What are Tik Tok tours? (Comprehensive guide)

What are Tik Tok tours? (Comprehensive guide)

What are Tik Tok tours?

Why do many content creators accept live broadcasts on it?

More importantly, how to start a tour on your TikTok account?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, I have collected everything you need in this article.

Let’s start first with…

What are Tik Tok tours?

Tik Tok rounds can be considered a competition between two or more content creators, to see which content creator has the most supporters to win the round.

The duration of the round is mostly 5 minutes, you need to complete it to the end in order to determine the winner.

Once the round ends, a set of rulings is determined by the winning content maker who collected the largest number of Tik Tok points , and the content maker with the lowest points must choose one of those rulings and implement it in front of the audience in the live broadcast.

Although there is no law to enforce such rulings, losing content creators make sure to complete them, no matter how slightly humiliating they may be.

The secret to this is their need for supporters to continue supporting them.

They can ensure this by ensuring that their audience is entertained and that the tour conditions are met and challenged.

Note: The nature of the provisions for these rounds is initially determined before the rounds and you can accept or prefer the types of provisions that do not suit you.

Types of tours on TikTok

As for the types of these tours, they can be summarized into two basic types:

1- Bilateral rounds

Here, the content creator challenges another content creator on his own, and the winner gives provisions for the loser to implement.

2- Four-way rounds

Here, 4 content creators participate in these rounds, each of whom forms a team, and the points for the entire team are collected here.

But this does not mean that the gifts that come to the content creators in the team are shared, but rather the gifts are counted to the content creator to whom they were sent.

The theoretical value of the reward, which is the points, is added together.

What do content creators benefit from these tours?

The benefit of content creators here lies in two basic things:

  • Fame: which increases in such tours.
  • Tik Tok gifts: which followers send to them in the challenge in order to make them win over their competitor.

Sometimes there is continuous pressing

Only points from gifts can be converted into money and then withdrawn.

How do you start a tour on TikTok?

In order to be able to start a tour with another content creator, you must initially have 1,000 followers on your account, but there is a way to open a broadcast on TikTok without 1,000 followers, which I already talked about in detail in the previous topic.

But if you already check all the conditions all you need is:

  • Go to your TikTok account.
  • Start a live broadcast.
  • Then you can search for and add guests for your broadcast.
  • Once they are added, the option to go on a tour will be available to you. You can click on this option and start the tour with the other content creator.

Thus, you have already learned what Tik Tok tours are? What are the types of these tours and what are the benefits of them?

Now, if you have any questions about these tours or how to start them, I am waiting for your comment.

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