Work from home for women 2024 (Top 10 to start with)

Work from home for women 2024 (Top 10 to start with)

Work from home for women, this is what you want, right?

How to work from home for women is one of the things I get asked about most.

So I said why not share my experience with you and give you some ideas that you can rely on.

The reason I am writing this guide is that I have already gone through this experience before you and I know very well what it means to feel boredom and the desire for self-reliance and certainly your freedom to buy what you want without having to ask.

So if your reasons are the same as mine, let me share the solution with you.

Are you ready to start?

Advantages of working from home for women

Before I start and tell you the best work from home for women, let me first tell you the most important advantages of working from home:

  1. Freedom to choose appropriate working hours.
  2. There is no one to bother you.
  3. You will not have to leave your children alone.
  4. You can work anywhere without restrictions.
  5. Save more time and thus develop yourself in other matters.
  6. You can save a larger amount.
  7. Of course, you can get a greater income and salary.

The best work from home for women 2021

There are many other methods that you can work on, but these are considered the best and most famous.

Most of these methods I have already tried, and you will find links that will help you master each one of them, because I will not be able to explain each method in detail.

So don’t worry, I won’t leave you halfway.

Now let me tell you my first favorite method, which is….

1- Writing articles

Among girls, writing articles is considered the most available job opportunity.

Website content does not stop, so the constant need for a content book certainly will not stop.

Here, job opportunities for women from home have emerged in this field.

Some of the fields that girls or women are required to work in are the most important of these fields, for example:

  • Women’s content.
  • Cosmetic content.
  • Health content.
  • Everything related to fashion and style.
  • And definitely hair and skin articles.

There are many other fields in which girls or women are required, but these are considered the most popular.

The average salary here: about $150 per month (but it can increase or decrease depending on experience and professionalism in the work).

Work steps

  1. First, you need to know how to write an article .
  2. Now start writing some articles for yourself and keep them as work samples (you can use as a gallery of your work)
  3. After that, you should go to freelancer sites or groups on Facebook and offer your services.

It is very important to know the market prices so that you do not offer a higher price than what others offer.

I have created a comprehensive guide to making money from writing articles. If you would like more detailed information, you can view it.

2- Work from home as a blogger

The natural progression of an upward job opportunity for women, girls, and anyone is to start a blog

The blog is a very simple and easy website to create and operate

In fact, it is one of the most easy and profitable areas of profit from the Internet

The average income after 3 months of hard work on it: is $100 per month for Arabic content and approximately $500 for foreign content.

But since many of us are not very proficient in the English language, our choice is Arabic topics.

Work steps

  1. First, you need to determine the idea of ​​the blog and the topics that you will share.
  2. Now you have to collect as many subject titles as possible.
  3. The third step is launching the blog. We have a detailed guide on how to create a blog and profit from it. I strongly advise you to look at it.
  4. After that, you should start attracting visitors to your blog .
  5. Finally, use one of the ways to profit from the blogs that we shared and start collecting your money.

This method was the best way to work from home for women for me.

Now let us move on to another work for women from home, which is…

3- Work from home YouTuber

In fact, it is the most profitable work from home for women and girls if you are bold enough to appear in front of the camera.

The truth is that many women have already begun to see the power of YouTube as a business opportunity.

Therefore, you will find many channels run by women, and their most important fields are:

  • Cooking (cooking content is one of the most popular contents on YouTube).
  • Skin and hair.
  • Challenge content.
  • Comedy content for sure.

But basically the first two areas are the most famous.

Average income from a channel with 50 thousand per month (which is not large): 80 – 150 dollars per month.

Action Steps 

Fortunately, we have a comprehensive guide that will help you succeed in this job.

  1. First, you need to create a channel (it’s very simple, just go to YouTube).
  2. After that, you have to define the idea, and we have 70 YouTube channel ideas
  3. After that, you should start designing videos.
  4. Now all you have to do is follow the steps to increase subscribers and the steps to increase views that we talked about (for free, don’t worry).
  5. Finally, you must use one of the ways to profit from YouTube, and we have put the best 10 in the previous list.

With this, we have finished with YouTube and it is time for another field, which is…

4- Voice over

If the idea of ​​the channel is not suitable for you, let me share with you one of my other work-from-home opportunities, which is my favorite.

Yes, it’s a voiceover.

Women’s commentary is considered one of the most requested services on freelance websites.

Therefore, if setting up the channel, preparing topics, and editing videos is difficult during this period, or you do not prefer to appear, then this job is suitable for you.

Average salary: varies depending on your distinction and fame, but in general it is approximately 70-100 dollars.

But at the beginning of your journey on microservices sites, it will be difficult to get clients for a while, but with patience, you will begin to work.

Work steps

The work steps here are very simple and certainly from home.

  1. Go and register on any of the microservices sites such as Khamsat (we have made an explanation of it, which you can view through the Khamsat website guide for working from home ).
  2. Now you have to make a set of recordings of your voice and put them as business models.
  3. After that, add a new service and do not forget to follow the steps in the Khamsat guide to get your first sale.

Now, what if I told you about a group of work-from-home opportunities for women on Facebook and other social media sites?

5- Work on social media 

Social media is a treasure trove of work-from-home opportunities for women, girls, and even young people.

The most important, for example, is the functional social media specialist. 

But since we are here to talk about work from home for women, let me tell you about a large group of freelance work and also jobs:

  • Job managing Facebook pages and groups (average salary 1,500-2,500 pounds).
  • Writing marketing content for advertisements.
  • Conduct advertising campaigns.
  • Launch a group and sell products on commission (you are certainly already in one of these groups). Why not launch your own group.
  • Working as an influencer on Instagram (excellent job opportunity for about 10,000-100,000), but it takes some time to gather followers.
  • Launching Twitter accounts, enlarging them, then selling them (5,000,000 followers for about 2,000 pounds).

Now that we know a group of business ideas, let me present to you…

Where can you find work in these ways?

  • Independent website.
  • Upwork website.
  • Fives.
  • Remote platform (if you want a job from home and not micro-services).

Resources to help you succeed at work on social media

  1. Basics of affiliate marketing for products on Facebook.
  2. Guide to profit from Instagram 2021 (step by step).
  3. Twitter profit guide 2021.
  4. Profit from Tik Tok 2021.
  5. Finally , how to profit from WhatsApp .

Now let’s talk about work from home for women, but it requires some skill, which is…

6- Working as a translator 

You may not have any skill other than your good knowledge of the English language, and yet you can work from home in this way.

All you will need is:

  • Go to Fiverr (one of the most in-demand sites for this job).
  • Then offer your skills as a service.
  • Improving the form of your service and providing more and better than what is offered.
  • After that, you can raise the prices of your service.

But what is the normal price for each service?

The common price is $5/500 words you translate, but you can certainly raise your prices in the future.

7- Professionalism in Microsoft programs 

Whether you use Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or any other program, you can get a job from home in this way.

Many companies and people are looking for someone who works from home and can handle these programs, for example:

  • If you work with the Word program, you can work as a data entry worker.
  • If you are good at PowerPoint, you can work as a freelancer on remote work sites.
  • Excel is also very popular among people who analyze data and other things.

The best learning sources are here: Free YouTube.

There are many paid courses, but I don’t think you should start with them.

The average salary here: 100 – 1000 dollars per month (if the job was with foreigners, the salary would be greater).

The best places to get a job this way

  • Recruitment sites.
  • Fiverr website.

Read also:The best writing jobs on Word from home

Now, perhaps you do not prefer working online at all.

So let’s talk about work from home for women, but on the ground.

8- Work as a home hairdresser

Home hairdresser is one of the best work opportunities from home for women in 2021.

If you are in an area where there are many friends and relatives, perhaps starting this business is one of the best steps you can take.

All you have to do is: 

  • Learn everything about this work.
  • Purchase only necessary equipment.
  • News around you.

It is important to tell those around you because they will help you get more customers.

Approximate average income: 2000 – 5000 pounds (about 300 dollars).

9- Sewing and embroidery work

Another work from home for women, but it requires more skill from you.

Sewing and embroidery are among the most in-demand things in this period when income has decreased for many people.

I have a friend who makes all her clothes and rarely makes any purchases.

Imagine if you had only 10 customers who tailored and sewed all their clothes for you.

Average income here: depends mainly on how skilled you are, but is usually no less than 1,500 pounds per month ($100).

I know very well that the amount is small, but as your experience and fame increase, the number of customers and income will certainly increase.

10- Handicrafts

We cannot create a list of work from home for women in 2021 and not talk about this method.

Handicrafts are one of the best things you can sell online.

Although it requires great skill, the prices are also excellent.

I remember wanting to buy one of the handmade crossbody bags, and the price surprised me greatly when I found it for 700 pounds.

That’s almost $50, can you believe it?

The most important handmade products that you can sell are:

  • Leather bags.
  • Governor.
  • Chains and accessories.
  • Crochet.

These are the most popular products that you can start learning about.

Now let me tell you a group…

Other ideas for working from home for women 

There are many other things you can start doing from home, such as:

  • Providing strengthening groups and private lessons (online or for a group of children)
  • Teaching a musical instrument that you can play.
  • The home food project is also a successful business.
  • Selling makeup and body care products.
  • Work from home as a graphic designer.
  • Selling homemade sweets.
  • Selling over the phone (tele sales).
  • And others….

Despite the dozens of jobs and businesses that you can do, I always find blogging and launching your own website to be the best for women.

So don’t forget to review the steps to create a professional blog.

Here we have reached the end of the work from home guide for women 2021.

Tell me….

Which job will you start and find it better?

Is it the YouTube channel, content writing, or is it the home hairdresser?


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