The 5 best Free Lancer sites for beginners (my personal experience)

The 5 best Free Lancer sites for beginners (my personal experience)

The greatest struggle in freelancing is always experienced by beginners, especially when trying to find suitable freelancer sites.

There are thousands of freelancing platforms that you will find online.

But the truth of the matter is that most of these platforms are not suitable at all for you as a beginner to get started, for simple reasons, for example:

  • Many of these platforms do not accept beginners and require previous models.
  • It may take years to get the first sale on the site, simply because you do not have reviews or previous models.
  • Some sites only have a small number of buyers, so the demand for services is very normal if you find it weak or no customer asks for your services.

Unfortunately, this is a reality that I faced at the beginning of my work as a freelancer, so I decided to share my experience with you.

Let me answer the following question frankly… and present to you my personal opinion after more than 5 years of experience.

What is the best Free Lancer site for beginners?

The best Free Lancer site for beginners is the site that connects you with the client and you have the opportunity to communicate with him and try to convince him of your skills.

I finally came to this truth after many failed attempts to get clients for my microservices to no avail.

Therefore, at the beginning of your journey, it is preferable to stay away from sites such as: Fiverr, people per hour, or any site through which you display your skills and wait (although it is one of the special sites for me at this time).

In short: project sites on which clients submit their applications, and where you, as a Free Lancer, apply and display your skills are the best.

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The 5 best Free Lancer sites for beginners (according to my experience)

The 5 sites below provide you with the ability to communicate with the client, or you will find little competition for services and skills.

So whatever your choice is you will be able to work on it as a beginner.

We started with…

1- Khamsat website

The first site on our list and my first choice if you want to work as a freelancer on an Arabic website.

Although Khamsat does not directly meet the requirement for beginner sites, it provides a distinct option, which is what put it at the top of this list.

Before we talk about this matter, let me first prove to you that I already have experience with the Khamsat website, and here is a picture from inside my account and my personal balance on the site:

Proof of income from Khamsat website

Khamsat website has huge competition and a huge number of buyers, but if so, why is it at the first of this list?

Due to the non-existent services page: 

The site includes a page that is considered the most important page for you of all if you are a beginner, which is the services page that does not exist.

Requests for services that are not available on the Khamsat website

Through this page, you can communicate directly with customers who request specific services.

All you have to do is: 

  • Speak good Arabic.
  • Continuously follow up on the requested services and try to respond to them quickly.
  • Finally, and most importantly, try to convince the customer that you are the most suitable person to provide this service.

Before you communicate with anyone, it is important that: 

  • Design an exhibition of distinctive and attention-grabbing works that share previous experiences.
  • You have already uploaded a service to your account so that anyone can request it.
  • It is also important to study the prices in your market and offer a lower or the same price in the beginning until you get customers.


Many sites will tell you that Upwork is one of the freelancing sites that is not suitable for beginners.

The main reason is that it does not accept beginners, and you will not be able to get a project through it.

But the truth is that both reasons are incorrect.

My experience registering at UpWork was smooth and simple, with no significant complications, and I was accepted quickly.

As for you not being able to get a project, this may be right and wrong at the same time.

The way Upwork works depends mainly on your presentation of the various projects submitted by clients, and if you can convince the client of your skills, you will get the project.

Here I think that it depends mainly on you and your persuasion skills (in addition to your mastery of the skill you want to sell).

There are some problems that you will encounter in Upwork such as: 

  • Fierce competition with Free Lancers from around the world.
  • You have a specific number of connections (the site’s currency) that are spent every time you submit a project.
  • Every month, some connections are added to your balance, but they will not be enough to apply for different projects.

Therefore, it is important that you focus carefully on adding distinctive offers so that you do not lose your chances of applying for distinctive projects.

3- SEOclerk website

SEOclerk is one of the foreign freelancer sites that not many people talk about.

Although, in my opinion, it is one of the best platforms suitable for beginners and professionals.

SEOclerk is a site where you can showcase your skills in the form of microservices only.

Although it is not famous for its ability to communicate with buyers (but it has already begun to provide this option), I recommend it for the following reasons:

  • You can run your service starting from any price, even if it is only $1, and thus you can reduce the competition.
  • The site includes tens of thousands of buyers from around the world, and thousands of services are sold on a daily basis.
  • The site has an evaluation and nomination system, so if your services are outstanding, you will be able to rise in your rankings.

It is important that you first become familiar with the services that are in high demand on the site and then begin displaying your skills and services in these fields in a professional manner and at good prices.

Services that are highly requested on the site: 

  • SEO and search engine optimization services
  • Backlinks
  • Writing articles
  • Writing social media content.
  • YouTube ads

4- Sproutgigs website

sprout gigs is basically not a freelancer site, but a mini-jobs site.

Through it, you can perform tasks that are already on the site and needed by business owners or anyone, such as:

  • Subscribe to YouTube channels
  • Answers on Facebook pages.
  • Follow Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Register on websites, etc.

After the site became famous and millions of people from around the world joined it, the site began to provide the possibility of displaying skills and tasks through it.

All you have to do is work on simple mini-tasks and earn some money through them, and you will be able to upload your services and display them through the site.

The site is very simple, yet it has a huge number of customers and does not require any proof of your skills or even an application form.

I already have experience with the site, and here are some proofs of income through it:

Proof of withdrawal from sproutgigs website

5- Independent website

An independent project website that provides you with the ability to communicate with the project owner by commenting on the project he requested.

Despite the spread of people who upload projects and do not respond to Free Lancer, it is the most famous platform in this field and actually includes the largest number of clients.

Therefore, it should definitely be considered one of the best sites for beginners on this list.

My experience with a freelancer was not long, because I stopped working to provide services to others and pay attention to personal projects.

But here is proof of my experience with Independent:

Proof of withdrawal from an independent website

I definitely advise you to start with it as well.

6- Additional bonus: social media sites

Suppose, for example, that you are a content writer now. The best way for you to get a job as a beginner is to communicate directly through social media, either through:

  • Go to famous sites that need content and offer your services to them.
  • Or join different content writers groups on a platform such as Facebook.

In the second option, website owners often come constantly and request a content book (I am one of them and I constantly request). All you have to do now is submit your own samples to them.

You can also speed things up a little by browsing all book requests and communicating with each person who requested a book.

From my point of view, this is the ideal and best solution in this period after the competition for previous Free Lancer sites has increased dramatically.

Note: This method is suitable for all fields, not just content writing. All you have to do is research intensively, be patient, and not despair, even if many project owners reject you.

These were the best Free Lancer sites for beginners, which I highly recommend working on, in addition to my favorite way to get clients.

Now, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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