The 6 best projects that do not require full time (with minimal effort)

The 6 best projects that do not require full time (with minimal effort)

Any projects that do not require full time are those that do not depend on your presence.

Or as we call them in the Internet world (passive income methods).

Here your role is to create a fixed system and assign other people to carry out tasks.

Your role is limited to monitoring and managing your project from time to time.

There are many projects you can start this way, but I will share with you 6 that I consider to be the best in my opinion.

The best projects do not require full time

Most of the projects I will talk about are electronic projects, but I will also share some projects that you can do on the ground.

Starting now with…

1- An electronic blog project

Blogging is definitely one of the projects that doesn’t need to be full-time.

For example, this blog where you are reading this topic now, I work on it only once a week!!

However, it makes me good profits.

But was this the case from the beginning?

Because I did not have enough money in the beginning to consider the blog as a project or investment. This was not the case, and I was working approximately 8 hours or more every day.

But since you have money, you certainly don’t need to devote yourself to it.

Project cost: The entire cost can be summarized in…

  • Buying hosting: $36 (to store website data). Here I recommend bluehost because it will provide you with a free domain (website link).
  • Purchasing a template for your website: Approximately $50 to purchase a professional template (or you can use a free template, which are in the thousands).
  • Exclusive articles: You need to publish articles for your website, and you can purchase these articles from (companies – freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Fiverr).

These are the 3 basic elements you need to invest in.

You should know that this cost will rise in the following years because you will need more hosting to bear the visits to your site, in addition to the cost of articles varying depending on:

  • Article quality.
  • Article language.
  • Number of articles required per month.

I don’t want to fill your mind with too many details.


I explained in detail in a separate topic how to create a blog and profit from it . I recommend reading it to learn the steps in detail.

2- Cash Cow YouTube channel project

Cash Cow channels are channels that do not depend on the appearance of a person to provide content.

Unlike many channels that depend on a specific content creator.

The most famous examples of these channels are:

  • Did you know
  • Olive
  • green
  • Egyptton

Of course, it is better to start the Cash Cow channel with content in the English language, since the profits are higher and easier in terms of automating the work system.


The problem here is that you will need a rather large cost, which may exceed 12 thousand riyals.

After studying, I found that the cost of one English video, from idea to publication on your channel, will cost approximately $60.

Although a video in Arabic may only cost you $15, therefore you can start a channel with a capital of 2000 riyals or less.

Therefore, if your capital is small, the logical beginning is in Arabic, but if you want a greater profit and a better return, the content in English is certainly the correct beginning.

What’s special about YouTube is: 

  • You will continue to get video views for a long time even after publishing the video, so this project does not need to be completed.
  • You can also see the float quickly if you have special content.

Unlike blogs, which take longer to see returns, but their cost is lower.

Here too I will not be long for you.

Just check out the guide I wrote about:How to create a YouTube channel and profit from it , and you will find links to other resources that will greatly benefit you.

All the topics in this guide have been arranged according to their role, so all you have to do is follow these steps.

You will also find my nominations for the best people you can rely on to design a video – whether in Arabic or English) through this article:

3- Drop Shipping Store Project

Launching a dropshipping store is also a project that does not require a lot of dedication.

Here, of course, the meaning is that you can rely on others to manage it instead of you.

First, let me tell you what dropshipping means: 

It is a term that means selling a product that you do not own, at a higher price than the displayed price of the product and getting the price difference as your net profit

You can launch an Arab store or a foreign store in this way.

Here you will need:

  • Creating an online store: You can do this easily through ( Salala website ) if you intend to launch an Arabic store, (Shopify platform) if you intend to launch a global store targeting foreign countries.
  • Finding needed products: It is important that these products possess one of two characteristics, which is that they are (non-traditional products – or products that are in demand in a community and for which a specific price is unknown).
  • In finding the product, you have two options: the merchant website for Arab products, especially in Saudi Arabia, and the Aliexpress website if you want to sell products to foreign countries.
  • Determine the profit margin: Now you have to put an additional price on the product, which includes the cost of advertising, as well as shipping.
  • Launch your ads: Know your audience and determine where it is located (on any platform), then launch ads on this platform for your product.

You can find someone to do all the steps above for you, except for one step: determining the profit margin.

You must calculate the cost and all expenses well and then add the price to the product.

4- A small online services company project

If you search on the Internet, you will find many people who have skills and want to exploit and sell them.

Some of those skills include:

  • Content writing
  • Launching advertisements.
  • Video design.
  • Creating websites.
  • And others…

All you have to do is:

  • Identify a group of freelancers or skilled people (from freelance sites or Facebook groups).
  • Find out the prices of each of the services they provide.
  • After that, launch a website and place on it the services that your team can perform.
  • Do not appoint anyone, just keep their contact information.
  • Find someone who will launch advertising campaigns for your services.
  • As soon as you receive any requests from your advertisements, go to the freelancer and ask him to complete them.
  • When completed, send that service to the customer.

But in order to succeed in this project, it is important that: 

  • Determine the value of your profit well and set a good profit margin to cover the cost of advertising.
  • To find truly professional people to perform the tasks, so that you can maintain your company’s reputation.
  • Finally, you should designate more than one person to perform the same service, and do not rely on one person so that you do not find yourself in dilemmas with your client.

Some people call this project drop servicing or reselling services.

It is one of the profitable projects that you can undertake with little capital , and you do not need to devote yourself to it.

5- A page project for marketing affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is one of the areas of profit from the Internet that is very special to me.

It can also be a unique project that does not require your full time.

Here the project needs two things, not a third: 

  • Finding good products that you can market.
  • Having good capital to launch paid ads.

The first element is very simple. You can find many products on the Arab and foreign affiliate marketing sites that I previously shared, such as:

  • Enjezni platform (special for me).
  • Dealer website.
  • Global Impact Platform.
  • Finally, an Arabic link .

Now that you have determined the products that you will market, and learned the commission for each product, you now need to: 

  • Determine the most appropriate platform to market the product, whether Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or even TikTok.
  • After that, you need to create an account or page on the platform you chose.

After that, it is time to find people to do the tasks in your place so that the project does not take up too much time from your day:

  • You must find a moderator (or page manager): who is responsible for adding products and responding to customers who interact with your ads.
  • Advertiser or media buyer: A professional in creating campaigns on the platform you have chosen (often receiving a percentage of your campaign budget).

Thus, you will only be responsible for executing the purchase orders that the Moderator organizes for you on the platform, and also sending pictures of the products and their full information to the Moderator.

Is the project profitable? 

A friend of mine works as an advertiser for someone, and he told me that he was already selling more than 200 products daily, so the project is definitely very profitable.

6- An electronic services store project

Now, with one of the projects on the ground that does not require you to complete it, you can rely on an employee to do everything you need.

I know someone who already owns a store like this and provides various electronic services such as:

  • recharge.
  • Charging and withdrawing from electronic wallets.
  • Applying for various services.
  • Extract results.
  • Even applying for immigration.
  • Writing files and documents.
  • And others…

In fact, he tells me that it is a very good and profitable project, and what is also special is that it does not require a large area or huge capital.

I think this is one of the best simple projects to increase income that you can do and get a good return without having to devote yourself.

All you need:

  • Fawry machine.
  • PC.
  • Someone with experience dealing with the Internet.

These were the best projects that do not require full time, I recommend them…

Of course, there are many other projects, but I preferred to focus on electronic projects .

Therefore, if you have any questions or have an idea you would like to add, do not hesitate to communicate through the comments.

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