The best project with a capital of 3000 pounds (7 to start now)

The best project with a capital of 3000 pounds (7 to start now)

What is the best project with a capital of 3000 pounds?

On the ground, you may think there is no!!

But there are some.

In the world of the Internet, there are many real projects that you can start with 3,000 pounds or less.

I have already talked about some of these projects that you can start with 1000 pounds , 500 pounds , and even 200 pounds .

Now let me answer you frankly…

Is it possible to start a project with a capital of 3000 pounds?

Online you can find many ideas, the advantage of which is that they are projects that do not need to be completed in most cases after you have established a good working system for them.

But in reality, 3000 is a very small amount with which you can only start very simple projects.

Therefore, my nomination will always be for those electronic projects, most of which are suitable for beginners (don’t worry).

However, I will definitely list some projects for you that you can start at home with such a small amount.

Let us now move on to…

The best projects with a capital of 3000 pounds

Although I prefer electronic projects, as I mentioned to you above, I preferred to focus more on those projects in which work on the ground and the Internet can be combined.

We started with one of the most special projects for me, which is…

1- Pigeon breeding project

In more than one article I talked about this project and how it can be done for almost any amount.

In addition to being one of the distinctive dishes that many restaurants search for…

Pigeons are considered durable birds, which can live for periods of up to 10 years.

Its production cycle is also fast.

I actually tried this project, and from just two pairs of pigeons, I had 25 and started selling them.


Of course, if there is a project worth 3,000 pounds that I advise you to start with, it is this project.

2- Handmade products project

Manufacture of beaded products, mugs, or accessories in general, even crochet.

All of the above products are considered handmade products, and what is distinctive about these products is that they do not have a specific and fixed price.

Therefore, your profit margin is determined only by you according to your skills.

Although these products can easily be sold in various stores, through the experience of some of my friends, I believe that the best way to exploit this project is by marketing and selling products on the Internet.

The total cost you will incur is only the cost of materials.

Tip: If the prices of your products are high, turn to Instagram to sell.

3- Candle making project

Making candles with natural scents and made from natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment is one of the unique projects that you can start with less than 3,000 pounds.

What is unique about this project is its targeting.

Here the product is mainly directed to people of somewhat high social classes.

Thus, you can determine the prices of a product according to your personal assessment and the evaluation of your candles by the people around you.

I have a friend who actually started this project not a long time ago, and she took advantage of Facebook and Instagram to promote her products and has already begun delivering her first orders.

Here the profit margin can range between 60-100% of your cost.

Because this product is also a hand-made product and there is no specific value for it.

But it is important that you study the competition well before you start and look for those candles that are in high demand among your competitors and start focusing on them.

The challenge in this project: It is the source for learning how to create this project, which you will search a lot in order to reach accurate information.


You can simply search on YouTube in English and you will find many sources that teach you this project step by step.

To know that this project is actually profitable, you can watch this part of the Shark Tank Egypt episode and see whether this project will achieve the desired return for you or not:

[wpcc-iframe title=”Egypt Shark Tank| “An orchid-scented candle.” Nour Zanati asked for 500,000 pounds in exchange for 10% of the stake in her company, “Relaxant.” ” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

4- Online book selling project

Last month, I searched for some books in Arabic and English to buy, but I did not find anyone in my area who had those books.

So I started searching on Facebook, but the prices are very high.

If this indicates anything, it indicates that you can exploit such a market to launch a profitable project with a capital of much less than 3,000 pounds.

The steps are simple, all you have to do is: 

  • Find some bookstores to buy books at good prices (Surat Al-Azbekiya is a great site to buy any books)
  • After that, you can create a page on Facebook and sell those books on it with a profit margin of no less than 30 pounds per book.

I remember asking someone to buy these books for me and he told me that the price of one book was 75 pounds.

So I went to the Azbakeya wall to find that its price was only 40 pounds.

This is a profit of 35 pounds per book. Can you imagine that?

But where is the cost and investment?

You need to launch paid ads on Facebook to promote your books, and this is what will cost you most of your capital.

But you will often find a good return.

Additional bonus: You can always make a group of interconnected books and sell them as one package in your ads, and this will save you multiple times your profits.

You can also specialize in specific fields and build an integrated page about those fields and then sell books related to those fields, and thus you will build a good audience without paying large sums of money in advertisements.

5- Affiliate marketing page project

Affiliate marketing is still (and will continue to be) one of the best areas of freelancing on the Internet ever.

Here all you have to do are two things: 

  • Find unique products to market.
  • Launching paid ads to reach the largest number of people.

Finding products is simple. There are many affiliate sites that you can promote your products, and the best ones for me are:

  • Enjezni platform (in Egypt)
  • Arabic Link (Saudi Arabia)
  • impact (globally)

As for launching advertisements, it will require you to invest some in yourself, but:

  • Free: Through YouTube, which I do not recommend.
  • Paid course: There are many Arab and international options. You can choose what suits you, but make sure that the course has already received many positive reviews.

Once you receive some purchases, the platforms you have subscribed to will send your commission from each purchase to your account.

Thus, you can request payment from these platforms either through electronic wallets such as Vodafone Cash or Orange Cash, or even your bank account.

6- A simple website project

What I mean here is to create a blog, like the one you are reading this article on now.

These blogs are content sites through which you share educational articles about specific fields that others are searching for.

Once you have some traffic, you can add ads like the ones here.

Every time someone views these ads on your site, you will receive a financial reward.

What is special about the blog project is two things: 

  • It is a unique method of passive income (you do not need to continue working on it and allocate a lot of time to it.
  • Its cost is small and does not exceed 3000 pounds initially.

First you need:

But in order to make the blog an investment that does not exceed $100, you need to work on your own for some time and publish a good number of articles.

This makes searching for an article writing course for SEO the next step you should look for.

Once you learn this, you can continue publishing, and then apply to the Google AdSense profit program to profit from your articles.

Note: I did not talk in detail and decided to give you a quick idea about the field, but if you want more, you can see the guide to creating blogs and profiting from them .

7- A project to sell mobile cases

Selling mobile phone cases or phone covers is one of the projects that requires a small capital in Egypt , and achieves excellent profits.

In order not to prolong the explanation of this project, and if you are already bored with the 6 projects above, here is a video explaining this project in detail with all the information you need:

[wpcc-iframe title=”With a capital of 3000 pounds, you will earn 10 pounds every month from your home without project experience for boys and girls” width=”1200″ height=”675″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen=””]

These were ideas for the 7 best projects you can do with a small capital not exceeding 3000 pounds.

Now tell me…

Which project in the list above do you think is most suitable for you, and which you can start implementing?

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