recharge line balance.
  • Pay electricity and gas bills.
  • Paying university fees.
  • Electronic wallet transfers.

And other services that can provide you with a good return on your investment.

2- Home grocery project

The home grocery project is also one of the projects that is widely spread on the roads.

It is a successful and profitable project for women .

Although the daily income from it may not be the best, its profits are good compared to the cost.

  • Project capital: less than 4000 pounds.
  • Required location: home (or a small cart in front of the house)
  • Expected profit percentage: Grocery store profits are always approximately 20-25% of sales.

All you need here are some required food products, along with some cleaning tools, and you have launched your project.

Of course, you will need to develop your grocery store into a store after that, but this is only the beginning.

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3- A small herbalist shop project

The herbalist shop project is one of the simple projects that you can do in villages and ensure its success.

The project does not require any complexity, all you need is a group of products that are consumed continuously, such as:

  • Legumes.
  • Spices.
  • Aromatic products.
  • Some personal hygiene products, such as soaps such as gum, glycerin, etc.

Here you need to understand the market around you and the village in which you live, and thus you can buy the products that people in your village need.

  • Project capital: less than 6,000 pounds (if you already own a store in your home)
  • Required location: Home or shop in a good residential area.
  • Expected profit percentage: The perfumer’s profits are excellent and may reach 50% of sales.

4- A project to sell dairy products

Dairy products and their various products, such as cheese, cottage cheese, and ghee, are among the best profitable projects in Egyptian villages.

What is special here is that most rural homes already own livestock.

If you do not have it, you can simply buy milk from your neighbors and start converting it into different products and then reselling it.

The project is very suitable for women, and it is one of the best projects that require small capital in Egypt .

  • Project capital: less than 4000 pounds.
  • Required location: home or market in your village.
  • Expected profit percentage: approximately 30-50% of your sales.

What is also special here is that you can develop your project in a more distinctive way and go for sale in the center to which your village belongs.

5- Poultry raising project at home

Raising poultry and selling its eggs from home is one of the very simple projects that you can start in the villages and you will always find buyers.

But unfortunately, feed prices increased significantly during this period.

Therefore, I do not know whether the project’s profits will cover the current cost of the food and medicines that you will purchase or not.

  • Project capital: You can start with 1,500 pounds.
  • Desired location: your home.
  • Expected profit percentage: approximately 10-20%.

You can certainly sell those poultry, but I prefer that you get a continuous income from them.

6- Project to sell white chickens

The prices of white chickens are constantly rising, so starting to raise them in your home, fatten them, and then sell them will bring you excellent profits.

The cost of a chick until it reaches 2 kilograms is approximately 80 pounds.

The price of a kilo of white chicken today is 62, so you can sell one chicken for 125 pounds.

This is a profit of approximately 45 pounds per chick, so I think the project is worth it.

  • Project capital: You can start with only 30 chicks. This approximately requires a capital of 4000 pounds at the cost of feed.
  • Required location: Your home and sell to a store, or you can sell it yourself.
  • Expected profit percentage: approximately 30-50%.

7- A project to produce and sell pickles

Producing and selling pickles is a simple project that only requires a very small amount of money to do.

Therefore, it is definitely one of the best village projects you can do.

The method of selling products here is very simple, and you can do so by:

  • Selling to bean and falafel restaurants.
  • Selling to various grocery stores.
  • Finally sell it at home.

Before starting the project, let’s get to know:

  • Project capital: You can start with 500 pounds and you will achieve good profits.
  • Desired location: your home.
  • Expected profit percentage: You will be able to achieve a profit percentage ranging between 20-30% of sales.

8- A book project for religious lessons

Starting a book to teach religious lessons and memorize the Qur’an is one of the unique projects you can start.


You definitely need to have strong religious knowledge and a good reputation in your village in order to start this project.

  • Project capital: It does not require capital, only your knowledge, knowledge, and personal abilities.
  • Desired location: your home.
  • Expected income: This depends on the number of students you have and how much monthly amount you request.

9- Private lessons project

Whether lessons for primary or middle school, you will find a huge number of students that you can teach.

In my opinion, private lessons are one of the most profitable projects ever.

All you have to do is develop your skills and tell the families around you that you have already started in strengthening groups and private lessons.

With a small monthly sum to start with, you can gather your first group of students, and once you become famous as a private tutor, you can request the amount that is appropriate for you.

  • Cost: No cost.
  • Location: home.
  • Expected income: Depending on the monthly amount and the number of students you have.

10- A project to manufacture and sell detergents

Making detergents at home and then reselling them is one of the good and profitable projects in the villages.

But first you need to learn how to make these detergents. As for selling them, you have two main ways:

  • Selling yourself: from your home or by opening a small shop.
  • Selling to stores: Here the matter is simpler, but the profit is less because you will be selling wholesale.

Before starting, it is important to know whether these products are purchased in your village or not.

  • Cost: It varies depending on the items that you will manufacture and also the quantities, but you can start your project with less than 10 thousand pounds.
  • Location: home.
  • Expected income: Depending on the demand for products in your village, but may exceed 20% of sales.

11- A home nursery project

The children’s nursery project is one of the unique projects you can do.

In the villages, the issue is simpler than in the main centers or governorates.

You can simply start your project at home at a very low cost.

But here you will need to promote and market your nursery in a distinctive manner.

It is also important to have good relationships with the people in your village so that they trust you with their children.

  • Cost: Initial cost approximately 8000 pounds.
  • Location: House or small apartment for rent.
  • Expected income: If we assume that you have 30 students in your nursery and the cost of the child is 250 pounds per month, this is 7,500 pounds of monthly income from your project.

Now let us move on to a group of projects that require somewhat larger capital…

Projects in villages require medium or large capital

The group of projects found here are certainly suitable for starting in villages, but they require an amount of no less than 50 thousand pounds.

Starting with…

12- Truck scale project

The truck scale is one of the distinctive projects that you can start in your village, but you need a distinctive location, preferably on a main road.

There are different sizes of scales for quarter trucks, semi trucks, and also transportation.

Mostly the scales that are used in villages are those that can handle up to half a load.

  • Cost: ranging between 70 thousand – 150 thousand
  • Location: main road.
  • Expected income: The cost of one weight varies depending on the load, but some scales have a daily income exceeding 5,000 pounds.

You can promote your scale to grain merchants in your area, in addition to livestock merchants and others.

13- Shouna Ghalal Project

The Shounat Al-Ghalal project is considered a very successful commercial project, according to my personal experience.

You can combine this project with the project above.

This is definitely the best use of your capital.


The problem here is that the cost will be somewhat high, and the reason for this is the rent of the barn. It is always preferable, if you intend to establish a budget in it, for the contract period to be no less than 5 years.

After that, you can exploit the different agricultural seasons to trade different crops.

From personal experience, the best profitable crops through which you can achieve an excellent annual income are: 

  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Al-Shami.
  • The dumbass.

But each village certainly differs from the other in the types of crops grown, so you must study the most important crops in your village well and then enter into their trade.

  • Cost: ranging between 100 thousand – 500 thousand.
  • Location: A large area on a main road.
  • Expected income: The profit percentage in grain trading depends on many factors, and therefore there is no fixed percentage. All you need to know is that it is very profitable.

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14- Grocery store project

Above, the project was a home grocery store, but here let us develop your project a little and turn it into a small store.

The grocery store is one of the very distinctive projects in the villages, and this is for one simple reason…

You sell food products.

In any region, people will not stop consuming these products.

Therefore, starting this project may provide you with a good monthly income.

  • Cost: ranging between 30 thousand – 60 thousand.
  • Location: A medium space in any residential area.
  • Expected income: The profit percentage from grocery products ranges between 20-25% of sales.

15- Wholesale food products trade project

Here the cost is greater and the sales are greater.


It is important to study the market in your village well before you even think about buying a single commodity.

If you cannot market your project in a distinctive way and attract many small merchants to buy from you, do not start this project!

  • Cost: starting from 250 thousand.
  • Location: Medium or large space, in addition to a storeroom.
  • Expected income: The profit rate is approximately 10%, but the capital cycle is faster and therefore better profits.

16- Tarazi Shop Project

The tailor or tailor shop, especially for women, is considered one of the best small projects that you can do in the villages.

The nice thing here is that it is a very profitable project and its cost is somewhat moderate.

All you need to do is take a course in sewing and embroidery, and get started.

This sewing project is one of the best projects that you can do from home and make a daily profit .

  • Cost: ranges between 20 thousand – 40 thousand (including sewing machines, additional tools, and shop rent).
  • Location: A small or medium space, or you can even start it at home.
  • Expected income: The entire amount paid by the customer is considered your net income.

17- Fodder and bran trade project

Fodder and bran trading is a project that I actually started last year in my village.

But I had some problems in this project, which I will tell you so that you do not encounter them, which are:

  • Do not buy huge quantities without studying the village and its needs.
  • Know the times of bran consumption and save quantities before that because during this period the price usually rises.
  • Trade only the items that your village consumes, and do not buy other types that you think will be sold.

It is also important that you know that the profit in this project, unfortunately, is not the best, and therefore my advice is to sell in the sector as well to increase your profits.

  • Cost: ranging between 50 thousand – 100 thousand.
  • Location: medium space.
  • Expected income: The profit percentage from products ranges between 10-20% of sales.

18- Fertilizers and pesticides trading project

Trading fertilizers and pesticides was also one of the projects I undertook last year.

But not as an independent project, but as an integrated project with the feed and bran trade.

The profit in these products is certainly better than in the feed business, but you need to know the times of using different fertilizers in order to purchase quantities of them and from here your return and profit double.

  • Cost: ranging between 50 thousand – 500 thousand.
  • Location: Medium size (sometimes large with quantities).
  • Expected income: approximately 20% profits from sales.

19- Shouna Project for Building Materials Trading

Even after construction stopped in many centers and governorates, construction continued normally in villages.

Therefore, starting a building materials trading project in your village can definitely be relied upon.

But the biggest problem in this project is access to the source of construction tools.

If you can reach the major traders in this market and reach a good deal with them, the beginning is simple.

  • Cost: ranging between 100 thousand – 500 thousand.
  • Location: Large empty space.
  • Expected income: Profit rates usually range between 20-30%.

20- Five-a-side stadium project

Stadiums are one of the best profitable projects in villages that require only a small to medium capital.

The only problem here is finding the appropriate space to start your project.

Therefore, if you think that your village has a suitable space to start a playground, then you should definitely create this project.

  • Cost: ranging between 50 thousand – 100 thousand.
  • Location: An area suitable for a five-a-side court.
  • Expected income: Net income that may reach 300 pounds per day.

It is also important here that the stadium be fairly close to your village.

21- Pharmacy project

My friend is a pharmacist and opened his pharmacy last month in one of the villages affiliated with his center.

After a detailed conversation with him about the percentage of profits and the volume of daily sales, I believe that if you are a pharmacist, you should seriously think about starting a pharmacy project.

In short, the result of the conversation with him was the following:

  • Daily sales of no less than 1000 pounds (without any doctors around).
  • The profit rate here is approximately 25%.
  • This is a monthly income of 7,500 pounds, and his monthly expenses were approximately 4,000 pounds due to it being rent, so the net income here is 3,500 pounds.

The beautiful thing here is that he was able to find 2 doctors and provide them with clinics next to the pharmacy, so his daily sales increased to 5,000 pounds per day, and in return, his monthly income reached approximately 25,000 pounds after expenses and costs.

So my advice here is to start this project, but you have to find some doctors to help you increase your sales.

  • Cost: ranging between 70 thousand – 150 thousand.
  • Location: An area of ​​no less than 30 square meters in a residential area.
  • Expected income: The profit rate is approximately 25% of sales.

22- My Coffee Project

Municipal coffee is the official project in a popular or rural area or even in centers and governorates.

The reason is very simple: everyone prefers those cafes to coffee shops.

Therefore, all you have to do is find a suitable place in your village and start your own café.

  • Cost: ranging between 30 thousand – 70 thousand.
  • Location: A medium area, not less than 40 square metres.
  • Expected income: The profit rate is approximately 50% of income.

This municipal coffee project is the best project in terms of daily profit, and therefore if your goal is daily income, I definitely advise you to start this project.

23- Livestock breeding project

Meat prices are increasing daily, and therefore it is natural to find the livestock raising project among the best profitable projects in the villages.

Livestock fattening is one of the unique projects that I definitely recommend starting and choosing the types of livestock that are most commonly eaten in your area.

  • Cost: Depending on the number of heads you intend to start with, but as a start it may cost you approximately 150 thousand pounds.
  • Location: A large, empty space with all the necessary tools.
  • Expected income: The profit from the project is approximately 30% after the expense.

Some also prefer, instead of fattening, to invest in multiplying livestock and increasing the number, then selling or even selling milk or its derivatives through it.

24- Dissolved project

The apiary is one of my favorite projects, and I definitely advise you to study it well and then start it if you have the capabilities.

You certainly know the benefits of various types of honey, and perhaps you do not know, but there is a huge demand for honey of all kinds.

So starting an apiary project and then building your own honey brand in your village may be the project of a lifetime for you.

  • Cost: 200 beehives may cost you approximately 150 thousand pounds.
  • Location: A large empty space containing all the necessary tools, including wooden beekeeping mechanisms and others.
  • Expected income: Your project profits may reach 100 thousand pounds in the first year.

The problem in this apiary project is not the start, the tools, or even the space on which the project will be built…

The biggest problem in marketing your product.

If you are able to market your products in a distinctive way, you will be able to achieve fabulous profits from this project.

25- Dispensary project

If you are a doctor or interested in the medical field, you can certainly establish a simple dispensary in your village.

Here you will be able to help the village people, in addition to getting a distinctive return on your investment.

All you need in this project is to obtain the necessary licenses, in addition to preparing good clinics for doctors and of course accessing good doctors and contracting with them.

  • Cost: starting from 500 thousand pounds.
  • Location: A large area starting from at least 150 square meters.
  • Expected income: approximately 20-30 thousand pounds per month.

This dispensary project, although its profits are good, is one of the most difficult projects on this list.

So you need to plan it well.

26- Microbus project

Microbuses and Suzuki are among the most famous projects in the villages.

Perhaps this is the case in the villages near me. I do not know if this is the case in your village or not.

However, if your situation is like mine, then buying an 8-seater microbus or Suzuki and starting work on it may provide you with a significant daily profit.

  • Cost: The cost of purchasing the vehicle starts from 200 thousand pounds (in addition to maintenance and gasoline costs).
  • Expected income: 200 – 1000 pounds per day.

27- Mobile phone store project

The mobile phone shop is also one of the profitable projects in the villages.

In short, this is because you will find many residents in your area who need various mobile services, and you will not find many stores such as centers.

Therefore, whether you intend to provide maintenance services, buy and sell phones, or trade various phone accessories, this project is worth considering.

You can even combine this project with the Fawry Machines project that I previously talked about at the beginning of the project to achieve double monthly income.

  • Cost: starting from 50 thousand pounds.
  • Location: A small space is sufficient.
  • Expected income: approximately 3000 – 15 thousand pounds per month.

28- Butcher shop project

Butcher shops are also profitable in villages, cities and in any region.

Despite the constant rise in prices and the scarcity of people buying meat these days, you will definitely find buyers.

I have not tried this project, but I know many people who have already started it and were able to acquire wealth through it.

  • Cost: starting from 50 thousand pounds.
  • Location: A small space is also sufficient.
  • Expected income: approximately 5,000 – 10,000 pounds per month.

But if you do not have sufficient experience in this project, it is better not to start with it.

29- Agricultural project

Agricultural projects are the option of many people in the villages.

To be honest, they are truly profitable projects from which you can find a distinguished return on your investment.

Whether you already own land or intend to rent a specific space, the project is worth trying.

Let us assume that you intend to rent 2 acres of agricultural land for one year only.

She decided to plant wheat and soybeans this year.

  • Cost: All expenses will range between (50 thousand – 75 thousand).
  • Location: Depending on what you need.
  • Expected income: approximately 25-35 thousand pounds.

These were the best profitable projects in the villages in my opinion.

There are certainly a lot of other ideas that you can find on other sites, and a lot of ideas that you may have thought were inappropriate that will work for you.

But in any case, I think you need to think carefully about your next project and plan it well so that you do not suffer major losses in your capital.

Now tell me…

Was the topic useful and were you able to find an idea for your project?

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