Profitable small industrial machines (top 9)

Profitable small industrial machines (top 9)

Finding profitable small industrial machines could be the project of a lifetime.

Many industrial projects start out simple.

Perhaps you can turn that small machine into a huge factory one day.

So in this article, let me share with you 9 of the best small industrial machines, which you can buy for a small amount.

First let me answer you honestly…

Is buying small machines a profitable venture?

Any project you start depends on a number of factors in order for it to be classified as a profitable project or not.

The two most important factors and the basis for the success of any project are:

  • Good marketing.
  • Choose the appropriate location for your project.

Certainly, you can start some of the machines in this topic at home, but where you will sell your product is an essential factor.


The success of the project or machine depends greatly on your marketing skills.

Now let me tell you in detail…

The best profitable small industrial machines

The machines that I will share with you here are profitable according to the experiences of many people.


This certainly does not mean that you will be able to get a return on your project once you purchase the machine.

And therefore…

You should study the project carefully before starting and investing in any of them.

Let’s start with my first and favorite machine…

1- 3D thermal printing machine

The 3D printing machine is one of the very profitable small industrial machines.

The secret is that you can use it in several different projects.

Through it, it is possible to:

  • Printing on T-shirts.
  • Printing on mugs.
  • Also, printing on phone cases.

In printing on T-shirts, we have an excellent model that has moved from being just a simple project to increase income , to a distinctive brand in selling T-shirts.

The form here is: Instaprint.

As for printing on phone cases, the experience was somewhat personal.

I have a friend who actually started and bought this machine, and was able to make excellent profits.

  • Machine price: ranges between 5,000 and 20,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Machine size: small.
  • The right place to work: You can start from home and market online.
  • Return: Depending on the size of the work and the project you intend to start, but it ranges between 50 and 1000 pounds or more per day.

After learning the most important details of this project.

Do I recommend purchasing this machine? 

If you know well how to market your products, I definitely recommend starting this project and purchasing the machine.


If you do not know how to promote, and who your audience is, then definitely do not start any project.

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2- Vacuum machine

Would you like to enter strongly into the industrial field?

Valium machine is one of the best and very profitable small industrial machines that you can buy at a good price.

Through this machine you can manufacture many different plastic products.

Plastic products are widely consumed in various areas of life.

Examples of products that you can manufacture using this vacuum machine include: 

  • Plastic cups.
  • Food cans.
  • Simple children’s games.
  • Medicine containers.
  • Plastic egg trays.
  • And many more…

All you have to do is add a mold to the machine, raw plastic, and the machine will manufacture your product with ease.

Is the project profitable? 

Certainly, the plastic box manufacturing project is a small project that provides huge profits, if you can market the product correctly.

  • Machine price: ranges between 3,000 and 50,000 dollars.
  • Machine size: small and medium.
  • Suitable place to work: You can start the project from home, or by renting a small warehouse.
  • Return: It may reach up to 50% of your investment, depending on the size of the work.

3- Thermal packaging machine for mobile phones

The thermal packaging machine for mobile phones is considered one of the best simple machines that you can buy and make excellent profits from it.

This machine is not only used in packaging and protecting mobile phones, but also computers.

And therefore…

If you have a small phone shop, or intend to start one, adding such a machine to your project can double your project profits.

This is simply because everyone is now trying to preserve their devices for as long as possible.

Packaging in this way provides such protection.

  • Machine price: ranges between 1000 and 2800 Saudi riyals.
  • Machine size: small.
  • The right place to work: The best start is through a small shop.
  • Return: It may reach a daily income of 200 riyals , if you have a distinguished website.

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4- Foil winding machine

Foil is one of the products that is widely used in food and bakery stores and supermarkets.

Owning a machine like this may provide you with a unique source of income.

But here you need good relationships and distinguished communication with store owners.

Nature of the machine: 

Here you buy huge quantities of foil, and it is put into the machine to produce small rolls of foil.

I have a friend who has already started this project.


The beginning was very difficult, and the profits were few.

After continuous communication and the competitive prices at which he sold, the project began to achieve a distinguished income.

  • Machine price: ranges between 10,000 and 30,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Machine size: medium.
  • The right place to work: You can start from home.
  • Return: Different depending on the partnerships you can get from shops.

5- Home sewing machine

The sewing and detailing machine project is one of the successful projects for women that can be done from home.

I definitely highly recommend her after seeing the amount of work one of my neighbors gets.

In order to be able to achieve excellent profits from this project, you must:

  • You get good training in sewing and detailing.
  • Be distinguished by your approach.
  • Finally, tell others around you about starting this project.

After that, the daily income from the machine will become incredible.

  • Machine price: ranges between 15,000 and 25,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Machine size: small.
  • Suitable place to work: home or a small shop.
  • Return: A daily return that may exceed 300 pounds.

6- Coffee bean grinding machine

Coffee is one of the most over-consumed beverages in the world.

Therefore, buying a machine to grind coffee beans, then selling it, is one of the ideas worth implementing.

In order to be able to start this project, it is important to think about two basic things:

  • Where will you buy coffee beans in bulk?
  • How will you sell your product?

The first question requires you to do a detailed study and research on coffee wholesalers in your country.

As for the second question, the answer is very simple…

You can start a simple shop selling ground coffee, or you can develop your project and double your profits by starting to sell coffee drinks.

Here you need to choose a distinctive and suitable location where a good number of people will flock.

  • Places near education and private lessons centers are a great location.
  • Also next to companies and public hospitals.

Now with some simple details about the project:

  • Machine price: ranges between 40,000 and 100,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Machine size: medium.
  • Suitable place to work: You need an area of ​​no less than 20 meters.
  • Return: A return that may reach 35% of your investment.

7- Rubber blowing machine

The car tire blowing machine is a very profitable small machine.

But it’s an excellent addition only if you already have a car maintenance place.

Even if it is just a small store.

It is definitely preferable to buy the machine if you have a prime location on a main road on which cars already move.

  • Machine price: ranges between 3,000 and 5,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Machine size: small.
  • Suitable place to work: A small shop on a main road.
  • Yield: A simple daily return.

8- Product packaging machine at home

Packaging various products, such as fruits and foods, is one of the unique projects that you can do.

but unfortunately…

You can only exploit this machine and make excellent profits from it by actually owning products.

Most stores use such a machine.

Therefore, you will not get clients. You are the client in this project.

Seriously think about starting a project in which you can exploit this machine and you will achieve a good return on your investment.

9- Espresso production machine

The espresso machine is also a profitable small machine that can be an excellent addition to a small coffee shop.

In addition to facilitating and speeding up the production of different types of coffee, it can provide a distinctive source of income.

The cost of a cup of espresso usually does not exceed 10 pounds, and it can be sold for at least 20 pounds.

This makes the return almost double.


You definitely need a distinctive website to turn this machine into a distinctive profitable source.

  • Machine price: ranges between 15,000 and 40,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Machine size: small.
  • Suitable place to work: small shop.
  • Return: A daily return that may exceed 500 pounds.

These were the best profitable small industrial machines you can invest in.

There are many other profitable machines, but their cost is very high.

So I decided not to put it in this article.

Now tell me…

What machine did you decide to buy and start earning an income from it?

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